Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Kounty Klerk rides again

You all remember Kim the Kounty Klerk from Kentucky, right? I’m sure you’ve seen that she’s in the news again.

To bypass all the filings and stays and legal argy-bargy, the bottom line is that ol’ Kim’s request to the Supreme Court to allow her to continue with not issuing licenses to anyone was rejected. They didn’t even ask any of the defendants to come before the Court and give their side of the story. Just a one-sentence ruling saying that her request for a stay was denied. This means that the federal judge’s order of a stay, which was scheduled to expire this past Monday, would expire as specified, which in turn means that ol’ Kim would have to comply with said judge’s order and start issuing marriage licenses to anyone who applies starting Tuesday morning.

So what did ol’ Kim do? That wacky gal doubled down and once again refused to issue any licenses! To anyone! When asked on whose authority she was acting, she replied, “God’s authority.” The numerous arguments concerning the separation of church and state aside, I immediately thought of this quote:

There is a justice higher than that of man. I will be judged by Him.

You know who said that, right? Yep, that lady in the picture. Annie Wilkes, one of the creepiest villains to ever grace the pages or the screen. What was the occasion? She quotes the character Misery while she is being tried for numerous murders during her career as a nurse, murders of both the elderly and of infants.

Nice to see that ol’ Kim is taking a page from Annie Wilkes. Come of think of it, she looks awfully Wilkes-esque, doesn’t she? That sort of mousy, tight-ass type who thinks Peter Pan collars and Mary Jane shoes are the height of fashion.

Well, it looks like ol’ Kim is going to get her day in court, just like Annie Wilkes. It’s happening on Thursday, and it looks as though she is going to be charged with contempt of court. Personally, I think it would be delightful to see her spend some time in jail, but she’ll probably just get some hefty fines. I think we can expect a GoFundMe campaign any day now to help finance her hatred and bigotry, don’t you? Undoubtedly.

What absolutely must happen here is that she be impeached. She is not upholding her oath as an elected official to perform the duties of her office. If the numbskull is too rock-stupid stubborn to resign, then the Kentucky legislature must remove her from office. If she weren’t such a hateful thing, I’d almost feel sorry for her for being used to further the agenda of these anti-equality tools. But she IS hateful, so I feel zero sympathy for her.

I’ll end with another movie quote, this one from Dean Wormer.


  1. Frustrating...if her beliefs prevent her from doing her job she needs to resign or be removed from the position..the cherry picking is ridiculous..no problem providing marriage licenses for previously divorced people or the fact she's been divorced herself multiple times..and are those mixed fabrics she's wearing?!?

  2. ... to be honest, I understand how those on the religious side of things feel... everywhere they find themselves besieged by those who would violate their beliefs... the larger question, is the Bible the literal truth, has been under great question and fails intense intellectual scrutiny... and that is where their fear emanates from... being unable to separate abstract concepts such as fairy tales from reality is not their strong suit and believing in the myths is far easier than utilizing their ability to reason and come to an objective conclusion that is not shaped by simple stories and bad historical re-telling of things that may or may NOT have actually occurred...

  3. Replies
    1. Sure. That's how they perceive it, no matter the truth of it. For the believers, this woman is standing up for her faith and for her god, and is being persecuted for her beliefs. The rest of us just think she needs to do her damn job.


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