Sunday, June 7, 2009

A million more thanks

Wow, thanks everyone for your kind comments about my story!

You've encouraged me to think about it a little more...either expand that story, or write others. At the moment, I feel like I've shot my wad, but I hope that won't last. I have some thinking to do. I have to say that writing it was scary and fun at the same time. Once I got going, I didn't want to stop, and I was up until almost 5 AM. I was more than a little consumed, and that was quite a I'd like to repeat.

But probably not tonight.


  1. Beth, it was so good that I felt humbled to think that I want to write a book. It felt like a good start, I sorta was looking at it from the creepy angle.

    It seemed like the girl/woman was the same, at different point of life looking at the buildings from respective perspective, one in one place and the other in the other.

    The could be different people, seeing 'ghosts', the ghost littlr girl seeing the live woman, and the ghost woman seeing the little girl ... or however it is you want to make it!!

  2. We should send you pictures, and YOUR challenge would be to write a story about it!! LOL!!!

  3. Wow Beth! I have just now had a chance to read it....maybe you should think about writing a book. It was amazing ....such details...I think you have a talent there. I can't wait to see what you might come up with next!

  4. I think it would be great if you wrote a book. If any one s=could it would be you. Also thanks for your support on my last 2 entries. I think I was fairly sensetive but not anyone but you and Rain responded. The first one I got critics from Ora, which was really hard to figure out why she would feel the way she did. And John who I have had very little contact with but liked his blog. Can't please them all.

  5. No pressure from me.
    Nope, nadda.......

  6. Definitely give some thought to writing more or expanding on that one. Don't force it, though. It is a very good story all on its own. It may not want to be expanded; and then again, it may. I have found that the story will usually take over and tell you what it wants to do; the characters will start behaving the way they want to behave and saying what they want to say. So certainly keep open to the possibilities. Many a really good novel has grown out of a short story! (Have you ever read Traveler in Time by Alison Uttley? At first that is what it reminded me of, and I thought perhaps you were going to travel along the same lines.)

  7. For every book, there is an audience. Not all read all books, but yours could fit into a genre that is interesting to a lot of people! Good luck with the project. Certainly worth exploring!


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