Saturday, November 8, 2008

A dream and a poll

I almost forgot! Please stop by and visit Mort's new blog. He lost some folks in the transition from AOL to Blogger (including me), but it looks like he's got things squared away now.

I felt really wiped out last night, so I went to bed fairly early for me, at about 1 AM. Earlier in the evening, while I ate my sammitch, I watched "Children of the Corn" on ChillerTV. Oh my God, is that one of the worst horror movies in history? It's pretty darn close. It cracks me up towards the end when Peter Horton runs into the cornfield, and the corn starts wrapping its leaves around his legs, and pummeling him about the head and neck. It's funny!

It had been a stressful week, and keep in mind that good things can be stressors, too. There were just all kinds of feelings flying around, and emotions ran high. Then I had that little matter of ugliness to deal with the other night. (Just an aside, it was odd how many people I got emails from saying that they were pretty sure they knew who my troll was. Apparently someone has been a busy little beaver!) So it's not surprising that I felt wiped, and it's also not surprising that I had some very vivid and strange dreams.

One of them was even a drowning dream, and it's been a while since I had one of those. I was on a beach with some relatives, including some uncles that have passed away. There was a violent storm raging, lots of wind, and big waves roiling up onto the beach. My relatives stopped to discuss something, and I wandered a little ahead. I stopped and looked back towards land, and leaned my back against a post that was stuck into the sand. (Smart move, I know.) Of course, the post gave way, and I fell back into the ocean. I remember I didn't even try to swim up to the surface...I just let myself sink. Someone had seen me fall in, and told a couple of teenage boys close by, so these teenagers jumped in and pulled me out. After they got me out, I hugged them real hard and said, "You saved my life."

Oh boy, dream analysis time! I think this one is pretty easy, but it's unusual in a couple of ways, too. Usually when I have these dreams, I'm struggling to reach the surface, but can't. In this one, I wasn't even trying. Also, I've always woken up with a start, sometimes holding my breath. (Once I had my pillow wrapped around my head. Ha ha!) I've never been pulled to safety before. I liked this version much better! To me, it goes back to the troll incident. When someone started attacking me here, trying to "drown" me with their rhetoric and self-righteous priggery, Ken and my friends stepped in and "saved" me. I could defend myself all I wanted, but having people come to my defense was the kicker. Cool!

Next subject: the choice of Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel as Pres. Obama's Chief of Staff. I don't know that much about the guy, but obviously, there is a lot of talk about him right now. He's Jewish, and I did not know that. From what I'm hearing, he was a good choice, and someone who will jealously guard the President's time. I also heard that the character of Josh, President Bartlet's Deputy Chief of Staff on the show "The West Wing," was based on Emanuel. (Ken and I loved that show, and miss it. I suppose that comes as no surprise.) There has been a bit of a hubbub (bub) among a few Republicans over Emanuel's choice, because he's such a partisan lawmaker. I say chill out, people. I suspect there will be more moderate choices to come for the Cabinet. Considering that this will be the guy who is going to direct and schedule the President's time, I'd say Obama chose wisely.

But to heck with all that. Here's the really important stuff. I'm also hearing little murmurs and discussion out there about whether or not Rahm Emanuel is hot. I wasn't really thinking along those lines to begin with, but when I saw the question posed, I took another look. I don't know that I'd see him on the street and say, "Whoa," but I'd say that he's a good-looking guy. He has that sort of intense eye thing going on which is always striking. He's got a pretty cool name, too. So what do you think? Exercise your right to vote!


  1. I don't know if he's hot or not, but he does look like a young Martin Landau. So, you might want to keep that in mind. His looks are going to go downhill fast.

    It's a shame, really.

  2. Hi Beth, Ya know what You just have to figure the harrassers total idiots. Do not let them get you down. I do not know for sure if the therapist is through with me after Thurs. I am speculating, but I really think I will have to follow through with the excercises I am doing now, at home. I am anxiolus to see what my Dr. will say on the 18th.I will turn 79 the Sun. before I go to him.

  3. Hm, not going to vote on that one.
    I like Josh in the West Wing so that sounds ok to me Beth.
    So far I have managed to avoid nutters - only a matter of time......

  4. He is handsome, but not 'hot'. Then, how would I know what is 'hot' about a guy? I mean, he looks like what he is going to be, 'a bad cop!'

    Dream analysis? I rarely have them, and hardly remember them, good or bad. But they do leave a residue, and that stays with me.

  5. not answering this poll on the grounds it may ruin the image lmao take care beth xxx

  6. Not my type at all...LOL! He looks like a gigolo (sp?)! Hard to ignore the trolls sometimes, but you came out of this pretty good and they eventually tire or find someone else to harass! You're a brave lass to watch horror flicks alone! Have a super day!

  7. Hi Beth,
    Emanuel hot? I'm not a good judge but he does have a connection here in Hollywood. His brother runs one of the talent agencies. I'm with you on "Children of the Corn" ... at least it provides Comic Relief. Just like your Troll ...

  8. I think he's handsome in a swarthy, roman nose kinda way. He sorta butters my bread but I can't call him a "hottie"- at least not without seeing his body!

  9. Dreams can be funny things. It is cool that you got saved, but interesting that it was "strangers" rather than family members that jumped in to save you.

  10. Sorry he does nothing for me although I must admit I found Sarah Pallin attractive in a strange sort of way

  11. Yeah, I think he is a hottie in my book.

    Hugs, Rose

  12. I considered my vote for a while (actually, longer than I considered my vote for Obama!) and finally decided that yes, Rahm is hot. He's not bad looking, plus I confess to be a pushover for power, and Rahm's got the power now, baby!

  13. I like his eyes, very intense gaze. I can imagine him in a leather jacket. I'm going to go splash cold water on my face now.

  14. I agree that Emanuel is a good choice, though I am not sure he trips my trigger :o)

    Yea, the revelations resulting from Trollville was intersting.

  15. OMG, BEFORE i saw your poll i thought to myself "damn, he is hot"!! LOL! HE IS!
    i died in a dream once. I was shot, felt the shot and died. Awful.
    I hate weird dreams.

  16. I don't think that I have ever had a drowning dream before. Lots of them about being chased though. I think he is very handsome. Linda

  17. 32 votes including mine saying he's hot wow! I think you did the dream anylis justice. It's a nice feeling knowing your not alone and someone is there to reach a hand out. I've had far too many times in my life without that hand there for me. (Hugs)Indy

  18. Ewww!! He creeps me out!!! But apparently, I'm ABOUT the only one!! LOL!!!


  19. Very scary dream!
    Very Hot C.O.S.! (84.42% now)
    Very weird movie!
    :) Leigh

    Good job on the dream analysis!


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