Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Writin’ stuff, doncha know

Oktoberfest Hey, I forgot to tell you about our Oktoberfest party! We enjoyed ourselves, and I thoroughly loved eating some sauerkraut. I put some on top of my brat with some mustard, and then had a little on the side. Mmm. I have to say that their cole slaw is also mighty tasty...they put a little dill in it.

The place was packed, and I told Ken that they've hit on a very good idea with their Mug Club. It keeps people coming back, and they really do have good deals on drinks and food. They also had a DJ there from one of the local classic rock stations, and they played some rock trivia for prizes. I told Ken that next time we're sitting by the DJ so we can play! Two tables played against each other. Five questions, worth two points each, but only one point if you had to go to multiple choice options. With the first table's questions, I got ten out of ten. With the second table's, I got nine out of ten (the question was about a trio out of Flint, Michigan, and I had to hear the list to know that it was Grand Funk Railroad). I am a rock and roll trivia juggernaut! Haha!

Duke of Wellington IPA The new Oktoberfest beer was okay, but I prefer my Duke of Wellington India Pale Ale. Apparently I prefer hoppy beers, with citrus tones and quite a bit of bitterness. Who knew? I'm not sure what other beers are like that, but I know I really like Blue Moon, and Duke of Wellington reminds of that. We got our Growlers--grrrrr!--refilled, mine with Duke of Wellington and this time Ken tried the Three-Headed Monster, a blend of Stout, Bock, and I think Duke of Wellington (he can correct me if I'm wrong).

And no, I didn't yodel, although it was tempting.


Change of subject...although I might need a drink after writing about this.

You've probably all heard that Sarah Palin's book is coming out in November. The title is to be Going Rogue: An American Life. ::giggle::

I'm sorry, but I can't hear "goin' rogue" without thinking of SNL's excellent skit, with Tina Fey as Palin and the real John McCain appearing on QVC. When "Sarah" breaks away and whispers, "Okay, I'm goin' rogue here!" it just cracks me up! That part happens about three and a half minutes into the skit.

I think I'm going to start using that phrase once in a while. If I do something out of my ordinary routine, I'm going to announce, "Hey, I'm goin' rogue here!" And if Ken tries to get all bossy with me and tells me what to do--he's such a tyrant, after all!--I'll say, "I'm goin' rogue here and not doing what you tell me! Because I'm a maverick!"

Palin and comic book No, I won't be buying "her" book. I don't believe I'll check it out from the library, either. I have plenty of good books to read, and if her Facebook updates are any indication, I would not find any edification or words of wisdom there. I'll be content to find excerpts online and ridicule discuss them here. I'll give you fair warning before I do any of that, so if you don't want to read it, you can click your way right out of it. (Now would be one of those warnings.) I can tell you that I'm really looking forward to it, though, and that I'm expecting plenty of comedy fodder. I'll be like a kid in a candy store! A candy store filled with grizzly bear skins and big ol' king crabs on the shelves, wolf pelt evening wraps and limited edition prints of the list of books Sarah thinks should have been banned from the Wasilla County Library. A store with designer eyeglasses frames and a makeup counter that stocks every shade of lipstick known! A magical place with archival photos of BD and AD (Before Drilling and After Drilling) ANWR. A place where we can return to an America that never really existed, a place where men were men and the women ran for office and milked it for all they could. A place where the Constitution is followed as written, with none of those pesky Amendments that allowed women and blacks to vote. A place that (for a small fee) will rid you of the influences of witchcraft and purify your soul!

Ohhhh, yeah! I am delighted! Christmas is coming early at Nutwood!

David Letterman has already mined some comedy gold with this Top Ten List. Paul has a great line in here, but what this clip doesn't show is that at the end, when they're talking about Palin appearing on his show to promote her book [cue the look from Dave], an assistant tells him she's going to be there on the twelfth. Dave says, "Really? The twelfth of what?" Of course, the answer is, "The twelfth of NEVER!"


  1. No, I won't be buying the book either. I'd rather spend my money on good times, like dental work and homeowners insurance.
    But I'll also be ripe for rippin' Sarah a new one as the excerpts of her writing {wink} are unveiled.
    I know it must have been hard for her to write {wink} a 400-page book in four months when she can't even keep track of a daily newspaper.


  2. I thought I TOLD you not to write about that, Little Woman :o) Methinks you will need a different reason to go Rogue than be bossing you, doncha know [wink]. Like maybe on entries here - I'm going Rogue Here.

  3. I honestly like John McCain; Palin is another story. John pretty much admitted he doesn't like her either.

  4. I'll be like a kid in a candy store! A candy store filled with grizzly bear skins and big ol' king crabs on the shelves, wolf pelt evening wraps and limited edition prints of the list of books Sarah thinks should have been banned from the Wasilla County Library.

    I loved that line!! I would tell people when they wanted to trade witty banter, that I only fight fair and never would fight an unarmed person!

    The thing with 'intellectually incurious' people like her, is that there are more and more of them. They demonize those who dare go to school and get some real book learin'.

    ...speaking of books ...

    I am wondering how did she get all that 'life' down in print in a single day? If my head wasn't tired from packing ...

    She is as exploitive and conniving as they come. Who brought her to John McCain's attention? Or was she part of the deal?? That is how he finally got a chance to run for president by taking her on.

    *sigh* I really hate packing.

  5. LOL I loved your going 'rogue' bit... Hubby and I do stuff like that too. The Oktoberfest sounded like fun!

    be well...

  6. glad you two enjoyed your time with the kraut....i can not wait till Palin runs out of ways to make money and gets a real job again....i can not imagine the moron sitting down to write a book...she is too stupid!

  7. At risk of sounding misogynistic, I have to admit I hate that woman. She brings the worst out of me. Her double standards and her entire theatrics need to be dismantle. And for the light of me, I can not see what is the media appeal of her mediocracy. I know that Pop culture is capable of sinking low, but do we need to go that low. With this one we really scratch the barrel.

  8. Just stopping by Beth Anne to say a good ALBERTA Morning to you and the Boss (ha ha)

    Have a great Fall..

    ALBERTA Lori

  9. Brats, sauerkraut, and mustard. Why do you taunt me, B? Why?! ;-)

  10. With so many books to be read in my lifetime and so many interesting people to learn about..yay, not even if someone gave me the book for free and paid me in mugs of beer to spend my precious time reading would I torture myself~


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