Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Say hello to Crazy 8

Crazy 8Although listening to the song in this link isn’t mandatory, it might enhance your reading pleasure for this entry.

I drove over to meet Ken tonight in the city where he works (it’s not by the Bay). Our mission was to visit our brother-in-law Tom at his place of employment and find a new couch and loveseat—and throw him some business in the process.

Ladies and gents, here it is...my BRAND NEW DAVENPORT! (Shane and Matt will get that joke!)

As you can see, this Broyhill lovely is resting comfortably in the wild. The wranglers in the warehouse at Carson’s will be loading it and its smaller companion for shipment next week, and will deliver it to its new habitat. I think it will be comfortable here, out in the woods and able to enjoy plenty of fresh air and natural lighting.

If you want to make fun of me for being so excited about a new couch and loveseat, I’d like to point out that our current couch and loveseat has been around since my single days in Indianapolis, and it is approaching 25 years old. A quarter of a century. That couch is old enough to drink—and believe me, it has! (Spills happen.) It is on its second set of slipcovers, and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to be getting a brand new one.

I love the clean lines of it, it has a bit of a mid-century modern feel to it, and I love the light green color. I think it will brighten up our living area quite a bit. It comes with the pillows, and I’m already looking for new sheer curtains that will match the blue in the pillows. (That was Ken’s suggestion...turns out he’s got a pretty good eye for such things!)

As you can see from the picture, Tom had this model on the floor, so I was able to try it out. If I sit all the way back, my heels don’t quite touch the floor, but that’s how it is with the current couch. I sat on another one, one that Tom called the Shaquille O’Neal couch, and it was so tall and deep that my feet stuck straight out a few inches away from the couch. The one we got is comparable to the one we have now. It’s rare that I sit on the couch with my feet on the floor, anyway, and anything built to my size would be very uncomfortable for Ken!

I will be happy to say goodbye to the old couch (although I’ve got some pictures of friends and family on it, but pictures are good enough for me at this point) and welcome the new addition to Nutwood. I’ll take another picture when we get it next week. I also love that it’s called the “Crazy 8” model.

Crazy 8...come on down!


  1. I was ready for furniture shopping, stopped and had a few brews :o)

  2. Looks nice... if I had room for something like that, I am certain that I would like something just like your davenport..!


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