Sunday, August 30, 2009

Whoops, missed one!

Manhunt A big thanks to the abfab Rebecca of Provocation of Mine(d), who reminded me that I'd forgotten a biggie in my list of Republicans who can't seem to get their stories straight, or who offer not-so-convincing apologies for their nasty, offensive remarks. (Cartoon from SeeMikeDraw. Some genuinely funny—and a little twisted—cartoons there!)

Governor-wanna-be Rex Rammel in Rebecca's state of Idaho let loose with a doozy the other day. At a rally in Twin Falls, there was discussion of the state's planned wolf hunt coming up soon. Those who want to participate have to purchase an extra tag in order to do so. (I won't say much about that. You all can guess how I feel about a wolf hunt.) Someone in the crowd shouted out something about "Obama tags," and Rammel said, "The Obama tags? We'd buy some of those."

When he got flak for this obviously inappropriate remark, he told the AP that he doesn't see why he should apologize for the remark, since it was "just a joke."

"What I would say to all my Democrat Idahoans: Take a deep breath and relax," Rammel said. "We're not going to go out and hunt Obama."

He also said, "I would never support him being assassinated."

Gee, Rex, your enthusiasm is underwhelming. The joke was not funny; not when the atmosphere is so highly charged lately, and not in a state known for its high number of militias. Making such a comment verges on criminal incitement, and saying "Just kidding" is a lame attempt to rid yourself of responsibility for something so egregious and offensive. ya covered, Rebecca!

A quiet day at Nutwood today, with a little puttering, a little reading, and a little golf on TV. Ken got the mowing done, and we're looking forward to a bit of a warm-up this week. Highs of 65° in August? I want a re-do! Looking at the week's forecast, the Notre Dame home opener next Saturday should be a gorgeous day, one made for tailgating and enjoying the game! (We have tickets.) I made a big dish of enchiladas today, and I'll be popping those in the oven before too long. Hmm, perhaps some Sangria would go well with the enchiladas...!

Still loving Angle of Repose, and here's another line that struck me today:

The gate opened and dressed-up children spilled into the street, bright beads from a broken string.

Nice imagery, eh?


  1. I just checked out SeeMikeDraw. Love it! Very funny... UNlike Gov.Rammel's "joke".

  2. Mid-week is supposed to be beautiful, and the weekend nice. Can't wait for the game, less than 7 days BBAABBYY :o)

  3. You did me proud by mentioning his moronic remarks. Currently, I'm still very embarrassed for our State over that one and I hope it's a "joke" he never lives fact, hopefully it's a joke that will take him straight out of politics by the good voters of our flaming red state. I haven't heard a single person in my state 'appreciate' the joke. Farm boys goin' down ~~
    Ehhhh, about those wolves. I believe we have something we finally don't quite agree with (don't hurt me or ban me).......
    Enjoy your warmer week!
    (don't hurt me)
    Enjoy the game!
    (I have good reasons)

  4. Huh, I like your site. Cool and refreshing. Repugs don't have much to stand, they are like teenagers at the school yard, they make things up.

  5. Homemade enchiladas...sounds delicious! How great you are going to have gorgeous weather for the game. I am enjoying this little cool snap ~ I hope the high temps are finished for the year.

  6. Enchiladas and sangria! You people know how to live.


  7. That is a very insensitive and unenlightened remark. Left no doubt in my mind where he stands regarding the President and as you said, with all the militias in Idaho, I am sure that statement resounded with folks of a like mind.

    To me, such a statement is like saying 'fire' in a movie theatre ... just because he didn't shout it, doesn't make it any more tolerable.

  8. Still in the 90s here is South Florida!....Ugh.

    Sangria and enchiladas sound perfect right about this time!

  9. What an Asshole. Is it me? But I am really getting the impression that the republican party is composed of mentally challenge individuals? It can not be that most of them are so brainless. In order for you to endorse the party, you really have to be stupid.


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