Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Midweek Miscellany

Finally a chance to write! And I haven't even started reading blogs yet....

First of all, the blackened tuna turned out great, and the mango salsa went very well with it. I'm not sure I'd make the mango salsa every time, but the tuna was spicy enough that the sweet made a good partner. I will definitely make the blackened tuna again--it was quite easy, and a nice blend of spices. Oh, and I got a dozen roses, too. Isn't that sweet?

Fellow blogger Laurel and I exchanged a couple of emails about the Packard Predictor. I don't know if you've read Laurel's blog, but she runs a restored gas station on Route 66 in Afton, Oklahoma, and has several Packards on display. I love hearing her stories about the "Roadies" that come through! Anyhoo, she mentioned that she'd love to have the Predictor in her collection, but since it's the only one, that might be kind of difficult. I was surprised, because while I knew it was a concept car rather than a production car, I thought they'd made at least 2 or 3 of them. I emailed my contact at the Museum, and she forwarded my email on to the archivist, Andy. He wrote me back right away, and said that yes, the '56 Predictor is indeed the only one ever made. How cool is that? It's in such beautiful shape, too. Looks like Laurel and I love our "rarities!"

Today was errand-running day, because the snow is supposed to fly tomorrow, and it sounds like it could be a doozy. First stop was our library branch, where my book was in (I had it transferred from the main branch to our local branch--what a great service!). Remember when I wrote about the 1918 influenza pandemic? While I was researching, I came across the title of a book by Katherine Anne Porter: Pale Horse, Pale Rider. It's a fictional account of a girl who falls in love with a young man ready to go off to war, and it is set during the outbreak. I knew it was a must-read! It's actually a novella, so I should be able to knock that out pretty quick. I'll let you know what I think of it. While I was at the library, I heard someone go, "Pssst!" I looked up and it was Aubrey from the lab! It was great to see her, and she had some wonderful news--she bought a house! I'm thrilled for her. We had a nice chat and got caught up on a few things.

Let's see...then it was a stop at Circuit City. They just opened this one by us last year, and they're already closing it! CC is in a fix financially, and they're closing several stores. What a drag that they're closing this one. Everything is on sale right now, but it's odd how the prices seem higher than they were before...! Hmm, interesting! I've been wanting to get a car adapter for my MP3 player for a while now, and I did find one for a pretty good price. That will come in handy when we drive to Missouri for Thanksgiving. I also picked up the new Pretenders CD, "Break Up The Concrete." Chrissie Hynde rocks!

A quick stop at PetSmart for some Enchant-a-Cat litter (it's really Exquisicat, but I like Enchant-a-Cat better, so I call it that), and a peek at all the kitties. Awww, they are so cute! There were a couple that looked just like Sheeba, and I wish I could bring all of them home with me! But Sheeba wouldn't be happy with me, and I also don't want to be known as the Crazy Cat Lady of Nutwood.

Then on to Target, where I got a few more presents for Ken, so I think I'm done with his Christmas shopping. A couple of house things, and I treated myself to another CD. Cousin Shane wrote to me the other day about how he bought some new CD's recently, because of the band names. We used to do that once in a while--if we were intrigued by a band name, we'd get the CD despite never hearing anything by them before. One of the ones he got was by a band called The Wombats, I believe. Ha ha! I haven't done that for a while, and I think the last one might have been The Ass Ponys (and I ended up liking their music quite a bit). I did it today with a band called The Ting Tings. I can hardly wait to listen and see if I like it or not! Isn't that a fun name for a band?

Finally, off to the grocery store. (I got this monster head of cauliflower on sale--the thing is huge!) I was happy to get home and get everything unloaded. We're well-stocked, so groceries won't be a problem. I'm off to do some reading now, books and blogs, but I also want to get my new CD's on the MP3 player. That actually might have to wait until tomorrow. Hope you all had a good day!

My plan is to write about something more substantive tomorrow. I haven't figured out exactly what, but I will!


  1. Sounds like a very productive day. Remember to take a picture of the snow for me, please. When we were computer shopping we went to a Circuit City a few towns over from us, because we heard they were closing & were having a big sale. Their idea of a sale & mine are two different things......

  2. Your day sounded like the last couple days for me. I was at Petsmart yesterday & when I walk into the store, the first thing I do is tuen right to where the adoptable kitties are kept. Yesterday, I saw a seal point Siamese that has to be the reincarnation of my son's late Tuffy. I almost burst into tears. The one at Petsmart was a female but other than that~oh wow. I was stunned. I wish I could have another one too, but I just can't afford to take proper care of another one right now. I don't think Gabi would mind but I hate to think about the cost of litter & food for another one. Today I went to our local Half Price Books store and then stopped & picked up a few groceries. The rains are supposed to start falling again Thursday, so wanted to get all my stuff done, so I don't have to go out unless I want to. There are 2 big Circuit City stores here in my's a shame they're closing. Linda in WA

  3. The kitty litter was so large that I had to carry it into the house :o) The car adapter should be fun.

  4. This was a non-productive day? Cut back on the caffine! Sorry you ar going to get snow- Dannelle

  5. I'm afraid to look at the weather forecast. We had some freezing rain today(always fun!).
    I just got Tantric's latest CD "The End Begins". I hear a song I like and then go out and buy the CD-usually with good results. I think I'll get myself an MP3 player for Christmas. I get the best presents that way, I'm a very good shopper!
    Enjoy your cozy time.
    :) Leigh

  6. The parents of a boyfriend I had in high school owned a small gift store. During certain gift giving seasons they would raise the price on certain items and mark them "sale". Wonder if CC is doing that to entice purchases.

  7. i hope you don't get all that snow. That book sounds interesting. Glad to hear you saw a friend and chatted. XO

  8. Hi Beth,
    Hmmm ... "Crazy Cat Lady of Nutwood Junction" has a really nice ring to it, but it's just not your style. Maybe I should send you one of the Crazy Cat Ladies from my neighborhood. Take your pick, either one would give new meaning to the word "Nutwood."

  9. Beth:

    Some of the friut salsa and sauces are itme consuming. The food sounds delicious, and I love cauliflower. Springfield's Ciruit City was one of the stores spared, but after going in last week to see the deals? The book sounds good, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

    My wife and I love The Pretenders, and Chrissie hynde! Let me know if the new one is good.

    Beth you know it is very important to have a good kitty litter, or you might have a "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat" HA HA

    I loved the episode she came on as a rival musician, it was funny! :)

    I hope the weather stays kind for you and Ken. Please have a great day tomorrow.


  10. Get your camera ready girl ! I want pictures of your snow! I just love the first few snows.
    I heard some CC's are closing, along with a lot of other stores. Crazy, but you got some good deals in any event !
    Take Care

  11. It's just a shame that some of those concept cars weren't put into production. But by the time Packard came up with the Predictor, they were within two years of going out of business forever. Hmm.... if I took pieces of some of those Packard "parts cars" we have in storage and put them together just right, I wonder if I could create a Predictor. No way! :-) If any of your readers want to see more about my Packard museum (I think we have 16 Packards now, plus 6 other makes) they can go to It could use a little updating, but they'll get the general idea.

  12. Beth, are you ready for Snow? My
    honey is having snow tires put on
    today. (No way he's gonna stay away
    from here!)
    I found a good recipe for Broccoli-
    Cauliflower-Cheese casserole on the
    Christian Women Online recipes. Gonna
    make it for Thanksgiving. I may
    sub Celery Soup for Mushroom. On
    second thought everyone likes Shrooms
    except me.
    Congrats on the roses! My fav. Pat

  13. My boys love thier car adaptors for thier Ipods. I think that is all they listen to is thier Ipods! I love the Pretenders too! Linda

  14. I guess the grass is always greener (or is it the snow is always whiter?). We don't get much snow here, just a dusting now and then and it's gone quickly. Everyone here gets mega excited if there is snow in the forcast. I heard you are in for a pretty big one. Enjoy the beauty.
    Hugs, Joyce

  15. I've heard the Ting Tings on Sirius - I like their music.

    Now....about that crazy cat lady statement...


  16. We got some flurries today which is the first real white I've seen. I can't believe you guys got 6 inches. Glad your dinner turned out well. Our Circuit City is closing here as well; I think everything's 30% off right now.

  17. Could not tell you how many times I have seen a cool name and picked up a cd ...

    It is too late ..! If you have a cat, you are ALREADY a crazy cat lady! Kidding, but I would not mind a cat myself.


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