Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weapons of Self Destruction

Tonight we're heading downtown to the Morris to see Robin Williams on his Weapons of Self Destruction tour. This show was originally scheduled for April, but he "called in sick" due to some silly little heart problem. What a wimp. (Seriously, I'm very glad he's okay and back in action!)

It actually worked out better, because our original seats were in the third balcony. When the new date was announced, I got online right away and managed to get seats on the floor--I think we're in the ninth row, or something like that--and we returned the other ones. Score! I'll take my camera and maybe I'll get a couple of good shots. We're both looking forward to it. Neither of us have seen him live, but always enjoyed his stand-up specials. I cracked up when I found this clip in which Robin talks about how golf was invented. [Language warning]

Heeheee! I don't know if he'll do that bit tonight, but it's hilarious!


Chicago 2016 The President is in Copenhagen today to make his case for the 2016 Olympics in Sweet Home Chicago. Good luck, Mr. President, and Mrs. Obama, too. We're pulling for Chicago, because we hope to get tickets for a couple of events (we've already started an Olympics fund). It comes as no surprise to hear that his haters think he shouldn't be doing this (despite the fact that it's not unusual for heads of state to lobby for their country's bids, as both Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin did), that he should stay here and focus on our problems (he's flying in today, making his pitch, and leaving...he's not even staying for the announcement tomorrow), and what's the big deal about getting the Olympics, anyway? One word: JOBS. One idiot (I think it was the Imbecile Beck) said something about how that's no big deal--we need jobs now, not in 2016. Just like Rome, you boob, Olympic facilities aren't built in a day. If we get the bid for the 2016 Olympics, they'll get to work almost immediately with plans, logistics, construction bids, and contracts. Everyone from engineers to lawyers will benefit, and once construction starts, there will be plenty of those kinds of jobs for thousands of out-of-work Chicagoans.

Not to mention the incredible amount of tourist dollars that would flow into the city and the state of Illinois. We might even get a little bit of "fallout" here in South Bend, as we have some excellent practice facilities. I read on Route 66 News today that towns all along Route 66 in Illinois would benefit from tourist dollars, from Chicago itself (the start of the Road) to small towns like Litchfield (home of the Ariston Cafe) to the capital city Springfield, with its historical sites including the Abraham Lincoln home and library. People from overseas love Route 66, and you can bet that plenty of them would find time to take in a few sites along its Illinois length.

This is what makes me crazy about short-sighted people like the Imbecile Beck. I'm not a supergenius by any means, but even I can see the long term and ripple effects of bringing the Olympics to Chicago. (Yes, many are good, but some are bad. It can be a hassle for those who live there, with all the construction going on, and there is always the question of what to do with the facilities after the Olympics are gone...Chicago's Olympic Stadium would be temporary, negating that problem.) These people who can only see issues and the world from within their own narrow point of view like to state things in simplistic terms, without bothering to go outside their limited field of vision and see beyond the here and now. I don't know if it's an inability to process complex ideas or thoughts, but they just can't seem to figure out how various actions can come together and have consequences other than the immediate. They have no vision.

Anyhoo, as I've said before, Obama could find a cure for cancer and certain people would find fault with him for doing so. So bring it home to Chicago, O-Team!

Obamas and BerlusconiSpeaking of the Obamas, did you all see this picture of their meeting with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi? Berlusconi has a reputation as a...well, apparently he's kind of a lech, and he kept trying to get Michelle Obama to give him a hug, making that "c'mere...c'mon!" gesture with his hands. (I'm picturing Dr. Evil chasing Scott Evil around the conference table in his Evil Lair, trying to get a hug.) I tell ya, Michelle can straight-arm a lecherous Prime Minister better than any NFL player pushing off a defender! Nicely done, Mrs. Obama. I love all the expressions in this picture. The Prime Minister's look of innocence--"Come to Papa!" The President's look of "Don't even think about it, Silvio." And Michelle's diplomatic smile and arm held straight out, saying, "This is as close as you're getting, Signore." Isn't it amazing how a photograph can capture a moment?


Happy October, and rabbit rabbit rabbit! Evil spirits begone from Nutwood!


  1. As usual Beth You tell it like it is.!!! I love it. I sat in my chair last night and shuddered every time Palin's name was brought up and that was way to many. I say kudo's to the new democratic congressman for SAYING IT EXACTLY LIKE IT IS, OBAMA WILL NEVER GET ANY WHERE IF HE DEPENDS ON THE REPUBLICANS !!

  2. it made me physically sick to see a cell phone video of a teenage boy being murdered in Chicago this week and dozens of bystanders did nothing. Before thinking of bringing the Olympics there they need immediate help stopping the constant murders of school age children.
    Robin is my all time favorite...i hope you two have a great time and i look forward to hearing your review.

  3. Right on, as usual- we expect this of you-lol

  4. I am hoping for Chicago too.

    As for Sherry's comment, violence like that happens in EVERY city, Buffalo NY just had a similar attack a few weeks back, and Rio has them also. Violence is a WORLD issue that will hardly be solved before the Olympic city gets chosen.

    I think it is AWESOME that you are seeing Robin Williams tonite! Have fun!

    be well...

  5. The Olympic pitch is tomorrow, the three rounds of elimination voting.

    Looking forward to Robin tonight, he is one of my favorites, and this will be awesome to see live. Hope my delicate ears can handle the profanity :o)

  6. Love Michele's response to Berlusconi! I also love Robin Williams, so have a great time!

    I'm rooting for Chicago, because then the Olympics will be in my own time zone, and I won't have to see reruns or middle-of-the-night broadcasts. :-)

  7. Hope you two have a great time at the show Beth!

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  9. Love Robbin Williams, comedic genius. have fun.

    Berlusconi looks like a wax statue there!

  10. You
    I can only imagine the energy coming off Robin in person! We'll need a full report of course.
    I love that last picture and you descibed what was going through all their minds perfectly~

  11. I was at the show too and Robin was incredible! Hope you were able to get some pics - I tried to take some before the show and this guy came up and said NO pictures during the show.

  12. The Robin Williams bit was hilarious. It is 2 a.m., and it was all I could do to not go all LMAO, ROFL with everyone else sleep.

    Either the folks like Glen Beck are the worst kind of propagandist. I refuse to believe he has an honorable bone in his body. Period. He is milking his schtick for all it is worth.

    I think Michelle would be quite a catch in Italy, where tall and full women as still quite a catch. And I am sure that Pres. Obama was 'briefed' on the Premier, so I think you did capture the essence in the photo.

  13. WE are going and have gone through most of the same things here in Vancouver. While it seems exciting, it really isn't for the ordinary person. Can't afford tickets to go to any events, aren't allowed to be near the venues, having to fork out millions and millions of more dollars in cost overruns, having to put up with construction for four years, lack of sponsors because of the economic situation. There is indeed a downside to all of this as well and one that affects more people than the promise of jobs and tourism. Be careful what you ask for.

  14. It's 2 am and I am watching the Chicago pitch for the Olympics. I gotta tell you it's pretty impressive!!!!!!!! and I live 35 miles southwest of it!

  15. Robin Williams sounds great. I hope you enjoy(ed) yourselves! You'll have returned by the time I posted this. I'm sure it was really a great show.

  16. Does Michelle Obama look pregnant to you? She does to me.

  17. Ewww. I love the Presidents face right there. :)


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