Sunday, September 20, 2009

I jinxed myself

ND football Some of you may have seen that Notre Dame won the game against Michigan State yesterday, 33-30. Whew, it was a heart-stopper! I even called my Dad afterwards to ask if he was doing okay, because I sure wasn't! Their offense looked good, especially Jimmy Clausen who really seems to be coming into his own this year. He's stronger and tougher, and seems to be reading the defense much better. He's also getting better protection than he has in the past couple of years, so it's giving him time to find a receiver. I'm afraid we've lost our best receiver, Michael Floyd, though, possibly for the year--broken clavicle. Their penalties almost did them in, and I hope they work on that this week. I thought they used the clock better, although MSU was threatening right at the end and could have won it, if not for a very timely interception by Kyle McCarthy. I believe that saved them the game, and was THE play of the game. (The NBC analysts agreed with me.)

I was very encouraged by yesterday's game. No, I still don't think they're contenders for a national championship. I'm a realist, remember? But they looked better than they have for a while, and they had a toughness that has also been missing.

Next week it's Purdue, and the week after that, Washington. We have tickets for the latter game, and I hope for more nice weather for tailgating and the game!

That's enough football for the day--at least here on the blog! I have games on now, we'll be watching the Bears later this afternoon, and the Colts play tomorrow night. Ooooo, football! It makes me as happy as a little girl!

Gay Agenda On Friday, our friend Rebecca had had it with a couple of trolls, and brought down some righteous smackdown. In my comment, I mentioned that I hadn't had any anonymous trolls for a while, and damn if I didn't jinx myself! One of the bottom-feeding lurkers felt the need to weigh in with their oh-so-wise thoughts concerning my opinion on gay marriage. A little problem with their insistence that marriage is traditionally a religious institution, though, since marriage is a government entity. You can get married in any church that you want, but if it's not filed with your local government and with your state, you aren't legally married. Silly Anon. Nothing from them so far today. I'm guessing they're at church, scrambling frantically to find a way to foil the dirty homersexticals' (thanks David!) plot to take over the country with their gay marriages and gay agenda.

As always, if they have such a strong opinion, perhaps they should get their own blog and write about it there, rather then inject their ridiculous argument into mine. I won't bother you, I promise. You have the right to be as narrow-minded and judgmental as you want to be; if you choose to do it here, I have the right to call you out on it. As always, it's amusing to see an Anonymous commenter try to stand up for their convictions...but I guess those convictions aren't quite strong enough to attach their name to them. Go figure!

Over on my sidebar, you'll see the "tag" I made for I Stand Corrected (the tag is also linked). It is a blog created by Lori of Dusty Pages, and Guido of Atlantic Lines is also a contributor. So am I, and you all know how much I love words and word origins; I also love good grammar, and appropriate usage. I'm far from perfect when it comes to writing, but I always like to learn, and I Stand Corrected is a fun way to do that. I hope to contribute a little more often to it, because I do enjoy writing on it, and Lori tells me that she is working on an entry for it herself. Stop by if you get a chance. If you want to out yourself as a word geek, you'll be welcome there!


  1. I do appreciate your spelling and grammar skills, keeps me on my toes :o)

  2. I love your blog - you know that right?

    Is that Rebecca, the Rebecca Anne that used to have 'In the Shadow of the Iris?'

    be well...

  3. what agreat idea I stand corrected is... I will be often popping in to see the latest.
    I certainly will not be contribtuing to it though as you may know by now my eductaion was not exactly conventional having only completed aprox 4 out of 10 years at school and then not all in "bocks" so there was a lot of BLANKS !! well thats my excuse anyway...true.. though
    Love Sybil xx

  4. Seems like y'all had a great football weekend ... maybe you will give me an online grammar tutorial!! Help a brotha out!!

  5. It takes all kinds to make up this world as you with your outspoken blog and me with my alcoholic neighbors, plus I can not keep my mouth shut if someone threatens me verbally. Thank you for your encouraging comments

  6. Smoking Smack Down!!!

    You continue to make me proud.
    This is what I admire about you---unlike bottom feeding annon people---you put out your convictions, opinions, feelings and thoughts. Own them, claim them. Takes guts to do that. Takes a sad insecure soul to slink around behind fake names spouting insults and running.
    Well done

  7. I just can't muster any respect for people who don't identify themselves when spouting their opinion. It's hard to believe that they stand behind their convictions when they hide behind anonymity.


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