Sunday, October 12, 2008

How YOU doin'?!

We had a fun day yesterday! My intention was to put a slideshow up, but due to some unforeseen difficulties, I was unable to do so. I'll work on it tomorrow and try and get it up here.

(Frankly, I'm being very polite and calm. I am so incredibly irritated right now that it is taking everything I've got to keep from letting loose with a stream of profanity that would make a sailor blush. I am stepping away from the slideshow project and I am calmly writing about our day. I will include a few pictures, and I will regain my equilibrium.)

The dedication of the Habitat house was incredible. Ken wrote about it over at his place, and you can read the details there. The woman who got the house said that no one in her family owns a home--she's the first person to become a homeowner. How cool is that? It sure made me realized how fortunate we are. I thought it was neat that this wasn't just a lone Habitat house--they're building a small community, and the lady who got the house has been helping her neighbors with their houses as well as working on her own. It was a great thing to see, and I'm glad we went!

Later, it was on to my sister's house. Right after we got to Diana's, we made a trip to her museum. (Well, it's not HER museum, but she's the assistant director of the Elkhart County Historical Museum). She opened it up for us and we got to see their quilt exhibit, as well as several other cool things. This is Amish country, so quilting is big around here. I think the oldest one they have is from 1859, and there were some beautiful quilts on display. I asked Diana if they still had the Ambrose Bierce stuff, so she opened up that room for me. She got out the map that was on display at the Field Museum in Chicago during their map display exhibit. This small map is worth about $35,000! They also have his field desk from the Civil War, and a few of his map-making tools, and she said she has no idea of what those things are worth.

While walking around and looking at things, I came across a picture book that was out. It was an original from the Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893, the World's Fair! A few years ago, Ken got me the book The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. I loved the book, and it made me fascinated by that World's Fair, so I got several books about it. Only two large buildings survive: the one that the Museum of Science and Industry now occupies, and the one that is the home of the Art Institute. I was thrilled to find a book that was of that time period! I'm thinking I might be spending some time over there, just looking through things like that.

Back at Diana's house, she asked me, "So you're going to Vegas and you're going to see 'Love'! Ohhh, it was GREAT!" What did I tell you? Then she brought out her program (Again, what did I tell you?), and as we looked through it, she told me how great it was. When I told her we had front row seats, she said, "Ohhhhh!" Ha ha! She talked about it more a little later, and said that while she was there, she even wondered if maybe this isn't what Heaven is like. One more time...what did I tell you?! She also recommended the Liberace Museum, but I said we were hoping that the Neon Museum, AKA The Boneyard, will be open and we can tour that. She said she'd never heard of that one, but I'm not sure how much she's into signage.

I had taken my reading glasses with me, and as I put them on and held my pony tail up on my head, I told Diana that I brought them along so I could "do my new impression, doncha know!" She cracked up, and asked if I could do the wink. I obliged. I'll have to continue working on it, but I made her laugh with just that, so I'll consider that a success. The only real political discussion that came up was about the economy, which shows where everyone's main concern is at.

Diana made Pasta Fagioli, and we were all stuffed by the time we were done. She made a pineapple cake using a recipe from our Aunt June, and after that, we were even more stuffed! Mom liked all of her cards and presents, and I think she had a really nice time. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes for Mom--she really got a kick out of it!

Also, it turns out that Diana has some really weird friends. This guy just sat around and never said a word. How rude!

Di is planning on putting him in the passenger seat of her Camaro and putting some sunglasses on him when she drives to work. I'd love to see some of the reactions to that!

Today has turned out to be a good one, too. Beautiful weather--very warm for mid-October--and we agreed that we should grill. I was looking for a sirloin steak in the freezer, and when I moved a roast, I uncovered TWO packages of Porterhouse steaks! Oh yeah, babe! We're talking Porterhouse steaks, a baked potato, and a lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing. Works for me! Hope you all had a superb weekend!


  1. dinner sounds delicious!!! we're having stuffed bell peppers, twice baked potatoes and zucchini

    liked the pictures!!

    seems like your weekend was a good one :)

  2. Dinner should be great tonight, and no peppers allowed :o)

    It was a great day with family, and it helped make up for the ND loss.

    To me, the best part is that the niece and nephew are starting to warm up to Bucko :o)

  3. Michael went to Vegas for our anniversary this past summer and he saw Love. He is a huge Beatles fan - so of course, he loved it. He said it was one of the best staged shows he had ever seen... I betcha you'll have a neat time! *wink*

  4. go Eagles...still playing, but winning by a point at this post. dinner is pizza!! we're having a good time - bob watches the game and I blog it up while sipping Chardonney.

  5. You really squeeze a lot into a day, the Habitat House sounds interesting I'll pop over to your other half and read all about it, also the museum we don't really have quilting over here or Amish people for that matter, and those quilts are amazing and the detail that goes into them a real labour of love, glad you mum's Birthday dinner was a success, and glad to heaqr she loike all her presents, it's nice when all the fmily get together.

    Take care

  6. Nice to know I'm not the only one who could make a sailor blush when I get frusterated. Sounds like it was a great time between the museum and your Mom's Birthday party. We went out driving today. Fall arrived fast and furious. It was still a beautiful drive, but the colors are not half as vibrant as they were last year. It seems the leaves are falling as quickly as they turn. I think we're in for a hard winter. At one point the view was breathtaking, and I put Johnny Cash on. Couldn't get it any more close to perfect than that. (hugs)Indigo

  7. Wow, what a day! I'm glad that your Mom had a wonderful day! LOL about riding the skeleton around!!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! How cool you got in the museum!

    Happy Belated B-day to your Mom!


  9. I am so jealous, I love steak! Linda

  10. I think you've posted that Di is kinda strange! How fun to drive around with "that one"! I went to Vegas beginning of Sept...prices for LOVE were kinda pricey, so I settled for Menopause! It was can't not have a great time in LV!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom!! This was a great entry, interesting and fun!! Would love to open that book in the picture!!


  12. How could your day "BE" any better?
    I'm glad you two were able to have such a good time, and to share it with your family! Steaks and potatoes! Mmm

    Blessed Be,

  13. Sorry the slide show is frustrating you. I'm sure you'll conquer it soon.

  14. Hi Beth,
    What a day you had! The "guy in the chair", been sitting there a long time! Dinner sounded great!


  15. Wow!! That was funny a skeleton... hehe.. Dinner sounds good, I think that this weekend I am making Manacotti... I will post it to the other blog if it is good... LOL

  16. Our weather was outstanding this past weekend. It will make it even harder when it gets cooler again. Sounds like you had a great weekend. 'On Ya' - ma

  17. So glad you had a nice time. Great photos.
    We are also having unseasonably warm weather. Wierd.
    Have a great day.

  18. That guy in the chair could've used extra helpings of everything! I'd love to do something like that for Halloween!
    I love Amish quilting. And going to museums and the local historical society.
    :) Leigh

  19. Great day for you! Dinner (both) sounded wonderful. So you're going to Vegas? have fun. We went last April and it was great. Do it all! (what can I tell you...)Dannelle

  20. Just repeat after me, "Aggravation Proclamation!"

    I'm glad your mom had such a nice day and you got to be there with her. Good pictures, even if you didn't get the slide show up.

  21. It sounds like a terrific day - and I'm glad to hear your mom had a great day too!!!!

    I guess you really can be too thin, the couch guest proves it! He needs some of the good food you guys are talking about. lol

  22. I enjoyed reading ..! There is a lady on PBS who does italian food ... I can NEVER remember her name, anywho, I would take a chance and make the pasta fagnoli, if someone sent me a recipe!


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