Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't throw this Christian to the lions

Did anyone else watch the debut of "My Own Worst Enemy" on NBC tonight?


We both like Christian Slater anyway, and the premise of the show sounded pretty cool. A guy has an induced split personality: Henry is the loving family man with a wife and kids, and Edward is the government operative...and a killer. Edward knows all about Henry, but Henry doesn't have a clue until the barriers begin breaking down, and Henry finds himself in some very strange places and circumstances. Nothing is normal now for Henry--even a good friend at his company turns out to be a "handler."

I loved the debut of this show, and we'll see if they can keep up the suspense and continue the premise. By the end of the episode, Henry and Edward have figured out a way to communicate. Will they continue to help each other? Will Henry become inured to the violence of Edward's world? Will Edward continue to sleep with Henry's wife (who seemed to be quite happy with the encounter)?

Neat show. We'll be tuning in next week!

I've gotten some really good feedback on the "we've stopped smoking" widget and entry. Tomorrow I'll write about the circumstances of how we decided to quit, and the plan that Ken came up with. I've written about it before, but it bears repeating if it can help just one person quit!

I hope everyone sleeps tight tonight.


  1. Congrats to you both for kicking the habit. I'm glad John stopped before I met him and luckily I never did. Years ago when I worked for an insurance company cigarette companies would come around giving out samples. That must have got zillions of women hooked. That is one thing about the times now that wouldn't be allowed to happen.

  2. Good to hear that the show is good! I wanted to see it, but with everything I forgot it was on.
    Thanks for the comment, and you are correct, all is not well! Bless you and Ken, and have good day tommorrow!

    Blessed Be,

  3. I have the show on DVR but don't know when i will have time to watch it. The Mentalist is also AWESOME.

  4. The show comes on too late for me! The Mentalist is really good. You're right though, how long can they keep up the with most shows, it begins to fade, sometimes quickly!

  5. I didn't see it and I wanted to! They put it up against CSI Miami and that is a must see for me. I guess I could have watched it in bed but I fell asleep before it came on...wonder if they will be running that one again. I like Slater too.

  6. It was silly, sleek and very sexy. Definitely my new guilty pleasure.

  7. I wanted to watch it but Paul was enthralled with an Opera type movie from the 70's based on the lead singer from the Who...I can't remember the name of the movie, it was so bizarre I just went to bed. I do however plan on catching up to it next week. (Hugs)Indigo

  8. I didn't watch it, and I had meant to. I thought it sounded good, and I wonder if they'll do an encore showing of that episode. I'll have to check online.

  9. That sounds like a good show. I may have to check it out if I can remember!

  10. What time is this show on? NBC?
    I do not watch too much TV because Chuck holds the remote hostage.



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