Monday, December 22, 2008

Utterly DEmotivated

I have almost no gumption for anything whatsoever today. I'm not sick, I'm not in a bad mood, I'm not sleepy...I just don't feel like doing much of anything! I'm not feeling fired up about anything either, so I guess you all can breathe a sigh of relief today. [wink] This is mellow Beth. Very mellow Beth.

Ken and I stayed up late and slept late today, since he's working nights, and it's a drag not to have him around in the evening. We both got our workouts in today, so I guess I'm not completely demotivated, only partially. I'm doing a load of laundry, too, so wow, I'm on fire!

I had a vague urge to bake, but it wasn't strong enough to spur me into action. I might still make something tonight, though. I found a recipe for coffee cookies. I don't drink hot coffee, but I love iced coffee and mocha flavors, so how good do coffee cookies sound? I wish I had some already made, then maybe I'd be all hopped up on caffeine and feel more motivated! Ha!

I was looking online for interesting cookie recipes this afternoon. I was surprised at how many I saw that use cake mix as a base, rather than starting from scratch. I can't remember the last time I bought a box of cake mix, but I have flour, sugar, and all that stuff. I can always count on one of my Amish cookbooks to have plenty of from-scratch recipes, and that's where I found the coffee cookie recipe. In fact, sometimes they are so from-scratch that a novice in the kitchen would have a hard time. In the coffee cookie recipe, it lists all the ingredients and their amounts, except it just says "vanilla and lemon" with no amounts, and the instructions are nothing more than this: "Mix coffee and flour alternately. Bake 350 degrees." I guess I'll have to guess as to how long to leave them in the oven! (Why am I having a sudden vision of billowing black smoke?)

I think I'll read some more and go from there. I hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. Making cookies sound good. Or perhaps just doing nothing for one day is absolutely fine...I do it a lot these days! LOL

    I hope everyone stays warm like Beth said. Don't be jealous that I live in Florida....Does it count that I paid my dues shoveling snow for over 40 years in New England?


  2. Must be something in the weather....I'm feeling a bit blah myself and high hopes of getting things done tonite. You can see that is not happening.

    Enjoy your mellow night.

  3. You aren't the only one, Beth. It is the weather, being so temperate and snowy. And for you, I am sure that having your Boo gone until bedtime isn't any fun.

    I am waiting for the end of the year, and looking forward to a kung fu mega start to '09! We have a black president ... hopefully they will save the auto industry and Ron Gettlefinger is just the cat to fight for the middle class.

    Oh, and we will be that much closer to spring! January has always been a fast month for me, and I am anxious to get it in gear!

    You read a lot ..! Think I am going to do some 'fun reading' right now!

  4. making cookies from scratch takes some work and time! It took Megan and i hours yesterday to make all those cookies and now i just sit and say "WHO IS GONNA EAT ALL THOSE!". LOL
    you go right ahead and take it easy. Too cold to want to do anything.

  5. Hi Beth,
    Coffee Cookies ... sounds like just the ticket. If you ask me, Starbucks should dump their Apple Fritters in favor of Coffee Cookies.

  6. wow! for a demotivating day you sure are a busy gal! me, too. i enjoy reading the blogs, then maybe I sit and knit, but forget walking Sheba. Not in this cold! poor thing...

  7. Let me know how those come out! If they're good, send me the recipe. I love my coffee and I love my cookies. I bet they'd be good with some pecans, too....mmmmm....

  8. i bet you could time your amish cookies on a sundial...

    sorry, couldnt be helped!

    i got really motivated myself today but that was because i had plans to hang out with a smokin hottt guy and needed to be up and cute by 2pm.


  9. the coffee cookie recipe had me laughing! How funny! But frustrating!! Coffee cookies sound so good!

    Hope you get some energy soon! Or not!


  10. Enjoy the last few days before Christmas!

  11. Beth, Sorry you got da blahs! If you are still thinking cookies check this out:
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas...AND get rid of those Blahs!

  12. It must be something in the air today. I had "plans" to clean up the kitchen and bathroom. When I next looked at the clock it was midnight! And I hadn't done any of it. I threw some dishes in the dishwasher, half-assed scrubbed the tub and got ready for bed. What the hell happened to the day?? You know what I do with new cookie recipes that don't have a time listed? ;) I actually sit in front of the damned oven and watch them to see how long it takes for them to brown so that I can set the timer for the next batch. I do this as well if it's the first time I've made a particular cookie so that I don't overcook the first batch. I think I'm a little ocd with my baking.

  13. Nothing wrong with lazing about. Sometimes it's what the body needs (and mind) you know? as far as the vanilla I'd add a teaspoon and a dash to grow on...the lemon? maybe 1/2 teaspoon with a wee dash to grow on...minutes to bake? 15 to 18 minutes to start with I'd say at 350*. Let us know if you make them and how they turn out. Blessings, Teresa

  14. Coffee cookies sound delish! In the past, I have posted a recipe for an apple cake that takes 1/2 cup of warm coffee. It is very good with just a hint of coffee flavor. No doubt the amounts for the lemon & vanilla are no more than 1 teaspoon or even 1/2 tsp for the lemon. If you make them & they're good post the recipe for the rest of us. Happy baking....Linda in snowy & cold Washington

  15. It must be catching, I barely got through the wrapping that needed to done today. The thing is I normally love to wrap. As for cookies, burnt is far bette than under cooked. A guitar student of Pauls brought in Oatmeal raisin cookies for him and...well they're chewy, that's all I'm saying about them. It's the thought that counts. (Hugs)Indigo


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