Friday, October 2, 2009

Blame it on Rio

Rio Naturally, I was disappointed to see that Chicago lost their bid for the 2016 Olympics. I think what was shocking to a lot of people was that they were out in the very first round! I kind of thought it would come down to Chicago and Rio, with Rio winning. I was right on the second part! Well, we had already started saving for them, so we'll see if we head to Rio for the Games. I'm hesitant to be immersed in such a huge throng so far away from home, but we have plenty of time to think about it and plan.

Hard to believe that South America has never hosted the Games, and it is definitely their turn. I hope this brings Brazil good things! I appreciated Ziggy's comments about being a host city...I'm sure there are definite drawbacks to being one. I remember my Atlanta relatives talking about when the city was doing construction for their Olympics--the road construction was awful! At any rate, a hearty congratulations to Brazil!

Predictably, certain people are seeing this as a failure on President Obama's part. Get a grip, people. In the grand scheme of things, and in international politics, this is not that big of a deal. He tried, and the bid was unsuccessful. Riddle me this, Batman: if he had not gone to make a pitch, and Chicago lost the bid, would you be saying that it was his job to go, that it was his fault that Chicago didn't win? I'm guessing yes. He's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. What I find really pathetic is people gloating and crowing about this as if it was some huge failure on Obama's part, ignoring the fact that this meant a lot to a lot of people, and probably would have provided much-needed work for a whole lot of people in our area. Have people really become that petty? Never mind...that was a rhetorical question.

Aubrey and Beth Last night, we headed downtown a little after six, so we could grab a bite at Buffalo Wild Wings. As we went to sit down, I heard someone say "Beth!" I looked over, and there was a small group from the lab! Greg, the two Erins, Aubrey, and a couple of people who didn't work there when I was there. In fact, it was a little going-away party for someone who wasn't there when I worked there! Time marches on, doesn't it? It was good to see everyone, and I mostly got to talk to Aubrey since we sat by her.

We weren't any too pleased with the service, though. Very disappointing. It took forever to even place our order, and we told the waiter that we had to be at the show at 8, and one of the Erins had to be at work at 8. When we finally got our food, there were all kinds of problems with everyone's orders, missing sauces, the wrong beer, what have you. Ken and I ordered two small beers, they didn't come for ages, so I practically had to chug mine, and then we got charged for two large ones. By that time, we were out of time, and couldn't even dispute the charge. I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but it was so bad that I think I'm going to have to write a letter. It really was unacceptable service, and surprising, because when we've been there before, it's been great. We'll probably go back, but if that guy is our waiter, we'll move.

Morris We made it to the Morris with a mere five minutes to spare. Robin started right on time, and I'm afraid I wasn't able to take any pictures. I took a few of the Morris (isn't it pretty?), but a security guy came up to me right before the show started, and said, "No pictures once it starts." I was a good girl and abided by the rules.

I thought Robin did a great job, and everyone I know who went said they also loved it! He got a very warm welcome, and started off right by talking a little bit about Notre Dame, Touchdown Jesus, that sort of thing. Always a good thing to talk specifically about the area. He got surprisingly political in this red state, although our county leans Democratic. I forget what he said about Sarah Palin, but it got a "Woot!" from me! He talked about his heart surgery, and did a long bit about genitalia that was hilarious. It definitely was not kid-friendly!

I'm really glad we went--we both enjoyed it a lot, and Williams is still a great stand-up comedian. We got rained on, but so what? We had some great laughs!


  1. we have problems like that at school where parents make all sorts of lame excuses for kids and their bad behavior. 'johnny isnt working hard aren't challenging him so it's your fault he isnt engaged.' gotta love when they start throwing the edu-speak around. or, 'this material is too hard for johnny- are you sure it's grade appropriate?' the problem is that both comments are coming from the same freakin parents talking out of both sides of their face, making excuses for their kid(s) horrid behavior/ grades/ whatever it is they can make an excuse about instead of manning up and being a parent.


    glad y'all had a good time. that's surprising about BW3, they usually have top notch service.


  2. I love old theaters... thanks for the pic!

    be well...

  3. Like you I wasn't expecting Chicago to go down so early. However, I think that it is about time that a South American country got to be the host. I visited friends in Atlanta when it was the host city for the Olympics. We didn't have tickets fo any of the games, but we went to see the wonderful art exhibit that was in the city as part of the parallel activities brought in by the Olympics. I was delighted to see works of art that I had previously only seen in photographs. There was art from around the world, on loan from the best collections around the world. We watched the sporting events on television!

    I'd love to go to Rio in 2016. I need to start saving my pennies, or in the alternative I could get a second job with an escort service.

    I love Robin Williams. I've never had the pleasure of seeing him in the flesh. Every time that Mrs. Doubtfire repeats on television, I watch it and laugh myself silly.

    It was cloudy all day here in Raleigh. It was Obama's fault. I have a toothache. It's Obama's fault. I have laundry to do. That's Michelle's fault. Sigh. Sometimes sarcasm is the only defense.

  4. rio should be interesting for the Olympics can't wait for London2012 and it's only an 30 minutes for me by train. Poor Obama even here we see he's being blamed for everything so silly. I'm also a big fan of Robin williams and he's very popular over here if he's on a chat show they just sit back and let him do his thing, my fave film of his is Dead Poets society.

    Take care


  5. Can you believe people are BLAMING Obama for not landing the Olympics.

  6. Last night was a lot of fun, despite stupid server guy. The proper letter should land us a certificate of some type.

    While I am disappointed about Chicago, I am not surprised at all about Rio. Like we talked about, it is their time.

    As for anti-Obama and such, they will spin this the way they want, sad but true.

  7. It could have been nice to host the Olympics in my home state, maybe some other time.

    Going out to eat can be a gamble, unless you know what to expect. In my case, I'm simply pleased not to discover a cockroach in my salad. (True story!)

    I really wanted to see Robin on this tour, maybe next time. I'm glad you two were able to enjoy the show. He cracks me up! I can't wait for his two comedies coming to the Cinema.

    Once again, I'm thrilled for you both. May your weekend be good as well.


  8. Sounds like lots of fun! I've never seen him in person and would like to. Sorry about the bad service and glad you're going to write a letter.

    That's unbelievable how those weirdos find any excuse to blame Obama for everything.

  9. Beth thank you for stopping by yesterday and leaving a comment. It really helped. I am glad that you went to see Robin I like his raunchiness.

  10. Glad that you enjoyed the show. I didn't expect the Olympics to go to Chicago, and I don't think that the committee wanted it there, anyway.

    I am glad that y'all had a nice time at the show, and cool pics of the theatre!

  11. Rio, Robin, Bad Service, and Obama-bashers.
    It's a whirlwind post.
    I, too, knew that people would blame him if Chicago didn't get the Olympics, or blame him for all the distractions in Chacago if they did get the games.
    It's a lose-lose for Obama with the haters.

  12. I agree with you on Obama and Chicago's bid for 2016. However, I think this was a huge deal for America - its the Olympics. Certainly from the pictures where the Brazilians were celebrating - they do know how to party. :)

  13. I would rather go to Rio when the Olympics AREN'T there personally. I'd rather see the sites than the games.
    Most of the time when we go to Wild Wings, the service is shitastic. We've stopped going. I've never been to the one downtown but the one in Mishawaka is awful. Only had one time when the service was worthwhile. Most of the time we sit there forever before someone comes up and does the 'Is anyone taking care of you?' Yeah, you know you've been sitting there forever then.
    I love the Morris, love Robin so that's a good night by me. :)
    ....I know I've been weird about commenting lately. Call it laziness or what have you.

  14. Such a shame about the lousy service. At least you ran in to some folks to keep you from getting too pissed. I believe I would have left my feeling known in my very meager tip.


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