Monday, September 21, 2009

Baseball Fever – catch it!

Beth and Mike Bielecki A while back, I mentioned a conversation with my most excellent brother-in-law, Tom, in which we talked about attending a Cubs Fan convention quite a few years ago. He mentioned his "Hugh Hefner" moment, walking into the banquet with my sister and me. Ha ha! I found the picture he took of me with Mike Bielecki, a Cubs pitcher at the time. This had to be around 1990 or so. Check it out…his pitching hand is on my shoulder. Oooo. You really can't see much of my dress, but who cares about the freakin' dress?! Look at that guy! I look pretty happy, don't I? Wouldn't you be, with that guy standing next to you? I have a picture of my sister-in-law Christine with him, too, and she looks just as happy. Honestly, he's one of the best-looking guys I've ever encountered in person. It was a meet-n-greet, so it's not like there was much conversation taking place, but I recall him being a nice, polite guy, and a good sport for letting so many people take his picture. I looked for a current picture of him, and hey, he's on Teh Bookface! We'll see if he 'friends' me. He's still pretty darn good-looking, too.

But of course, my hubby is the handsomest guy in the world to me, even if he doesn't play baseball! :)

Today has been a puttering day, chatting with my mother-in-law, getting some things done that I needed to do. The MacAfee antivirus that AOL provided expired, and in doing a little research, a lot of people weren't too happy with MacAfee's renewal rates and policies. So I went with Norton and got that installed on all three computers today. I feel so protected!

Spider corpse I did a load of laundry, and as I was putting the clothes in the washer, a spider dropped out of a pair of pants, and scuttled into the machine. I did one of those "Gahhh!" things and jumped back. He was a good-sized one, of those brown spiders that make funnel-shaped webs in the grass and on shrubs. (There's one that has made a home on our mailbox. I leave him be, except I always blow on him when I go out to get the mail, and watch him run back into the bottom of his web.) Spidey went through a wash cycle, so I'm guessing that's one spider that won't be crawling up the spout again. Just watch...when I put on one of the T-shirts I washed today, a little spider corpse will drop out and freak me out all over again.


  1. Wow - Mr. Bielecki is a HOTTIE!!!

    And at least your spider stowaway died clean...


  2. Most definitely, you are both hot!

  3. Love your disclaimer regarding the handsomness of Ken! :-)

    Do you put bleach in your wash? If so, look for a white spider among your clean clothes.

  4. I don't know baseball. I live in Idaho.
    But I can spot a hottie when I see one and you had one on your shoulder!!

  5. Hi Beth,
    That's one spider that will think twice about going up the waterspout again. I sort of hope it got away. As for the photo, who's to say that Mike Bielecki doesn't have the same photo somewhere and hasn't been commenting on the hottie he was with that day ...?

  6. He is prime eye-candy. I'm not really into sports except for baseball. We have a minor league team locally, the Durham Bulls and I love home games. I think it's the uniforms.

  7. I love your expression in the photo. Its like you were saying "I can't believe this is happening". lol

  8. Fall really brings those creepy critters out. I just sprayed paramaters inside and will spray outside tomorrow. If I see any that look like those in the above picture....I'll be gone in a New York minute!

    ps-That guy is a hottie & you're looking good, too. He looks to be about a foot or two taller than you.

  9. Cor what a handsome pair you make !!! that smile on your face says it all....As for the spider I to would have jumped a mile...The night I returned from Canada I couldn't get to bed for about an extra 4 hours as there was a HUGE spider lurking around !!
    Love Sybil xx

  10. i bet the sexy stud standing next to you did not wash his hand for a month after's not everyday any man gets to stand with such a lovely lady as you....

  11. Baseball hunk = Yum. Spider = ewww.

    be well...

  12. You murderer. Poor little spider didn't know what hit him. Those are my favorite ones too. The little funnel guys. When we first moved into this house, there was a really big one stuck in a bowl in the basement. (apparently he wasn't all too bright) I picked him up with my hands and carried him outside. I thought my mom's friend was going to have a fit. She's not a fan of spiders. The big ones don't bother me, it's those littler bastards I have a problem with.


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