Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A bad start to a good day

Here's wishing a very happy birthday to my Mom, and to friend Marc! Huzzah!

After Ken got up this morning and was taking a shower, I was laying there in bed and realized, "Uh oh. I think I have to work today!"

I got up and looked at the lab work schedule stuck up on the fridge, and although I agreed to only fill in when needed, they had me down for 5 days last week, 4 days this week, a couple of weekends in a row, and a holiday. And yes, I WAS scheduled to work today. It's so disorienting when you can't remember if you were supposed to be at work or not, and you forget to set your alarm!

Since Ken was in the shower, I figured I'd lie down a couple more minutes until he was done. As I lay there, I suddenly realized I was hearing breathing that wasn't my own. I even held my breath, but I was still hearing it. I looked over, and Ken was still in bed, snoozing soundly. I looked down at the foot of the bed, and Sheeba was curled up by my feet, snoozing even more soundly than Ken. I looked at my clock, and it was several minutes before Ken's alarm clock was going to go off.

It was all a dream!


Unbelievable that I had a dream like that, even after all these months. It was so real, too! It's also one reason that when I said I was done, I meant it. No filling in when needed, because I've seen how that works. Next thing you know, you're back to working every other weekend, and three holidays a year (although when I left, they were planning on trying two holidays per year again). I know that Pam (Hi Pam!! [waving]) always did her best to not schedule people too much, but what can she do when there aren't enough people to do the work? I hope it's easing up a bit for everyone, although I'd be surprised.

Whew. That was just a little TOO real.


  1. Man, i hate dreams that seem SO real and i am glad that nightmare is behind you!! You go and enjoy your Weds.

  2. The waking dreams, the ones that are so real you recall them like an actual memory- whew, hate it. Had one the other night and can still feel its terror. Dannelle

  3. Great songs on your player!

    I don't dream to much, so whenever I have one, it sort of leaves me disoriented.

    have the best day!

  4. Isn't it funny how some dreams seem sooooo real. I am prone to terrible nightmares and sometimes wake up through the night convinced they really happened. Now that you are wide eyed & bushy tailed enjoy the remainder of the day!!!

  5. That is so funny. Sometimes dreams are so real feeling. I can remember being mad all day about something that I dreamed (that really wasn't true). LOL.
    Hugs, Joyce

  6. That was a bad dream...I had one too last night/early morning. It was so real it woke me up. Maybe it was the full moon. I really did have to go to work so I did sad to say. The dream wasn't about working however. 'On Ya' - ma

  7. I don't remember my dreams, just little snips here and there. I have awakened with a sense of dread that I've missed work, too awake to go back to sleep after that.
    Hope your dreams tonight are more peaceful
    :) Leigh

  8. Best thing about dreams like that is you can turn over and go back to sleep! at least you never actually got up and got


  9. Happy Birthday to Marc!(although I already wished him one earlier this week). Love your Meez. Hate dreams I me Paul has had way too many surreal moments of me waking up screaming. Thankfully he's understanding and knows enough I'll come down soon after. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. Happy Birthday to your Mom. We all share the same birthday as Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.
    And take it back that you want to see me into the 80's. No thank you Ma'am, no a day over 75 for me.

  11. That is hilarious about the dream... Happy B'day to your Mom & Marc. Today is also my BIL, (Craig's) b'day too.

  12. That's a nightmare, all right. I'm not much of a dreamer, and I haven't had a nightmare for ages. Not fun! Happy Birthday to your mom and your friend. Today is my daughter's birthday, too!

  13. What I really hate are the dream within a dream within a dream kind of dreams. Your dreaming that you wake up and start your day just to realize you are still dreaming and dream that you wake up just to realize your are still dreaming and it goes on and on and on. That happens to me way too much.

    So pinch yourself...perhaps you're still dreaming ;>

  14. I still have dreams where I think I have to be in school and I haven't be there in... ten years I think. I know how awful of a feeling it is and then a HUGE relief when you realize it's all in your crazy head. Glad it was all a dream.

  15. I use to have those same nightmares when I was working as an LPN.
    Now, all I have to worry is dreaming of the attack of the dusk bunnies :

    Hugs and Kisses,

  16. I've been out of the retail field over six years, and I still have dreams where I am back managing people in places that I've long been gone from. It's better now, but for the first year or two I had dreams about it every night. Almost drove me nuts.

    There's nothing quite like that "oh it was only a dream" feeling is there?

  17. Agreed, Sheeba was sleeping more soundly, I again woke before the alarm and turned it off. In the past month, the alarm has only gone off twice I think.

  18. Wow...........dreams feel so real sometimes.


  19. I've had dreams like that, so realistic !!
    Hope you had a great day, NOT working

  20. But aren't you just so GLAD that it was a dream?!


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