Friday, August 21, 2015

Today I choose optimism

I’ve got a lot of things percolating in my brain right now when it comes to politics (plus a few other things). There are things that are really bothering me in the political world and I briefly considered writing about them, but as we head into the weekend, I just feel the need to be more positive and less stabby. Besides, we’ve got all kinds of time between now and the election to write about that stuff, don’t we? Bwahaha!

I’m seeing a lot of negativity and anger from both sides right now and it is really harshing my mellow. So I shall set that aside. We have a baseball game tomorrow evening and it promises to be a beautiful day and evening. There will be fireworks! Potentially some rain on Sunday, but we might be able to grill some brats in there somewhere. Sunday is Dead Day at Casa Nutwood. There is a Walking Dead Season 5 Dead-A-Thon on AMC, followed by a new Talking Dead, followed by the premiere of the new companion series, “Fear the Walking Dead.” I’m psyched! I’m not doing any special foodstuffs like my Slimeball Brain, but I’ll have fun despite that. You know I will!

As always, music brings me much joy, and I listened to the CD that this song is on (2004’s “Astronaut”) while I worked out today. It makes me feel hopeful, optimistic, and generally happy.

Reach up for the sunrise
Put your hands into the big sky
You can touch the sunrise
Feel the new day enter your life


  1. ....I am trying not to think about the current state of politics today... I think that there are enough people with a conscious that will go to the polls... I will have to check out "Astronaut"..!

  2. i hear ya! i am looking forward to future events as rewards for being positive and open minded about the changes at my school.



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