Friday, May 15, 2009

Go Ask Alice

First things first! Pop over and tell Deb congrats on her 100th post! She's a fun gal, and why do I have the sneaking suspicion that we could stir up a little trouble together? Just a hunch. She's celebrating her 100th post with a giveaway, including Borders gift cards. What I think is neat, though, is that the grand prize winner gets to name a character in the book she's working on. How cool is that?


There was an article in this afternoon's online updates from our local paper. No, it wasn't about Notre Dame and Obama's visit...but there were a few of those. [sigh] Is it Monday yet?

Michigan police shock cougar — a toy one — with Taser

Associated Press Report

WARREN, Mich. (AP) — Police responding to a 911 caller reporting a cougar on the prowl in a suburban Detroit park saw what looked like the big cat hiding in a discarded section of cement drain pipe.

So Warren police on Monday shot a Taser electroshock weapon — hitting what turned out to be a large toy cougar right in the stuffing.

The Detroit Free Press reports the toy apparently was placed in the pipe as a hoax. About 10 officers responded to Bates Park. The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens reports the caller said it was a 150-pound cat. Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer says the department is "out there to keep the community safe."

I realize that this isn't all that funny. Someone diverted police officers from doing official police stuff. You know...policin' and junk. If they were ever able to find out who pulled this prank, I'm sure there would be charges brought, something akin to using 911 for non-emergencies.

But I can't help but laugh at this poor stuffed animal getting the crap zapped out of it. Something about it made me think of The Wildcat's Lair! Maybe because Frank is often getting flamed by the house dragons, or getting scalped by a Jedi light saber, leaving his fur crispy and smoking. (I guess you'd have to read it to understand...and if you aren't reading it, why not?! Get over there!)


I set my alarm this morning and got up at the crack of...well, 9:30. Hey, I was up until 3 AM, so give me a break! I was still up when Ken got up. These are some nutty hours, but I'm sure we'll adjust at some point. Anyhoo, I wanted to be up so I could get presale tickets for Alice Cooper! Yippee! He's coming here August 9th. I've always loved Alice, but never had a chance to see him, so I really wanted to go. Blue Öyster Cult is opening, and I always liked them, too, but didn't dig them as much as I did Alice. I was hoping to get really close, but the eleventh row will have to do. In this venue, the Morris Center, those will be some kickass seats.

Alice Cooper I don't know why I always liked Alice so much. I'm sure part of it is my love of horror movies, and Alice pretty much is a living, breathing, singing horror movie! If you didn't know, Alice is a character (literally and figuratively), and the real person is Vincent Furnier, who is apparently as nice a guy as you'd ever want to meet. His dad was a preacher, and Vincent loves golf. Mild-mannered golfer by day, shock rocker by night! He also has a very popular radio show, which I've heard is great, but I rarely listen to the radio anymore. Besides, he made some great music that still holds up. I dare you to listen to "School's Out" and not rock out at least a little bit!

When I was in high school, I had a poster in my bedroom of Alice in all his mascaraed glory. It wasn't exactly the same as this photo, but it was close. I remember it became a battle of wills between me and my Mom. I'd come home from school, and she'd have taken it down and rolled it up. I'd put it back up. When I got home from school the next day, she'd have taken it down again. I'd put it back up. I don't know how long this went on, but if I recall, we finally came to a truce, and I put it up on the inside of my closet door, so she didn't have to look at it when she came into my room. Ha ha! Who would want a poster of Alice Cooper in their bedroom, you ask? THIS gal!

So I'm really excited about the show! I doubt if he puts on the elaborate stage show that he used to (I don't think that we'll see the guillotine or the noose...but I wouldn't be surprised if the straight-jacket makes an appearance.), but he still sounds pretty good. I always liked this song! Here's Alice on Letterman, singing "No More Mr. Nice Guy."


  1. There are a BUNCH of Alice Cooper's songs I like when I hear them. '18' goes without saying, along with 'School's Out'.

    The one that really stuck with me is 'Clones' ... and we are all one and one is all!!

  2. Hi Beth,
    What a funny story about the Alice Cooper poster. Who would she want you to replace it with, Ricky Nelson or something?

  3. I was at Deb's blog a moment ago; I discovered hers through you previously. My internal clock wakes me up after 5 hours, so if I wanted to get up at 9:30, I wouldn't be able to go to bed until 4:30, because once I am up, I am up for good. I really am speechless about the tasered stuffed animal.

    I adore Cooper & have been to a couple of his incorrigible vanity,(tongue in cheek for him)concerts. I read somewhere he is inadvertently hilarious. No, I'm pretty sure he is in control of it & very aware. High concept, but also high content. I very much appreciate his flair for macabre overstatement. ~Mary

  4. Shaping up to be quite the entertainment year. Vegas, Robin Williams, ND FB&BB&HK, Alice, Florida, Star Trek & Detroit, and NOLA :o) Makes the crazy hours easier to stomach.

  5. someone hogtied a dog and shot it between it's eyes earlier this week. It had roamed a local subdivision on a daily basis for yrs....they say the neighbors loved it and it was like the community dog. The owners are rich and this dog death has made the local TV news, radio and front page of my newspaper. PETA has gotten involved and the award is up to $1000 to find the murderers. I thought of this when you wrote of the cops wasting time due to some person who probably thought that prank was funny.
    I know you and Ken will love the Cooper concert. Enjoy!

  6. Ok on the cougar threat...I gotta ask what the hell where the police suppose to do with a cougar? It seems they should of had some kind of animal control there. Second I'm wincing to even think they would of tasered a cougar (go ahead and taser the bad ass guys, this animal lover would prefer it).

    I'm thinking even I could follow an Alice concert deaf. If nothing his antics are gory and comical. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. I wouldn't want to be the officer on the other end of that taser if that had been a real cougar!
    Alice rocks! At golf, too! You'll really enjoy the concert-we'll expect a full review!

    Alice Cooper was supposedly a real witch, and Vince is this witch reincarnated-or some such wild tale, I forget, it's been alot of years. That's how they came up with the name for the band, which he kept when he went solo. His first band was with a couple high school buddies in Detroit, back in the 60's-pre Alice Cooper.

    :) Leigh

  8. I heard his show was pretty sweet a few years ago. I don't know if I'd think it was awesome, or if it'd give me nightmares. ;)

  9. LOL about the cougar, but that was a terrible trick for someone to do. I'll go over & visit Deb.

    Congrats on your tickets to Alice's show. Hubby has always liked him. Maybe it will be filmed & you will get on camera again...

  10. I am with your mom, Alice Cooper would have been rolled up every day, but like her since it was yours she did not burn it which I might have. He is sick in everything he does, and I thought you were so sweet???? lol

  11. He has a restaurant in Phoenix, heart of downtown, too. We've been a couple of times, but the wait is always long, so we go somewhere else! Not much of a fan, but I hear he is really a nice guy :)

  12. I don't know what to say about any animal being tasered, period. Yes it was a stuffed animal I "get" that, but the pic in my mind is a real creature being hurt/maimed/killed because it has been forced out of it's native habitat to find food etc. and what about that dog that someone wrote about above?? I think when/if they catch who did it, the same should be done to them.
    Alice Cooper? love ' He's a really devoted Dad too!!
    There's a couple comments I won't say anything about ~ what he does is show business and he's good at it ~ Marilyn Manson does the same thing and he succeeds because so many look at him like he's the Christian Devil himself ROFL... he's like "here little fishy...let's see what kind of reaction I can get from you today". Sadly so many DO react and not think and take it for what it is. (shrug)
    Hugs, Teresa

  13. We can't even think of a word that rhymes!


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