Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great afternoon for reading!

Ken had to stay up until noon because of a conference call, so I spent the afternoon sitting out on the deck and reading a Repairman Jack novel. Very pleasant, and I'm enjoying a purely fun read, after finishing a book club was a good book, but it's fun to experience a little escapism and get caught up with Jack (one of my favorite fictional characters). I'm plowing through it, too! I also spent a little time thinking about the characters in the short story I put up here, how I might flesh them out a little bit, what they might be to think about. I managed to do a load of laundry in there, so the day wasn't a total wash. Hah! Get it? Laundry? A total wash? That was an accident!

Silver Squirrel Award Silver Squirrel Alert! I had a blog visit from someone in New Rochelle, New York. A Silver Squirrel to anyone who knows what fictional TV family made their home in New Rochelle.

When you get a chance, I hope you'll stop by and visit Doug's blog, Running2Nowhere. Doug is Cousin Shane's friend, and I do believe we have become friends, too, although we have yet to meet. Doug was in the Navy and spent time in Afghanistan as a photojournalist. Some long-time readers may remember when I put up a picture of him and then-Senator Obama, who Doug got to meet when the Senator made a trip over there. Doug is now a reservist, and decided to start a blog to get some thoughts out there. He's a fine writer, and I look forward to seeing what he has to say (and to meeting him at some point). Pop on by and say hi if you're so inclined!

I didn't turn on the news all day, and was shocked and saddened to hear about the shooting at the Holocaust Museum. Apparently the shooter has a website that is highly anti-Semitic, is one of those fucktards who claim that the holocaust never happened, and has affiliations with various neo-Nazi groups. (He is also a Birfer.) For the life of me, I will never ever understand that sort of mentality, and frankly, I don't want to. I've been to the Holocaust Museum twice, an incredibly emotional and heart-rending experience, and have read many accounts from survivors. How anyone can deny the fact of the holocaust is beyond me, and I believe such denial is another form of hatred. The Nazis were excellent record keepers as well as efficient murderers, and there are multiple examples of their horrid practices.

This shooter is yet another example of how hateful rhetoric can drive unstable people to terrible deeds. People read such rhetoric, become obsessed by it, and if they've already got mental problems, it can lead to disaster and death, as took place today at the Museum. I'm so sorry for the family of the museum guard who died after being shot, and my heart goes out to them. This brave man was another victim of hatred, over sixty years after the occurrences that resulted in the museum he guarded.

In my opinion, it's also another reason to be disturbed by Gingrich's comment the other night, that he is "not a citizen of the world." I know that this will seem naive, and I know that in many ways it is naive. It also makes sense. (Besides, my naiveté is part of my charm. So there.) It seems to me that if we all start understanding that we are citizens of the world, there might come a time when we want to stop killing each other. There will always be nutjobs, but is it necessary to fuel the fire? I wonder what causes people to be drawn to such extreme views? I have strong opinions (don't be shocked!), but I would never think of harming someone because of their political or religious views or sexual preferences. Opinions are one thing; wanting to harm, and harboring such hatred as we saw embodied today, is something else entirely.


  1. That would be Rob and Laura Petrie. I will be humming the theme music from the Dick Van Dyke Show for the remainder of the evening.

  2. Somebody screwed up somewhere, because there's no reason why an 88-year old man with his history should have been out on the streets.

    Funny, I still haven't heard Gingrich backpedal from his asinine comment. He must not have seen the Reagan clip yet.

  3. I haven't been as involved with the news the past few days, and have only heard smatterings of the stories you mentioned here.

    My heart droops at the thought of some neo-Nazi shooting up the Holocaust Museum. And there are even more cats who are believing it never happened as well.

    Gingrich should simply go to hell. Comments like that only isolates the US in the world, and gives people a view at how idiotic we can be.

  4. Yes, your naiveté is part of your charm :o)

    I think that Fucktard about sums up how I feel about the "thing" that shot up the HM. Tragic.

  5. It was Rob and Laura Petri!!! From the Dck Van Dyke show, With Mary Tyler Moore. Featuring Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie!

  6. Glad that you had a productive day washing etc..also getting to sit out and do some reading...lucky you..the week we had of summer seems to have gone and left us...why ever did the weather men promise us a long hot summer !!maybe it was to help us survive the awful spring !! As for the shooting, I to send my love and prayers to that poor mans family. It is so sad that in this day and age we still have nutters that believe that the killings never happend. I suppose they deserve our prayers to.. Love Sybil x

  7. Yes, it was a very nice day in our neck of the woods huh? I just loved it.
    I didn't hear the news about the HM till the end of the day. And by then more information was coming in about the guy. That's a whole lot of crazy packed into one person.

  8. Dang!
    I missed the bonus points.
    But howsabout this:
    The Petries lived at 148 BonnyMeadow Road, New Rochelle, NY.

    I am Rainman when it comes to TV addresses.
    623 E 68th St.
    704 Houser Street.
    5 Stigwood Ave, Brooklyn.

  9. I agree completely with the thoughts on the killing at the museum. There is so much hatred spewing out of people like good old Newt and Limbaugh and of course good old Palin and many others if you really stop and think about it. Lucy

  10. Hi Beth,
    I know, I know ... Dick van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore -- otherwise known as the Petries -- were from New Rochelle. My favorite episode of that show was the one where Laura Petry falls out of a closet filled with Walnuts. I don't remember the details, just that scene ... and what a scene it was. Certainly worthy of a Silver Squirrel ...!

  11. i love the word fucktard.
    i agree with all you said. It is a tragedy that this nut had a gun and was able to hurt an innocent person. XO

  12. The Petries next door neighbors were Jerry and Millie Helper and they lived in New Rochelle too.
    Jerry was a Dentist and Millie a busy body.

    Hey Beth I just noticed tha tyou like punk rock! I know you love the MC5 but they weren't really punk. I just finished making a blog for Loren of the infamous band The DoGs. They are blogging newbies so I am showing them the ropes.

    MGT will be sitting in with them this WED night at Ann Arbor's Blind Pig.

    Thank you for supporting all my friends! (me 2)

  13. Oh I forgot I am doing another big Mobster post tomorrow... on Tony the Ant


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