Friday, August 14, 2015


Several years ago, Ken and I went to our first Cirque du Soleil show. It was in Chicago, and it was called Verukai. The company Ken worked for at the time was a sponsor of the North American Cirque shows, so we got VIP tickets for it!

It was so much fun. We were in a tent, there were performers meandering through the crowd, there were hors d’ouevres, and champagne! Yay champagne! When we made our way into the venue, our seats were only three or four rows back from the stage. I still remember sitting there with my mouth hanging open several times as we watched the performers and saw their amazing feats of strength and gymnastics.

We’ve seen several Cirque shows since then, all of them in Las Vegas: O (the water one), Ka (the samurai one), Viva Elvis! (probably self-explanatory), and Love (the Beatles one). I loved them all, but Love is probably the most fun. We had front row seats for the Elvis and Beatles ones, and that makes them even more special.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Chicago for another Cirque show, this one based on the premise of a Cabinet of Curiosities. Matt dubbed it “Cirque du Soleil: COC,” and we all cracked up over that. But the real name is Kurios. It seems to have sort of a steampunk feel to it. We are doing the VIP thing again, and I think our seats are once again in the third or fourth row. Did I cheer for champagne already? I don’t care. Yay champagne!

This is going to be a quick Chicago trip—up on Saturday and back on Sunday—but I’m really looking forward to it. It will give me a chance to get dressed up a little bit and enjoy an evening of the spectacle that is a Cirque du Soleil show.

And champagne. Yay champagne!

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  1. ...fabulous..! I would love to see a Cirque du Soleil show..! Have to plan that out for sure, but I can come to Chicago for that..!


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