Sunday, October 6, 2013

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy S3No, not the movie, although I love that one and I’m probably due for another viewing soon!

My two-year contract with Verizon was expiring in November, and Ken got a message that we could come in and upgrade my phone. Wheeeee! I’d been having increasing problems with my phone, where it would freeze or lock up, so I was more than ready for one.

I’d been hearing some good things about the Samsung Galaxy, and a couple of friends love theirs, so I had already made up my mind that that was what I wanted. I don’t have to have the newest and best the moment it comes out, so I was fine with getting the S3, and we saved $100 by getting that model rather than the newest one. They had one in stock, so the salesperson was able to move my contacts over and get me all set up. (Thanks, Rachel!)

I’ve been occupied with getting it figured out, but since I’ve had a smartphone for a couple of years, the learning curve isn’t nearly as steep this time around. I’ve been getting my apps installed and updated, and great day in the mornin’, this thing is BLAZIN’ fast! I absolutely love it! I even figured out how to make “Sympathy for the Devil” my ringtone, and I was quite pleased with myself for doing that this morning. Haha! It’s thinner and lighter than my previous phone, and the display is crisp and clear. Well done, Samsung. This baby is sweet.

I had to laugh at the store, because Rachel mentioned that you can get a trade-in on your old phone. She checked her tablet to see what my trade-in value was, and said, “Seven dollars.” I burst into laughter and she kind of laughed, too. That phone is only two years old, and it was like a $300 phone at the time. It just shows you how quickly these things become obsolete. Amazing.

We sprang for an extended battery cover, because Ken has one for his iPhone and loves it for traveling. It will be great to have that for New Orleans later this month. (He gets an iPhone through his company. I’m happy with my Androids, but his company is generous enough to give us a discount on my phone.) I have a couple of everyday covers on order, including a super cool skull cover. I’m very pleased with my new phone and look forward to messing around with it. Oh, one thing I got right away was Vine. My previous phone wasn’t compatible with it, so I’m happy to have it now. A fun new toy!

After that, we headed to BW3 for a bite to eat, some beers to drink, and some football. Then in the evening, it was the Notre Dame-Arizona State game, which was a nail-biter, but the Irish prevailed! Today it’s more football (my Colts won!), and I’ve got a pot roast cooking in the crockpot. We’ll watch “The Good Wife” followed by an episode of “The Walking Dead.” We have two more episodes to go on Season 3, and the premiere of Season 4 is in ONE WEEK! Fangirl approves! I think it’s safe to say that you can expect some Walking Dead stuff coming up this week. You have been warned.

I hope you are having a pleasant weekend and that your week starts off well tomorrow!


  1. Thomas and I have the Galaxy S3 and we love ours too! I held out for a long time before getting a smart phone. My old Samsung whatever-it-was was still working after many years, and I liked it. But when Thomas upgraded to the S 3 I liked it so much I had to have one. We have T-Mobile, though, not Verizon. And the kids are getting ready to switch from their Verizon plan to my T-Mobile. Andrew, now that he's out on his own, is trying to cut costs as much as he can wherever he can, and T-Mobile has a cheaper plan. Eler Beth was on his plan, so she's switching too. And now they want S 3s as well.

  2. Doug has a Galaxy something and really likes it. I don't know much about it and can only make a phone call with it. I am still holding out and not getting one. What is a Vine?

    I wish you many happy hours with your new phone :)


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