Friday, November 21, 2008

Paging Dr. Freud

My friend Sheria just sent me the link to this. It has got to be one of the most surreal things I've ever seen. Be sure to stick around for the closing wink.


  1. I don't think I am going to be able to have turkey this year.

  2. I couldn't understand what she was saying naturally...was that guy actually killing turkeys in the background. Oh for...good grief...theres a redneck mentally there. Don't worry about the cameras, everyone loves seeing this kind of stuff...Sigh...


  3. Hey Sarah, how is that budget working for you? The Alaska budget is based on $70 per barrel, so guess you might regret that rebate thingy :o)

    What would ever inspire someone to get filmed at a turkey killing facility???

  4. Well, I guess she thinks PETA stands for Palin Exterminating Turkeys in Alaska. It's absolutely hysterical that she is so anxious to hear herself blather on incoherently that she blocks out what any savvy politician knows to do: be aware of what's in your frame.
    What kills me is that we were so worried she was unqualified to be Vice-President, she's completely unqualified to be a state Governor. What's on Alaska's plates anyway? "Welcome to the Stupid State?"

  5. It's....

    Monty Python's Flying Circus!

  6. Thanks for sharing this, you're right, it is absolutely surreal! And the backdrop was shocking. I think I will become a vegetarian. Yuk! All the best. Ciao Antonella

  7. Hi Beth,
    LOL ... I saw this last night on MSNBC ... they played it several times. Apparently an "aide" to Sarah Palin had asked her before the interview whether she minded doing the "shoot" in front of the Turkey executions and Palin -- ever the diplomat -- said "No Worries!"

  8. Good Lord, it's a wonder sh didn't go and help him, you can imagine her the day before Thanksgiving running about on a Turkey Shoot then being so thankful would eat the bird there and then....ewww


  9. I see moments like that all the time in Detroit, where I am like, "and you wonder why they think all we do is drink malt liquor and get high" ...

    ... when folks look at Sarah Palin, and listen to her STILL SAYING NOTHING regarding any action she is going to go forward with, as Cooter kills the turkeys ... what was she doing there anyway? What, this guy and his turkey farm is a big donor to the Rep. party in the state? Thinking about how the Canuck disc jockey joked her, you wonder about who is around her ...

    ... but in a defiance that I again compare to the 'ignorance is good' attitude that has urban people conform more to the least common demoninator that strive to achieve, maybe she is standing up for herself inspite of her lack of any real vision or talent.

    Greg Stillson with lipstick and a dress (and yes Beth, and I going to beat that drum as long as Sarah Palin is in the nation media!)

  10. WTF???!! I had to watch a couple of times... first to figure out what the hell that guy was doing to those poor animals! That can't be the humane way to convert livestock into food!
    THen I had to go backj and try to make sense of what the bitch was babbling about. But I couldn't.

  11. I'm SO glad I don't live in Alaska! That's all I have to say...
    lol... Leigh

  12. I have to admit...I am so nauseated right now that I'm almost ready to run to the garbage can. That cannot be a humane way to kill a turkey. How incredibly horrible!
    And that stupid BITCH Sarah Palin! My God! I can't believe she actually stood there while that guy killed turkeys behind her. Is she mental? Shit. Forget I even said that. She is mental.

  13. I think that she could have foregone talking about how much fun she had visiting the turkey farm. I know that she was referencing giving one of the turkeys a reprieve from slaughter but given the backdrop for her interview, her comments seemed a bit tasteless.

  14. Wow... I had to check that it wasn't really Tina Fey! I can see it now... Tina doing Palin going on about "excelling in the field of excellence and continued growth of the growth factor" nonsense while somebody is violently wrestling, stomping on and throwing around a turkey. Then there is a turkey "fly by" in a helicopter... all while she gives this rambling interview, noticing none of it!! Hahahahahahaha!!

  15. Absolutely amazing! Is she really that clueless? I believe the answer is a resounding YES!

  16. Unbelievable...scary, but real. This woman will go far!

  17. She needs to take a cue from Sen. McCain, who has quietly gone back to work, doing the people's work, instead of babbling about brutality while Turkeys are slaughtered. This woman and her handlers are some of the dumbest fricking people in America.

  18. I had to go to YouTube itself to see the video. The embedded one isn't working for me.

    I gotta ask 'What's the big deal?'

    It's a turkey getting slaughtered. Where did you think those birds on your table and lunch meat in your fridge came from?

    As far as being humane. He looks to be doing a pretty good job. He gets the job done pretty quick. That cone thing he puts the bird in is to contain it as it thrashes to facilitate bleeding the bird out. Being upsidedown makes it quicker so there is less time for the bird to suffer. I suppose that an axe is quicker as it just takes the head straight off but it is more dangerous for the farmworkers as someone would have to hold the bird down while the other one swings the axe and then there is the thrashing thing again. Slaughter no matter how "humane" is still neither pretty nor without some violence. It happens thousands of times a day everyday.

    I hate to give Palin any credit for anything but she may have done the public a service with this one if it gets folks thinking about where their food comes from. If you eat meat (I do), then this is a part of your everyday life you just hadn't seen it yet. Every burger, ham sandwich, fish stick or chicken biscuit you ever ate came about in a similar manner. If you are a grown up that hasn't thought about it yet perhaps it is time you sat down and did.

  19. Really, what's the big deal? I eat meat, you (presumably) eat meat, it doesn't get on your plate any other way. And as woolysheep noted above, it seemed like a very humane, rather ho-hum way to slaughter the animal, certainly not anything like what I expected. Hell, I saw Emeril and Julia Child boil crabs today (obvioulsy in a rerun) and it made me more squeemish that this.

    It's funny, some sites have commenters that lean left and the comments are ridden with OMG, while the ones that lean right are filled with BFD, and the ones in the middle are 'uh, ok. dumb cameraman to not frame it better, but what am I supposed to be commenting on again?

    It is the bleeping election that just won't end.

  20. Obama 2008!
    People still poke fun at Bill Clinton, Dan Quale, Jimmy Carter, and G. Bush. Lighten up Man!

    Back to the video, it was very graphic! But I guess people in Alaska don't mind seeing things like that. She should have thought about where she was, unless she is missing all the attention. Next place we will see her is at the Arctic Wildlife Refuge running naked with a gun, running after Caraboo with an oil can up her butt! Ha Ha


  21. WTH?
    i honestly have a headache now after listening to that woman speak for 3 min. BUT what the hell with the man killing that turkey? OMG.

  22. BETH...give it a rest girlfriend.

  23. I was disturbed by watching this too. Can someone really "enjoy" being at a turkey slaughterhouse? She really is a clueless person. And Beth, don't give it a rest!


  24. I can see why many people refuse to eat meat... and they don't have to see a video of a turkey struggling as it is being bled to death. I've driven by those transportation trucks filled to brim with chickens, or pigs... they're all tucked in the truck pretty tight, no room for movement. And I think, they're off to the slaughterhouse so we can have meat on our table. I never even gave the method of slaughter much thought... but here it is, in full color and detail. What was she thinking??? No, she wasn't thinking, that's the point. I know someone has to kill the turkeys, I understand that. I for one will not eat turkey again! That gobbler did not want to die.

  25. i found it funny. i might eat some turkey this year now seeing on how i dont want cooter to lose his job.

    i love reading your blog-- i stumble in occasionally from mark or indy.

    i agree with you and hope the automakers can find a way to work this out so my state doesnt shut down.

    xxalainaxx aka miss alaineus

  26. Oh.My.God.
    That poor man looked at first like he wished they'd move that camera, then he decided to just go on about his business.
    I maintain that it's much more humane to shoot a wild turkey, putting it out of its misery at once. And the meat is much sweeter and tastier, too.
    Glad I don't really like turkey and we rarely have it. Already had no plans to buy one this week, and I certainly wouldn't now!


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