Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I’m thrilled…honest!

I was very pleased to receive an award from the fabulous Miss Ginger Grant: the Honest Blogger award.

Award Honest Blogger This one means a lot to me, because I really do try to remain honest and true, and to live my life with a sense of integrity. I don't always succeed...how many of us do? There is a fine line between being 100% honest and understanding the art of diplomacy. I hope that most of us try our best to be honest with ourselves and others, but we also have to realize that there are times when we have to hold our tongues in order to preserve others' feelings. I try to do both, but as with most things in life, it's a work in progress.

The requirements of this award are twofold: first, to pass it on to others, choosing seven blogs on which to bestow the award. I always have a hard time with that, and dislike trying to pick a few. I usually say that if I read you, to take the award for yourself. In this case, I'll say that if you believe that you are truly an honest writer, that you embody those attributes I wrote about above, snag this award. But be honest with yourself! If you do choose to snag the Honest Blogger award, you have to do this next part, too. I know you won't cheat, because you're honest.

The other thing is to write ten honest things about myself. Oh dear...as someone who keeps things close to the vest, this could be difficult...but I'm a trooper, and I'll give it a try!

1. I tend to keep things close to the vest. I don't share extremely personal things easily or willingly, and you could know me for years before hearing about certain things.

2. I would love to learn to play the drums. I haven't given up on this yet.

3. I once called a Ball State football player an asshole. He didn't seem to feel overly threatened.

4. I dated a minor TV/movie personality for a while. It ended badly, but I got the satisfaction of getting an apology and a request to be friends again. :D

5. TEN things? Jeez, you're killin' me here. Let's see...I've danced onstage with a local band.

6. I didn't get invited to any high school proms. I was very much the bookworm in high school!

7. I once got so angry, I kicked a closet door and broke it. (This was way back in college days. I've mellowed.)

8. I can't back my car up worth shit. I can handle a few yards, but if I have to go much further, I end up driving all wonky. I have successfully parallel parked, though!

9. I'm angry at myself for not reading more books these days, but can't quite seem to get into anything. Maybe I need to set aside an hour a day for nothing but reading, and explore some of the fun books I have waiting for me.

10. OH, thank goodness. This is excruciating for me. No, I'm not going to count that as an item, because it's related to #1. Hmm...no, I don't want to tell you that...and not that, either. Oh man, that was really bad...okay, here's one. I've snuck in and stolen grabbed a couple of a few bricks from a couple of local buildings that were torn down, buildings that held significance for me, and were part of a company and a history in which I am very interested. And that's all I'm sayin' about it.

[wiping sweat from her brow] You have no idea how hard that was for me, and there are many things I didn't--and won't--share. Some things really don't need to be shared, I'm not Catholic, and this isn't a confessional. Besides, a gal has to have some secrets in order to keep things mysterious, right?

This entry made me think of Lucy Ricardo and her bet with Ricky and the Mertzes to tell nothing but the truth for 24 hours. She manages to make it through a bridge game with the girls, although it results in some rather hurt feelings. She gets into real trouble, though, when she wants to audition for a show. Imagine that!


  1. I have been called 'a-hole' so many times, that it has lost its desired effect. Now, if you called me that, I would think I am doing something right!!

    You ran out of gas at the last one too? So did I, but I could do a version of your #4 ... but you only have 8 up here!!

  2. Congratulations, Beth, you fully deserve this award. You dated a TV celebrity, WOW. Reall hope it wasn't George Cloony in his ER days!!! All the best. Ciao. A.

  3. You most certainly do deserve this award, Miss Beth! I love your commentary on life, politics, music, and nature. This blog and it's author are a breath of fresh air!

  4. Yeah, I, like everybody else who stops by, loves your take on politics, not to mention the educational aspects of your yard birds, and the hidden messages in your posts.

  5. Kudos to you for taking the challenge. I'm not sure I'll take the honest blogger award - I am honest in what I write, but given that I ask too many in depth questions about myself, I wonder if I probe too many dark corners of my mind? I mean, is it fair to inspire and motivate others if you sometimes ignore your own advice?

  6. Congrats on your award! I enjoyed reading your 10 things. I also enjoy your clip of I Love Lucy! I enjoy watching that show. I think my fav. is where she is working in the candy factory & the one where she tries to make a commercial about the "Vitvegamin". I spelled that wrong I know. LOL

  7. Silent drums would be acceptable :o)

  8. I love your blog, Beth, and you deserve that reward.It caught my eye right away before I even posted. Just keep on keeping on. Lucy

  9. Congratulations dear friend. I've done away with the awards on my blog altogether. I couldn't pass them on and never followed the rules, so for me it seemed unfair to claim them. I usually give a thank you for the honor and leave it at that.

    I trip over myself at the thought of passing awards on...(Hugs)Indigo

  10. Good job! I'm just doing mine now because I got behind with blog reading. It's going to be hard to do this. Congratulations!!

    Love your blog!

  11. I have an idea as to where those bricks came from. ;)~ I wanted to do the same thing but I was too chicken at the time. Now I'd grab those suckers without a second thought.

  12. You do indeed deserve the award. And if I can learn hebrew, you can learn to play the drums :)

  13. Congrats on your award, you are very honest and I always get a slice of America when I read your blog, as always thanks for sharing.




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