Wednesday, February 9, 2011


StonesI finally unpacked this USB turntable I’ve had sitting here for...oh, I don’t want to say it’s been two years, so I won’t say that.

Then I unpacked one of three boxes of albums I’ve had in the basement for...oh, I don’t want to say ever since I’ve been in this house, so I won’t say that.

What an amazing treasure chest! I found things that I didn’t even remember I had, like a Bob Marley picture disc. Remember picture discs? I believe I have all of the B-52s albums prior to “Cosmic Thing,” and I’ve got several J. Geils Band. Some Boomtown Rats, a couple by a power pop band called the Producers (I had totally forgotten about them!), a bunch of Blondie, Cheap Trick’s “In Color” with a gorgeous Robin Zander and Thom Peterson on the cover, the Pretenders, Tom Petty...on and on, and this was just one box. I was beside myself with joy to see all of these old friends.

In the box I opened I also found some 45s that I had. I’ve got some obscure punk ones that I don’t remember at all (I’ll be curious to play those!), and some much older ones.

MonkeesI don’t recall where I got some of these older 45s. One of the gems is “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone” by the Monkees, in the original sleeve. The B-side is “I’m a Believer.” That came out in 1966, when I was four years old, so I must have inherited some of these from my sister or some cousins. (Oddly enough, Wikipedia lists “Stepping Stone” as being the B-side, but on my record sleeve, it clearly shows “I’m a Believer” as the B-side. Hmm.) I have some that I know that I bought myself, like my namesake song, “Beth” by KISS (“Detroit Rock City” as the B-side!), and a single by the Clash, and quite a few others. I was thrilled to see that I have the 45 of “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It),” considering my recent Stones kick. All in all, I had pretty good taste in music, even back then...but there are still some embarrassments in there, like a Shaun Cassidy 45. Who put that in my record collection and why do they hate me?!

Josie CottonI took a few pictures of the 45s for you. I’ll take some of the albums, too, as I continue to unpack them. After being used to CDs for so long, I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it was to hold these albums in my hand and see the beautiful cover art. So large and vivid! What a great reminder of such a fun time in my life...listening to albums with Cousin Shane, learning all the lyrics, being so caught up in the punk/new wave explosion, which was such an exciting time in music. College daze, thoughts of listening to those albums in my dorm room. It makes me smile to think about it.

Speaking of college daze, I also came across some pictures of when I did some modeling for my friend Barb, a photojournalism major at Ball State. I’ll scan those and put them up here. I got a kick out of seeing them, and I didn’t realize I still had them!

I try not to live in the past, but I sure enjoyed visiting there today.


  1. At least you had your LPs packed into a box. I have always had a turntable. Can't live without it. Sad thing is that years ago Boris decided that my LPs on the shelf were a perfect scratching post. LPs are safe as is the cover art. The spines are beyond recognition though. And I too own every B-52s album up through Cosmic Thing on vinyl. OK. Maybe not Bouncing off the Satellites. I believe I have that one on cassette.

  2. I let all my old albums go years ago. Sometimes I regret it.

  3. i love my records - don't play them as much as i could, but they are such a part of my childhood- i got so many of them at shows and each one is like a memory of a good time with my friends. some of yours sound like they are worth a little $$$- you can always look them up on ebay to see.


  4. You have excellent taste in music! I know all the words to Josie Cotton's "Johnny Are You Queer?"!

  5. Along with an awesome comic book collection, my records & LP have been swept away by the sands of time. I do have the remnants of my old cassette tapes, but it is far from complete.

    Anywho, sounds like fun and I am glad that you still have your wax!!

  6. Never heard of Josie Cotton, but now I'm intrigued. Very hot pic on the album cover. I missed everything from the late seventies to about '85. Off to listen...

  7. Looking forward to hearing some of these oldies :o)


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