Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Kounty Klerk redux

Good grief, I’m tired of writing about this broad. But there are big goin's on in Kentucky today, so you’ll get one more. But I’m sick of seeing her mug, so here is a picture of a cat dressed like a penguin.

Kim Davis had her day in court today, facing contempt of court charges. She absolutely refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and if you recall, she ordered her office to not issue licenses to straight couples, too. Because somehow she decided that would mean she wasn’t discriminating against the gay couples. Okaaaay.

When she refused to comply, the judge said something like, “Then jail it is,” and they walked her out of the courtroom and into the custody of federal marshals. Ol’ Kim went to jail! Apparently she’s ordered to stay there until she complies.

(Side note: The four couples who filed the contempt charges, two gay and two straight, specified that they did not want her to go to jail. They just wanted her to comply or face fines. Gosh, that was mighty nice of them, wasn’t it? Some might say it was almost...Christian...of them.)

One of the many things that disgusts me about this is that several of her deputies, who also had to appear in court with her, said that they would issue the marriage licenses, but this nasty woman would not allow that to happen. I guess since she’s the head clerk, she gets to make those rules. So not only is she refusing to do her job, she is not letting her deputies do their jobs. The only deputy who refused to issue licenses was her son. It seems that homosexuality is wrong for ol’ Kim, but nepotism is just dandy!

The other disgusting thing in the wake of the judge’s decision (he was appointed by George W. Bush, by the way, and ol’ Kim is a Democrat, although I don’t claim her) was the overblown rhetoric we got from some of the Republican candidates for president. The Huskster and Cruz (Tonight on ABC! A Quinn Martin production!) were apoplectic, yammering about religious persecution and how this broad was jailed for being a Christian.


No. No, she wasn’t. She is free to practice her religion in any way she pleases. She can go to church seven freakin’ days a week if she chooses. She is free to object to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage. She can speak publicly about her opposition (Although government employees are generally discouraged from doing so, because they are supposed to serve all constituents, not just the ones they like and don’t find oogy—another Annie Wilkes reference!). What she cannot do is refuse to uphold the law. If she cannot serve in the capacity indicated by her job, she needs to resign or needs to be impeached. She doesn’t get to decide which laws to uphold and which to reject, all the while drawing her government paycheck. She just doesn’t. I really don’t get what is so difficult about that for some people to understand.

Of course, now she is going to be portrayed as some sort of martyr. Yeah, you’re no Joan of Arc, lady. What you are is a narrow-minded bigot who cherry picks the Bible and who thinks that she’s got a direct line to God, who is telling you to ignore the Constitution and ignore our laws. Our country doesn’t work that way. Read a damn book, Kim!

Hey Kim, I sure hope that orange jumpsuit you’re sporting now isn’t blended fabric, and what will you do on shrimp lover’s night at the jail? What WILL you do??


  1. I've read several articles that predict that Liberty Counsel, the lawyers who put her up to all of this, will ride this as long as the publicity is good, and then drop her like a hot potato to defend herself in all of the civil lawsuits filed against her. If the judge in those cases rules that she must turn over donations to the county, which is being predicted, then she will be faced with huge damages to pay that her meager salary will not cover. That would leave her rotting in jail for a really long time, all due to being stupid, stubborn, and gullible.

    1. Actually, she makes $80K a year, which is why she got jail instead of fines.


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