Thursday, February 10, 2011

College Daze

BSU5I went through the other two boxes of albums today (more photos to come), and spent some time working on getting a favorite onto the computer. I have so far successfully transferred one side of a two-album compilation! It’s slow going, but I think I’m starting to get it figured out. I really do have some cool, obscure stuff, and some of it might be worth something. But I wouldn’t sell these.

Yesterday, I promised some college-era photos that I ran across, and I got those scanned today. A little background. My next door neighbor in the dorm was a super cool chick named Barb, and she was a photojournalism major. Barb and I are friends to this day...even though we don’t see each other very often, whenever we do, it’s like no time has passed at all. Don’t you love friends like that? Anyway, Barb would occasionally have to do photo projects for some of her classes, and asked me to model a couple of times for her.

This was the punk/new wave era, and in one series, she had me transforming from mild-mannered, studious, bespectacled Beth to rocker girl. A rare photo of me wearing my big glasses (check out the Devo poster behind me!), as well as a rare photo of me smoking. Also me wearing almost-black lipstick, also very rare.

In the other series, we went to the West Quad, one of the oldest buildings on campus, which housed mostly professors’ offices and art classes. The building had really neat old woodwork, tile floors, and actual radiators. The guy in the pictures is Jeff, Barb’s triplet sister’s boyfriend, now husband (still with me?). His nickname was Babes. I still have the dress, although I shortened it at some point, but the hat is long gone.

Something that Barb and I still laugh about is while we were doing this, one of the professors came out of his office, watched us for a while, then said in a Lebowski voice (long before there was a Big Lebowski, of course), “Wow. This is so out of context.” I suppose it was.


  1. OMG! Next thing I know, you'll be making mix tapes!! Why not just get an iPod and download the songs you want? It's way easier than transferring them off of vinyl!!

  2. Man, your girl Barb has some talent!! The photos are the typical pretensious college art student photos but are photographs of a budding artist!!

    You look so different... not that you aren't a pretty girl but I am just sayin'... and the cat that is with you is representative of the young men from that era but in a good way...

    Great photoss..! Gonna check out the rest of them now!!

  3. Oh, Beth, they are beautiful. At first glance, I thought, "Wow, I never saw that John Hughes film. I wonder how I missed it?" Then I realized it wasn't Molly Ringwald, it was you! :) What great glam shots from a definitely glam era.
    I love the 80's. They were totally awesome.
    More please....

  4. Your photos bring back good and bad memories Beth, but I'm so glad you shared the album with us. As Stan said, the eighties are a favored style decade for us. That's decade's politics, not so much. Thanks again for the glam trip.:)


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