Saturday, September 5, 2009

A very happy day for Irish fans!

The Golden Dome Boy howdy, did we ever have fun today!

Dad got here a little before 10 am--I said, "Someone is a little excited!"--and we visited a little, then got the truck loaded up and headed out. We had almost no problems getting up to campus and getting parked. We kicked back and did a little tailgating, had some sandwiches and beverages, and enjoyed the beautiful day. Everyone was having fun, and it's always fun to chat with other fans. People were as cool as could be, and we encountered no one that was obnoxious or disorderly. Come to think of it, I don't think we've ever encountered anyone like that, at least not at the games we've gone to.

Cousin Shane found us, then fellow blogger Doug found Shane--it was great to meet Doug!--and then it was getting time to head over to the Stadium. We took the shuttle over and found our seats with about a half an hour before kickoff.

It was a perfect day for football...a little on the warm side, but it was a little overcast, with a pleasant breeze. The sun set behind us, so we were in shade for most of the second half.

As for the game, it was better than we'd hoped. Notre Dame got its first shut-out of the Charlie Weis era, beating the Nevada Wolfpack 35-0! We got to see some great touchdowns (five of them, as a matter of fact), and things are looking up for this season. They still have some work to do, including working on their running game and clamping down on the run defense, but quarterback Jimmy Clausen was fantastic. 315 yards, 15 for 18 completions, 4 touchdowns, and no interceptions. We've been saying for two years now that he's got the talent and potential, and I think this could be his year.

I was so pleased to be there with Dad and to see such a good win! It was also a great game for Shane's first game, and he said he had a great time. Of course, it's always fun to be there with my hubby! I think I might be a little sunburned, and I know I'm going to sleep well tonight! Oh, I didn't run into my friend Jimi, but I did see my friend Felicia (from the lab), who works a souvenir booth to raise money for her kids' school. It was so much fun to see her, and I miss talking with her at the lab! She's such a sweetie.

I'm still working on videos, but here's a slideshow. In the picture of the four of us, I know I look three sheets to the wind, but I swear to God I wasn't! It was a little bright, and I took my sunglasses off for the picture.

Now it's on to the cookout tomorrow. Hope you're all having a fun weekend!


  1. A grand day. How cool that this is the 164th year for the ND band. I love football season :o)

  2. GREAT PICS! So glad you all went and had a good day! Congrats on your team winning. My favorite team won too.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day indeed!

  4. Oh Beth you do look a bit trashed!!! It sounds like a great day, I'm glad you had such a good time!

  5. Shawn wants desperately to go to a game. One of his friend's *might* have tickets for one of the later games in the season. He didn't truly become an ND fan till the last two or three years. When I met him, he was as anti-ND as I was. Yes, I said was. Don't tell anyone but I don't hate the damn school as much as I used to. I think I was misinformed in thinking the asshole college kids were from ND, as most that I've actually met have been very likeable, well behaved kids. That was my main bitch about the school. I felt like there was a lot of entitlement from students. They were from ND, therefore all us townies should bow to them and their greatness. Well, you know me. I was pretty fuck that and all your fancy learnin'. HAHAHHA ;)

  6. great pics beth! the slideshow is wonderful, feels like i'm still there! thanks again for taking me to the really was a lot of fun, and i'm willing to go again!

    love you!
    cousin shane


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