Friday, December 26, 2008

Henry Fondue

We actually ventured out today and did a little shopping. I was hoping it wouldn't be too crazy, and it was tolerable. One of our stops was Kohl's (I wanted to get some clip-on earrings, because I have some kind of allergic reaction to post earrings now, and I really miss wearing earrings!), and that was probably the busiest place. We didn't linger, and I found a couple of pairs that I liked, so I was happy.

We don't go out on New Year's Eve anymore--I've pretty much had my fill of that--and decided we'd do fondue this year. I can't remember if we did fondue on NYE last year, or if it was some other time, but it was really tasty and we've both got a hankering for it. However, we've got only two fondue pots, one for melting chocolate and one for keeping cheese fondue warm. Neither are designed for cooking in oil, and we both wanted to do some beef cubes. So today at Target, we found a Rival electric fondue pot (that's a picture of our model up above), and I can hardly wait to use it! (Man, do I ever love kitchen gadgets!) I found a recipe for cheese fondue using Havarti cheese (yummm), but I might stick with the usual Swiss. I do love Havarti cheese, though. Might as well try something new! I'll get all the "fixins" next week for our fabulous fondue party for two. It'll be a kicky blast. Hard to go wrong with melted cheese!

So far I'm planning on getting broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and bread (I already have beef in the freezer) for the cheese fondue, and strawberries, pineapple, bananas, and pears for the chocolate. Does anyone have any other favorites? One of these days, maybe we'll do a seafood fondue with shrimp, etc., but not this time. Jeez, I'm making myself hungry.


  1. I was going to suggest the seafood, but you said that by the end of the post !
    I love the idea of the New Year Fondue !! We don't go out either on that night, been there done that , ya know?
    Have a great night.

  2. Woo Hoo... I was the first to comment?
    I think I should win a prize, like a trip to Nutwood !!!

  3. Well, I have to find my recipe for the cheese fondue, I stick with what works and usually start with about 10-20 cloves of garlic, a bucket of ementhal and Gruyere, and a bottle of Kirsch added to the now flammable fondue (there are other things, but for the life of me, I can't think of them. I mean, I think there's some cayenne and other stuff).

    Then, take the crusty bread, dip it in a bowl of Kirsch, move to the molten Kirsch/cheese concoction and eat.

    If you get drunk, you do the dishes. Oh! And by the end, the garlic cloves are freakin' incredible to eat, and if there's a crispy bit on the bottom, even better.

    Really, though, I say make a grilled cheese sandwich and just sit down with a bottle of Kirsch. It's less work.

  4. Why not mix the havarti with the Swiss? Also, muenster cheese does well in fondue. Little chunks of salmon are great in the hot oil fondue. As for chocolate, I don't have a sweet tooth so I'm not well-versed in that one, but at the Melting Pot restaurant, they serve little pieces of angel food cake with the chocolate fondue... and also marshmallows.

  5. I take it you're fond of....

  6. Mmmm, that sounds good. I have thought about trying Fondue before, but I didn't buy the melting pot because I really had no clue how to go about doing it...LOL

  7. One of my favorite restaurants is the Melting Pot! Fondue is a great new year's treat. Where's my invite?

  8. Hi Beth,
    Sounds yummy. I don't have any creative ideas since I don't cook (and -- wow -- never heard of seafood fondu). But I do appreciate a nice Fondu every now and then ... enjoy!

  9. New Years Eve is one of my favorite nights. We rent one of the cabins at the place where we camp. (they have cabins also and no one uses them in the winters so they are wayyyy cheap) all of the friends that we camp with rent also and we have a big party in one of the cabins! This year might be alittle odd since kathy is still in the hospital and stan won't be there but we are still going to go on with the tradition!! I hope you and Ken have a great night. You could always come with us if you wanted!!

  10. i've never ate from a fondue thingie in my life. I always get NYE off but i have to work this year....and MAN, that really has me upset. Chad still will go outside and bang pots and pans. XO

  11. Let us know how it turns out I haven't had fondue for years. I tend not to go out on New Years either.


  12. Damn you made me hungry!!! Sounds great can't wait to hear all about it
    Happy Holidays
    love ya

  13. after staring at your blog title for like 30 min on my dashboard i finally got the joke

    henry fondue instead of henry fonda.........

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    now you have made me hungry for like a half hour as well, mind you. so i must go make a grilled cheese with mini breads and fontina cheese. dan is correct, it is WAY less work then fondue.


  14. So, I was wondering where to go for New Year's and now I know. Thanks. lol
    Hugs, Joyce

  15. We were in a state of emergency and you left the house? Shame, Shame. Ok, I did too but that's not the point. ;) Glad you didn't run into too many crazy people.

  16. I will take responsibility for the meat dips, and we will post the recipe.

  17. If you can find Grapeseed oil for the fried fondue, it's really yummy, albeit a bit expensive.
    I love Henry Fondue- I have a composter named Truman Composte.

  18. i only ever had fondue once and the cheese was horrible. They told me it had some kind of alcohol in it and I was like, uh, why? Why not just cheese? LOL
    I guess I am not "foo foo" enough! We have a little fondue pot and have never used it! I bought it from one of my kids school fundraisers. This makes me think I need to go find a recipe and use it.

  19. That sounded like a super plan and similiar to what my mates and I did :o) Hope you had a fab time x


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