Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Never let 'em see you explode

For some reason, this just tickled me.

From The South Bend Tribune:

Suspected Walmart bomb was deodorant

SOUTH BEND — A bomb scare led to the evacuation of the Portage Road Wal-Mart Monday evening, police said.

According to South Bend police spokesman Capt. Phil Trent, police were dispatched to the store, at 3701 Portage Road, about 4:45 p.m. after an enlisted military man reported a suspicious-looking object in the deodorant aisle.

Police arrived and, with the help of store personnel, created a perimeter around the area with shopping carts.

Eventually, the Bomb Squad was called and about 5:45 p.m. the entire store was evacuated, Trent said.While waiting for the Bomb Squad robot to arrive, Trent said, bomb technicians examined the object and determined it was a two-pack of deodorant bound with shrink wrap.The sticks of deodorant looked suspicious, Trent said, because attached to the bottom of one was what appeared to be a piece of machinery, possibly from the plant where it was manufactured.


They actually evacuated the store because of this! After creating a perimeter with shopping carts, of course. Haha! I know we all need to be vigilant, but this seems a little too paranoid!


  1. When you look like you should know what you are talking about i.e., the military guy, you can easily convince others of stupid stuff.

    Just because he was in the service, doesn't mean he knew anything. I was a 'chairborne ranger', a admin clerk who happened to get his air assault tabs ... didn't mean I knew anything.

    I wonder if this cat saw any actuall front line duty? Will wonder about if he had, if he has any 'shock' from his experiences.

  2. you will not like my comment.
    i have been thru more than one bomb scare at a WM. They are very serious, Beth. VERY SERIOUS. Taken very serious for a reason too. See, there are crazies out there all over the U.S. who will murder innocents for no reason and a prime target is the largest retailer. I have never been thru any bomb scare that i thought was paranoid, no matter WHAT the outcome was.

  3. Well, if it had been a bomb, at least they had the foresight to create the "wall o' shopping carts", a well-known bomb diffusing technique.
    I've been through bomb scares, too. And to my knowledge, we've never evacuated a store or found a real bomb device.

  4. I'm so going to hell in a rowboat. I laughed my ass off at this story. I know that it could have been a real bomb but the "wall of shopping carts" just made me lose it!

    Gee, I just had a thought. If one could really laugh one's ass off, I could lose 30 pounds just by reading your blog!

  5. I guess it is better to be safe than sorry! Still kind of funny tho! Wall of shopping carts! That should save them!

  6. Good grief! That is just too much!!! LOL! Crazy. Kelly

  7. This made me think of about a thousand deodorant-related puns, but I'll spare you. They mistook an antiperspirant device for an antipersonnel device. Any way you look at it, it still stinks. :-)

  8. It gets to the stage where it's just too much doesn't it?

  9. i hate walmart. each time i see one of those walmart-where people get healthy commercials i think about all the employees with children receiving state aid because they don't offer affordable insurance to single parents.

    did the bomb squad ride in on the little rascal carts???


  10. I can not even say that that story stinks :o(

  11. Hi Beth,
    If they organize a full-scale evacuation for a stick of deodorant, just imagine what they would do for a stinkbomb ...!

  12. This is priceless...LOL, I've always heard shopping cart perimeters were the most effective way to handle a bomb. Geesh, Barney Fife lives!

  13. I agree with LisaJo. I've worked in public buildings where bomb threats were phoned in, as has my mother-in-law, and better safe than sorry. And if the aeresol can had an odd piece of metal welded to the bottom, I can see the reasoning behind his concern, even if it seems silly once the 'all clear' is sounded.


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