Monday, May 11, 2009

Semi-productive day

Nutwood Early June3 As opposed to a semi-conductive day. Or a semi-charmed life.

Ken is off today and tomorrow before he starts his new duties, and we had a lazy morning as he waited for the grass to dry enough to mow. As he's been out mowing, I've been doing some odds and ends around the house. It's getting nice and green outside, and the sun has been shining all afternoon, but it's still not exactly warm. I'm ready for some heat! I got my Vidalia onions all tarted up by putting them into stockings. Ha! I know I've mentioned this before, but I order a 25-pound box of Vidalias from a place in Georgia, and then put them into nylons and tie them up to store in the basement. They stay cool and dry that way, and will last through the summer. I gave Mom and Dad a half dozen of them, because they love them, too. There really is nothing like a Vidalia. Sweet, yummy goodness! Who else loves Vidalias? I sure wish we could grow them here, but the growing season isn't long enough. True Vidalias only come from Vidalia County, Georgia, and a couple of surrounding counties, though.

Thanks for all the comments on "Star Trek." If you haven't seen it yet, I hope you'll let me know what you thought of it if you decide to go. I haven't heard anyone say yet that they disliked it, and the opening weekend box office was $76.5 million. Not too shabby for a franchise that some felt was either dead or on its last legs. I remember when "Casino Royale" came out, and discussing it with our friend Steve. He said, "Wow...way to save the franchise!" I don't think anyone would disagree that Daniel Craig and the new "killer Bond" style has definitely been a hit, and injected new life into the Bond brand. It made me wonder if this new Trek (and the new actors, should they reprise their roles) has saved that franchise? I suppose only time will tell, but it sure looks like it's going to be a huge summer hit. It's only just come out, and I'm ready for more!

Celebrity Apprentice We enjoy watching "Celebrity Apprentice," and the three-hour finale was last night. We were both quite disgusted when Joan Rivers beat Annie Duke (the poker player) and won the whole thing. I'm happy for her charity, which sounds like a great cause, but we both got so irritated by Joan and Melissa Rivers' behavior that we really wanted to see them go down in flames. Annie is a poker player, so yeah, there was strategy there, and I don't know if there were some underhanded tactics or not (as was alleged). But Joan sat there in the board room and compared Annie to Hitler at Buchenwald. (I'm not sure how much time Hitler spent at Buchenwald--I'm guessing very little--but that's beside the point.) She also said that Annie's poker friends were in the Mafia. That is not cool and it is not true. Try and haul your ass out of the 1960's, okay, Joan? Not everyone who goes to Vegas or gambles is in the Mafia. When Melissa Rivers got fired, she went on an epic tirade and called Annie and her remaining teammate "pit viper whores," among other things.

Now I have to give credit where credit is due. "Pit viper whore" is one inventive and interesting insult. But such insults spewed by Melissa and her mother (Man, how would you like to marry into that family?) have no place in a professional setting. If someone at work called me a pit viper whore, I'd be all over that. That is just unacceptable behavior.

Interesting TV, but unacceptable behavior.

What do you think? How would you react to being called a pit viper whore? It's making me laugh at the moment, but if I were called that, I have to say that it would be interesting to see how I'd react. I think I might actually laugh, for real, because if someone called me that to my face...well, that's just damn funny. How could you not laugh at that, especially if the person was totally serious and really trying to insult you? I think I'd be like, "Pit viper whore? Are you serious? Really?” Ha!


  1. I think I would bitch slap anyone that called me a VPW :o)

  2. Generally, when I'm called a pit viper whore, I just hiss. :) I recorded Celebrity Apprentice on the DVR and managed to watch about half of it so far this afternoon. I do know the outcome, however, because they showed it about a million times on NBC news this morning.

    Love Vidalia onions! I have a 10-lb. bag that I'm working my way through. Tonight I made a batch of cukes and onions in sour cream and vinegar. The other night I roasted some of them. But this year, the Vidalias seem to be larger than usual, thus not quite as sweet. I know they're real Vidalias, because of the labeling on the bag. Hmm....

  3. I love Vidalia onions. We eat them all the time in the summer. Send some of that sun our way.

  4. My wife and I are closet WWE fans - we're watching right now! Let's go Randy Orton!!!!

  5. As a card-carrying Gay, I have nothing but love for Joan Rivers.

    Interesting fact about God's Love We Deliver (Joan's charity): One of its biggest benefactors (and a member of their board) is Blaine Trump, the socialite who is currently divorcing Donald Trump's brother, Robert.


  6. Just love onions, all kinds!! I only watched ONE episode of Celebrity Apprentice all season, the one when Melissa got fired, and Joan left with her.... she should have STAYED gone. I liked Joan Rivers before I saw that episode, but it showed me what a spoiled Beeatch she really is!! Don't like her much any more. I only watched it because I LOVE Clint Black!!!

  7. Hi Beth,
    Pit Viper Whore?!? Where do they come up with that stuff? I, for one, wouldn't know what to say if someone called me that. I'd probably just laugh my head off and make an asp out of myself.

  8. Love vidalia onions...they are great when wrapped in foil with a bunch of butter atop, a light sprinkle of sugar and cooked on the grill.

    I never thought Joan Rivers or her daughter were anything but irritatingly plastic (and I don't mean just the surgeries). After watching a couple of episodes, I was so put off by their egos, I quit watching the show.

    I am sorry to learn that she actually one. And yes, no one deserves a real big ole bitchslap more that her and her snooty offspring!

  9. I skipped the Star Trek entry as unfortunately I have to wait until it comes out on DVD. That's going to be kind of hard trying to avoid spoilers till then. I wish my local movie theatre would get on board and make it possible to have the hidden CC viewed. (Special glasses are provided for the Deaf).

    Meanwhile Joan and Melissa Rivers...I can't stand either of them. Anyone that needs that much collagen to hold their face together is obviously conceited and shallow. (Hugs)Indigo


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