Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bored? Does not compute.

I've spruced things up a little here at Cyber Nutwood. I still love the previous look and may eventually go back to something similar, but I've been in a retro mood lately so I decided to give it a retro vibe. The pattern on the header is the classic formica pattern with its amoeboid shapes (Look for it at your favorite diner--the pattern, not amoeba!), the font is called Diner (I've been looking for it for a while, and stayed up late one night and found it!), and the pink and turquoise are common Googie colors. I stuck with my gray background, though, because it's always been easiest on my eyes. Even at the lab, where we could customize our screen displays, I always wanted the pale gray because that caused the least eye strain for me.

One guy used to modify his screen so that it was bright yellow, red, etc. Very vivid colors. We had to deal with enough eye strain as it was, with lots of microscope work, computer work, picking tiny colonies off agar plates...why compound that strain on your eyes with a Dayglo, Technicolor computer screen?

Ken and I ran some errands today and the temperature was much more tolerable, despite a brisk wind. Night before last, it got down to 19 below in our city, which was the fourth coldest temperature on record. The town my folks live in got it even worse, getting down to 26 below! I hope that's the end of the intense cold for this season. That's just miserable, and dangerous for kids and the elderly.

We got stuff for stir fry today. Doesn't that sound good? These boots were made for wokkin'...sorry, I couldn't resist.

I've read a few comments recently in which people wrote that they were bored. Now I want all of you to stop that kind of talk right now, young men and young ladies! There is no excuse for boredom! A couple of years ago, our friend Indigo did a turn as Guest Editor on the old AOL Journals, and I can't tell you how flattered I was that she included me in her list. One of the things she wrote was that boredom was not an option in my world, and I've never forgotten that. In fact, I've adopted it as my unofficial mantra. I included it prominently in my new header.

There's a lot to be said for having the ability to self-entertain. When I announced my retirement at work, one person asked me, "Won't you get bored? I'd get so bored." When I see our neighbor out at the mailbox, he asks me, "Are you bored yet? I'd be really bored." Some of Ken's coworkers asked him, "What is she going to DO?"

I can truthfully say that since I stopped working 9 months ago, I have not had one single moment when I thought, "I'm bored." Cabin fever is something else entirely. I told Ken today that it felt good to get out--even though I've had no problem keeping myself occupied, it's a mental thing knowing that you can't get out, as opposed to not wanting to. But boredom? Not even an iota.

I think that temperament and personality has a lot to do with it. I'm very much an introvert, and I've written before how I get my sense of "recharging" from solitude and from peace and quiet. Others get their stimulation from interacting with others and recharge their batteries that way. I'm not saying either way is better--it's very different for different people. I just happen to be able to get my jollies out of pursuits and interests that others might find boring. I've got a freakin' library downstairs, so shame on me if I ever say I'm bored!

I don't know if it's something that can be learned. For those who are extroverts and need to interact with people often, I doubt if my way could ever be their way. I might just be hardwired to have a Low Entertainment Maintenance Level (LEML, and I just made that up, but I like you have a LEML or a HEML? Maybe you have a MEML.). I don't know, but I'm grateful for it. It doesn't take much to amuse me, and it has served me well over the years.

Bored? Not this gal!


  1. I like your new look i changed mine to a couple of days ago. I have not been working for over a year since being made redundant, and I'm not bored either who knows when i'll get the chance to have this time off again,.

    Take care


    PS where did you find the Diner font.

  2. I am never bored, and I am never lonely. I *miss* certain loved ones who've passed on, but haven't felt bored or lonely since I was a child...and then I wasn't actually feeling those particular things, but other things that transmogrified into them in my little head. Most people I know who claim boredom are suffering from avoidance issues or need a stage for most of what they do to matter to them.

    Boredom complaints always remind me of those signs that used to say: ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?
    I never got along with any of the people who posted those signs.

  3. Absolutemently - bored is not in my vocabulary :o)

  4. Never bored. LEML here for sure. I wish I had time for all there is to do. 'On Ya'-ma

  5. Hi Beth,
    Cool retro look ... and I agree regarding the gray background, it's easier to read. Like you, I can't imagine being bored.

  6. my attention span is too short for me to ever become bored....

    i lived in a house with that blue formica countertop in the bathroom. loved it! and love your new look.


  7. I've got this seasonal malaise. For whatever reason, this winter has simply sucked the life right out of me.

  8. I'm an extrovert and I love to nest. I'm never bored. Lonely sometimes but never bored. There is so much that I still want to learn, so many people I interact with in my cyber community, so many shows on tv that I want to see... I'm never bored!

    I love the retro stuff.

  9. I like your new colors..
    I get lonely sometimes but never bored.
    I miss lunches with coworkers or having a chance to really dress up for meetings and such.

  10. I love the look of your place. I thank you for the pale gray background too. I find it difficult to read sometimes with busy backgrounds. This is easy on the eyes.

    You know I am low maintenance, we've talked about how much we like our solitude. I amuse myself all the time. I even laugh at my own jokes!!! LOL

  11. Tis the season to change the "wallpaper". I just went with a spring-ish color theme, looking out the window that's wishful thinking right about now. I like your new look, though!
    Bored? Me? Never! That would make me a LEML(I think you've got something catchy here)! Like you, I have an extensive reading list.

    Have a great Sunday, Leigh

  12. Your masthead reminds me of Mother of pearl, another retro pattern that's due for a comeback. How can anyone be bored when there's retro?...and googie?

  13. Ho Hum another boring winter, another boring election, another boring inauguration, another boring tussle with my computer, another boring stack of magazines to go through, another boring new book, another boring list of journals to read, another boring story to write. Life is so dull.

  14. Oh, definitely not bored my email is getting too much friction to be bored. Stir crazy however is Pickles middle name and when the pups stir crazy, you can figure out where this is going..

    Lately I'm not reading half as much, it's at a slower pace..taking time to enjoy the book itself. In the meantime I continue to build up my library. We can never have enough books can we. (Hugs)Indigo

  15. Forgot to tell you, I love the new digs. It fits your personality perfectly. (Hugs)Indy

  16. I'd say I'm more of a MEML. I can go a few days without leaving the house but then I get depressed. I have to get out of here from time to time, even if it's just to go to the grocery store or my mom's. It probably comes from when I lived at my moms, there was always someone coming or going with my friends, shawn's friends and my brother's friends. There was always someone around. It took some time to adjust to it being just us when we moved in here. I'm also the type of person that needs to be doing SOMETHING almost all the time. I hate doing nothing and the word bored comes to my mind more often than it should. I always tell myself I should enjoy it instead of seeing downtime as a bad thing. It's really bad in the winter since we're pretty much stuck inside unless you have fur. ;) Oh and I'm sorry, my blog's constant changing colors must drive your eyeballs mad. If I didn't change it as often as I do... I'd get BORED with it. ;)))))))

  17. How could you get bored with YOU... You're enough to entertain even YOU!!! LOL!!! I never get bored, I love my quiet time, I can read or throw in a DVD, I'm never bored with ME!!

    LOVE the retro header!!

  18. anyone who is bored can come live my life for one day and i bet that will cure boredom. Those who seem bored must have forgotten that none of us are promised tomorrow so get up, do something and be glad they are healthy and STILL alive.
    I like your new look. I can not change mine at all because when i have, i then mess everything up!! Blogger makes me crazy.
    Enjoy your Sunday. XO

  19. I am a definate LEML I love my own company and as for being bored...never...however Mary my friend is the exact opposite she has to have someone around her all the !!!
    I love your new look very much, nice and easy to read Thank you.
    Love Sybil xxx

  20. 'Hungry Like The Wolf' ... they've been running X on the 101network on direct tv recently.

    My being bored is a rare, rare thing. Like you, it doesn't take much to keep my mind occupied, and if ever given the choice of company of others, v. being alone, I can take being alone.

    Right now, I feel like I am at Outpost Zebra, at the far side of the Milky Way. Or I am lonely like Ripley was on the Nostromo ... that sounds better.

    Could you imagine surviving something traumatic, and then being left to float until help arrived ... for an unknown legnth of time? Sometimes, that is what I feel like, and getting bored, keeps me from getting reckless. No need to be making reckless mistakes because of some random feelings. Keeping on message isn't the most thrilling thing to do in life, but if you can, you will find yourself making progress.

    Boredom occur when the 'stupid' in you rises up enough to make noises at the gates of your rational mind, and you have to ignore them! Like I am doing, at 4 a.m. EST!!

  21. Hey chickie. I'm just stopping in for a visit. So sorry I havent been around in a while. You know why-love the look of the place. My mom had a kitchen table that looked like your design up there !
    You never bore me....I cant remember the last time I was bored either. I love if I have nothing to do and nowhere to go, so I wouldnt say it bored me !
    Take Care

  22. I love the new look! Sometimes I wish for days that are boring but it never happens. Linda

  23. Sometimes when I am overscheduled, underslept, or just streteched thin, I think to myself: "I wonder what it feels like to be bored? It would be a nice break!" Then I say "naaaa" and go back to what I was doing!

  24. If you keep yourself busy enough, great things are always bound to happen. I like staying busy at a lot of levels just to see what works out!

  25. Beth, I totally agree with you. I don't think I've ever been bored in my life. There are simply too many enteresting things to be done and read and thought about. I would love to be retired and trust me, "I'm bored" is something that will never come out of my mouth.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  26. Beth, you sweet wonderful insightful woman, thank you for your comment. No, it's not too long. I will take your words and put them into play. I would also love for you to take your comment and put it as an entry on your blog because it was that enlightening. It really lifted my spirits.

  27. Yes, we are so alike, as I think we've discovered before! I have a LEML. I can occupy myself quite easily and have always been able to do so. Like I've written before, I pretty much live in my head. This ties in with an entry I was planning to do today, so I'll probably link to you. Have a great week, and I hope you guys don't get too much more snow.


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