Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seeing double

I stuck with my no motivation mood, and after a big bowl of soup, settled down on the couch with Sheeba to watch Monday Night Football. Well, I watched, Sheeba slept. It finally struck me that Sheeba had the right idea, so I slept, too. Next thing I knew, the game was over (da Bears won--that was for you, Honey!), and the remote was clutched in my hand. It's going on 5 AM, and I am WIDE AWAKE! I chatted with Shane on Facebook for a while, and that was fun. I didn't know Facebook had chat! Ha ha!

While watching CNN (after Letterman and Ferguson were over), I saw a commercial that pissed me right the hell off. Have you seen the Diddy commercials for Ciroc vodka? It looks like there's a new one, new enough that it's not on YouTube yet. A couple of things first:

Beth<--not a big Diddy fan. Puff Daddy? P Diddy? Whatever.

Beth<--likes vodka, especially in Bloody Marys, or with a splash of orange juice. I don't drink it often, but when I drink hard liquor, vodka is my first choice. Tequila is pretty tasty, too! And a lot more dangerous. But that's a story for another day.

Anyhoo, apparently Ciroc is being marketed as a high end vodka. I have no idea how much it costs, but one of the commercials channels the Rat Pack, so I'd guess they're going after the young, hip Vegas crowd. (I love the Rat Pack, and Diddy...you're no Rat Pack.) This new commercial is interesting, though, in a creepy kind of way. It takes place in the daytime, and two lovely young women are in a really nice house or apartment, calling for a cab. Diddy comes out in his tux from the night before, his tie untied, and says no no no, sends them on their way with a kiss, and sends them home in his car (not sure if it was a Rolls or not).

The implication here is that after a fun night at the clubs, Diddy took these two women home. While there is a large gap there from taking them home to shoving them into his car the following morning, I think we can all get the gist of the whole thing. I'm sure there will be plenty who see that commercial and say oh yeah, THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Diddy rocks! If that's what happens when I drink Ciroc, I'm gettin' me a bottle o' that!

I have to wonder what the reaction would be if it were a woman sending two men home the next morning? I suspect it would be something like...oh, I don't know..."WHORE."

This sort of double standard has always pissed me off, and it always will. The very same behavior that is lauded and applauded when perpetrated by men is seen as nothing less than whorish and slutty when it comes to women. It's time to hold men to the same standards as they hold us to, ladies. You don't want a player, trust me. If you're hearing through the grapevine that the guy is a whoredog, run the other way. When I lived in Indy, I was warned about this guy I dated for a while, and I didn't listen to those warnings...I eventually found out what a slut he was and how much he lied to me, and I'm telling you, the thought of him now absolutely makes my skin crawl . Since when is it attractive to date a guy who screws any female that is somewhere between legal age and using a walker? Yuck.


  1. Well, I'm up too. Fixing to get ready to go to work. I don't like commercials like that either.

  2. I've never understood that either. I think some women find these men attractive, thinking everyone wants that guy and maybe they can make him love ONLY them. One of the guys my husband used to be friends with (younger days) was exactly this kind of guy. It's hard to find a woman within ten years of this guys age in our area that DOESN'T know his name or know someone who slept with him. He tried to get with me before and AFTER I was with Shawn. That was the beginning of the end of their friendship and not an easy thing to tell your fiance that his best friend tried to hook up with you the second he wasn't there. Some how, this guy is now married and FAITHFUL to his wife, and with two kids. I get a great deal of pleasure knowing one of his kids, is a girl. A part of me feels like maybe now he'll be forced to have some respect for women, now that he has a little girl that guys are going to be looking at like that. One can hope anyways. My asked me once what I thought of this guy. (as in would I DO him if I weren't with my husband... obviously not since I didn't the first time he tried before I even knew my husband) I said he has a certain draw to him that some women can't seem to resist, I am not one of those women. And there were rumors about size... issues that drew certain women as well. Personally, if size is that big of a deal that'd you'd risk STD's (he was also notorious for refusing to where protection) then, IMO, you're a freakin' whore. Ok, I'm not going any further. ;)

  3. In my younger years, I recall the heartbreakers, the liars, womanizers!

    It is sad when an individual hurts someone's heart. You certainly never forget it.

    Hugs, Rose

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I can't even find the words to complete my thoughts about it, my emotions. It's sickening... it's not just P. Diddywhoisthat? it's quite a few other "playahs" out there that create that notion. Sad thing is? So many women perpetuate the image and think it's admirable.
    Blessings, Teresa

  5. I draw the line at walkers!

    At least for now honey :o)

  6. You said it baby!-
    One thing I find interesting bout your post- "what if it was a woman sending 2 guys home..."- Not gonna happen! I find it interesting that straight guys all fantasize about making it with 2 women (they're lying if they say they don't) but I have yet to meet a straight woman who will say she fantisizes about making it with 2 guys!
    And I kif you not- check the ads if you think I'm lying- P Diddy has just come out with a new fragrance for men called- get this- "I am King". Wrong on so many levels

  7. Not a fan of the man either...for so many reasons, not the least of which you describe. Unfortunately, my ex was a player, and I should have listened to my grandmother who had him pegged from the start.

  8. I have been seeing that commercial every noght in CNN but this one took it a step farther sending the girls home. When I drank many moons ago voldka was my choice in whatever I decided to haver but this commercial goes against every grainin my body, for some reason. Lucy

  9. Boy ... this is something that normally I can rant on about, but it is getting stuck right now ... I never understood the 'buckle bunnies' or the whole groupie thing, which the women in the commercial is related to.

    The other personal aside is that instead of marketing something to reach his audienece that is less destructive, he is pimping liquor as a part of the unattainable lifestyle for young people to recklessly chase ... for some reason, in the big time houses along the Lakes (Michigan in Chicago, St. Clair in Detroit) or the boffo parties in Manhattan, or Bel Air, they are NOT serving P. Diddy's swill.

    That stuff is going to be drunk by the clowns at the 'Dew Drop Inn' clubs and crap house parties hoping to have some class by serving that mess. From being pimped to being a pimp ... that is what I see with P. Diddy and his ilk.

  10. it will be mixed with a) kool aid or b) faygo in my hiznizzy to make crunk juice, 'cause that's how we roll in my 'hood.

    i wonder if the same idiots who made the diamond commercial made that one? maybe they should make a two diamond one, for gentlemen with more then one 'friend'. doubt that will happen.

    'nuff said. back to my #1 secret movie vice, dirty dancing.


  11. I'm not a fan of Diddy either, but I don't think girls everywhere are going to jump to the thought of "Man, Diddy is SO cool and hot! I wish I were like those chicks!" Hahaha!! Madonna has made a pretty good living being a player and pushing the envelope. I haven't seen the commercial, but there are images everywhere that tend to piss me off too. What about the "male enhancement" commercials? The whole point is to make men feel inadequate and get them to drop their money so a woman will want them. It always makes me laugh how they coach the women to act in the commercials... the half embarrassed, "gosh it's so big" admiring half-smile. Hahahahahaha!!!
    My question is where are all the men's groups picketing and complaining about how these commercials are ruining mens' self image and damaging little boys view of themselves?? Smells like a double standard.

  12. i think this is the drinking game for road house.i so love that movie too!!!!!!

    drink to the left whenever the boss dude makes a veiled threat to someone. drink to the right when that one chick does something slutty. social- when there is a brawl scene.

    if you want the extra challenge, everyone does a shot when the sound of a broken bottle is heard or bottles are being broken.


  13. Yes, you have a very good point.
    not a big vodka fan myself, the room spins around after I induldge in vodka..I am more a VO AND Coke kind of gal when I do think to be sociable.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas Beth....

  14. My first husband was one of those guys, he actually had the nerve to try to tell me, but I come home to you...uh, right like I want the left overs. That argument ended really bad, a week in the hospital later. I started divorce proceedings. I'm right up there with you! Encouraging that behavior is not only unethical, it's barbarian in this day and age. (Hugs)Indigo

  15. Google ate my last comment it appears.

    You're reading way too much into the commerical. It's one of a series of chronological spots, the last of 'em I think. The women appeared at a high-end all night bash featured in the previous commercials. The point of this one was to show that he wouldn't let them drive home intoxicated, not to show off his mack skills.

    PDiddy has 15 years in the spotlight and is a savy businessman, respected even by 'proper' folks like Oprah. I think the vodka could have done a lot worse for a spokesperson :)


  16. I believe you are referring to KING Diddy, aren't you? Aside from the taudry commercial you mention he also has one airing now for his cologne which is King or something or he is king. I'm not sure. I saw him on Ellen the other day ~ my but he is full of himself. Yeah double standards piss me off too.

    He's a stud, she's a slut..makes no sense to me.

  17. I forgot to mention...King Diddy isn't a Diddy anymore. He is using his name now, Sean John or something like that. Wasn't he Puffy too? LOL

  18. The Ciroc 1 Million Dollar offer

    There’s only one day a year when the world collectively parties together, New Year’s Eve and the Time Square ball drop in NY is one of the premier locations for bringing inn the new year! For countless years brands like Korbel Champagnes and Waterford crystal have positioned themselves as the official Champagne and New Year ball crystal of the Times Square celebration all in hopes of capitalizing on the unique marketing opportunity. Although Champagne is the common celebratory libation of choice to ring in the New Year, Diddy and Ciroc are trying to change the tradition to include their “ultra-premium vodka.”
    The constantly evolving marketing machine that is Diddy is offering the Mayor and City of New York $1 Million Dollars to change the New Years Eve Ball to Ciroc Blue. Although Diddy admits the proposal is a publicity stunt to help brand Ciroc to the New Years Party crowd, he does say that he just wants the color to be changed, no logo. I guess given these hard economic times people might just feel the need to sip on something a bit more stiff than the traditional bubbly. Diddy doesn’t pose a specific use for the contribution but suggest using it to build parks, improve schools or for foreclosure “bailouts.” As yet there hasn’t been a response from the Mayors office.
    In addition Diddy goes on to announce that the Ciroc street team in conjunction with the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission will be handing out $15 taxi cab vouchers to New York party goers to make sure they get home safe.



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