Thursday, June 11, 2009


Silver Squirrel AwardBefore I get to that, congrats to Jim of Skelligrants, who was the first to comment that it was Rob and Laura Petrie (and Richie) who lived in New Rochelle, New York. Good job, Jim, and the Silver Squirrel is yours. "The Dick Van Dyke Show" remains in my top five TV shows of all time, and I still think it's funny. Didn't you just love it how they were always doing some type of benefit show, or how the gang would come over to Rob and Laura's and do skits, sing songs, etc.? Yeah, it's cheesy...but also kind of cool, in my opinion. People just don't do those sorts of cocktail parties anymore, where the entertainment was the guests. No, I don't want to bring them back, and we won't be having a shindig like that at Nutwood anytime soon. But it's fun to imagine, and as long as there are reruns, I can live vicariously through the Petries!

Well, it's official. The WHO has declared H1N1 a pandemic, the first in 41 years. Seems to me it was a pandemic a while back, especially once it made its way to Australia, but who am I to say? Hey, get it? WHO am I to say? Wow, I am on. a. roll. Anyhoo, this shouldn't change things too much, and I think developed countries have already been operating in pandemic mode. A lot of people are concerned that for developing countries, this could inundate and overwhelm their healthcare systems. I would say that's a legitimate concern, and that's why organizations like WHO are so important.

Influenza pandemic[Click picture to enlarge] Please don't take this the wrong way, but it's almost kind of exciting to have a pandemic. Simmah down, simmah down now...of course, it's terrible that so many people have gotten ill, and that some have died. That's the tragic side of all infectious diseases. But I'd be lying if I said that it didn't fire up the microbiologist in me. This is the first pandemic that I remember. Fortunately, it has been a relatively mild one in terms of mortality. The concern is that when it comes back in the fall--and that's probably inevitable--it may have mutated into a more virulent form. That's what happened in the 1918 pandemic.

I hope that won't happen, but that's why planning for a pandemic is so necessary. So far, we've been fortunate; however, the rapid spread of this should give fair warning that any sort of communicable disease will be easily and quickly transmitted around the world. In a way, this was a dress rehearsal for possibly a much worse scenario. The closing of schools and other public places may have seemed to be a big to-do about nothing, but that's exactly what will need to happen if and when this reoccurs. This has also pointed out the need for greater surveillance of illnesses in animals. That is more than likely where the next pandemic will originate.

Fascinating stuff. Now is a very good time to be a virologist.


Random blog sighting! While reading an ultra-conservative blog I had never come across before, I saw this phrase: “The story doesn’t jive at all.”

See anything wrong there? They were trying to point out a discrepancy in some news story coming from the administration, trying to show that there were conflicting reports. They kneecapped their own outrage and attempts to ridicule the administration by, instead of pointing out the conflicting report, saying that the story just didn’t swing, Daddy-O. I’ve been chuckling to myself about it all day, and I think I have a new phrase. If something doesn’t move me, make me want to cut a rug and shake my tail feathers, if I just plain don’t dig something, I’m going to say, “Hey man…that doesn’t jive.”

The word is jibe, people. 


  1. Hi Beth,
    LOL ... I'll bet that website you were looking at was more full of jive than the Bee Gees ...

  2. It's clear that web site was some sort of yeller journal.


  3. That jive/jibe thing always drives me nuts, too. As for your comments on the Petrie's way of life, when David and I lived in CT, we decided to have monthly "game nights" at our house, which included charades, some skits, etc. It was fun for about a year, then everyone started to lose interest. Wish it could have gone on and on.

  4. I love the fact that you are excited about a pandemic -- that slays me :-) But I totally get it, and see why this is fascinating for you. It's pretty interesting to me, too. I keep reading the stories to see what's gonna hapen. Part of me wants it to just go away, of course, but there is an evil little part of me that if like "Wow, cool!" So at least you're not alone in your evil-osity.

  5. TV Guide has the Top 100 TV Shows of all time out right now. Fascinating article. XO

  6. I'm a tiny bit pissed at myself because I saw The Who and thought of the band(even though I work in medical), & I always hate when I write PSA & someone thinks I mean Public Service Announcement.

    Cut a rug (smile), my parents used to say that-comfort words to me.

  7. You always cheer me up. Joe mowed the front and Ron might make it in today, if not tomorrow for sure. It is really strange how he just thinks he is 100 percent healthy, while going through all he did, As you know that is not me. Complain at the drop of a hat.

  8. Scary stuuf about the pandemic! Lol about Jibe

  9. Oh the memories of "The Dick Van Dyke Show"! Yeah, when I was younger and first married, we had gatherings with other couples and it was a lot of fun. It is true entertainment!

    Hugs, Rose


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