Saturday, February 12, 2011

The future’s so bleak…

LeatherfaceI wanna pull down the shades.

It seems that the GOP has punted on job creation, and instead is focusing on spending cuts. However, they seem to be ignoring the will of “we the people,” and are focusing on all kinds of domestic programs. Of course, “we the people” seem to be a little confused, too, not comprehending that you can’t reduce the deficit by cutting nothing but “global poverty assistance” and not raising taxes. (By the way, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to see how much compassion the American people have for those around the world who are living in poverty. Way to go, Team America!)

That’s right, Americans don’t want the programs they might use cut; to give them credit, a lot of them don’t want any domestic programs cut, and want to see continued funding—even an increase—in many. Anyway, the GOP ignored all that and are putting out these spending cuts proposals (from Paul Krugman’s blog):

WIC 1008 million
Food for Peace 544 million
NOAA 450 million
NASA 579 million
Energy efficiency and renewable energy 899
Science 1111 million
Nuclear nonproliferation 648 million
Federal buildings fund 1653 million
Homeland security administration 489 million
FEMA, various, around 1.2 billion
EPA clean water and drinking water about 1.8 billion
Community health centers 1.3 billion
Centers for disease control 900 million

If I’m reading this correctly, it would seem that they’re giving a big ol’ ‘fuck you’ to hungry, poor kids, both domestically and globally; weather and ocean research; space exploration and development of a replacement for the shuttle; energy research and efforts to reduce our dependency on oil; scientific research and science education; efforts to reduce nuclear weapons; maintenance of our infrastructure, including our monuments and memorials; efforts to thwart terrorism, both domestically and abroad; anyone who is the victim of a devastating natural disaster; protecting our environment and ensuring that everyone has access to clean water; people who can’t afford health insurance and regular doctors’ visits in order to manage any sort of conditions they might have, or prevent the occurrence of future conditions; and last but not least, the organization that works to prevent outbreaks of devastating infections and tracks our general health as a nation, including workplace health and safety.

Does that sound about right? Let me sum it up this way: they seem to perceive that the greatest threat to our nation lies in a secret socialist who is pushing his agenda of some sort of New World Order, and who they seem to think wants to destroy America because he doesn’t think we’re “exceptional.”

Personally, I think the greatest threat to America is this group of politicians who see no problem with turning our country into a feudal system, with their corporate bosses firmly in the ruling class, and the rest of us poor peasants kept beneath their boot heels. Keep ‘em stupid and malnourished, and they’re easier to control, right? They claim to care about the debt that future generations will have to bear; they speak of morality and want to legislate according to their religious book; I think the worst debt we could leave would be one of an absence of education and a collapse into a third world country in which we let kids starve and die of preventable diseases, our buildings and roads decay into crumbling façades, and we can’t compete with other countries because we’re all so goddamn stupid that we can’t fucking read. And I find it highly immoral to leave such a world for future generations, as well as to ignore those with the least among us. But then what would I know about it? I don’t go to church.

If I sound pissed, I am. I have never seen such ignorance and short-sightedness, and complete and utter foolishness about what our government can and should do. A total lack of comprehension of what we need to do and where we need to focus as a country.

My solution, you ask? That’s easy. RAISE TAXES on the top 5% of earners, for fuck’s sake. Of course, there can be programs streamlined and inefficiencies found and eliminated, but such deep cuts on these vital programs and entities are just insane. Not if we want to not only thrive as a country and as a society, but compete globally.

I have one question for the GOP: Why do you hate America?



    Here is a link that explains a reason why the GOP can get away with this kind of crap and why Americans are at each other's throat after slicing their own wrists' at the ballot box...

  2. what is a googi girl? any relation to a booji boy?

  3. Cut the programs that make us unique, but refuse to cut the biggest military budget in the world. These proposed cuts are window dressing, as the GOP fills the windows with brick walls to true change.

  4. i am willing to pay more--- if i, with my sub-standard wages can see the importance of funding these crucial programs i dont understand why those WAY wealthier than me can't seem to grasp the necessity of pisses me off to know i am working this hard to fund someone else's social security and not my own and they can fix that but WONT.


  5. You go girl! I love it when you blast the bastards for being so foolish!

    I'm pissed as well. I get so annoyed I have to change the channel.

  6. Add Education to the list. They're cutting funding to schools that are already running on a skeleton crew. They don't want to fund the under privileged, yet they're not willing to give them the education they need either. You don't see politicians willing to skim their own wages or workforce. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. You got that right, Beth. The GOP mantra is exactly that: "Fuck You Middle Class" We the People actually means "We the Wealthy".
    It's always best to cut support for those of us who don't vote. They have absolutely no fear of retribution because those people who need the most from their government aren't likely to vote. They feel so helpless and forgotten, it doesn't matter to them. And the homeless? Don't you need an address to register to vote? So they don't matter to the GOP. They are only supporting those who donate money to their cause.

  8. Whatever rhetoric they're using to dress up their philosophy, it all boils down to "mine, mine, all mine!"

  9. Hi Beth,
    I don't agree with most of what the Republicans want to cut -- especially since again and again they seem to propose "sticking" it to the average Joe -- but at least there's a dialogue, however ugly, about getting the deficit under control. Strange, isn't it, that some of the same people who created this mess to begin with by giving tax cuts to the rich are now saying that the Big Fix means cutting programs designed to benefit average Americans.

  10. From the NY Times - Recently discovered: 44% of Social Security recipients don't think they are receiving any "Government" help. Likewise, 39% of Medicare recipients, 43% of Unemployment benefit recipients, 42% of Veterans, the list goes on of Americans having no clue that they benefit DIRECTLY from their government.

    It's no wonder Boehner's "the American People" want benefits cut THAT THEY DON'T RECOGNIZE THEY ARE RECEIVING.

  11. I'm sure it isn't surprising we agree on these issues Beth. Looking at the draconian feudal system conservatives want to institute turns my stomach.


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