Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bonus entry due to Pen Hysteria

Frixion penI got an Amazon shipment today, and along with a new CD holder, I’d ordered some new pens that I thought sounded pretty cool. The Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Pen. [cue the angelic choir]

I got three blue pens, and a pack of multi-colored pens, including the purple one in the picture (although it looks blue). This more than makes up for the great Sharpie Liquid Pencil Debacle of 2010. This might be the coolest pen ever. I love this pen. I wish I could tell my Dad about this pen, because he’d love it, too! It writes smoothly, like every other gel pen, but it’s erasable. I still love my Jimnie Gels, and I don’t want to be disloyal to my favorite pen, but check this out about the FriXion:

  • Rewritable—write and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. No wear or tear!
  • Thermo-Sensitive Gel Ink formula disappears with erasing friction
  • Smooth writing Gel Ink
  • Available with Fine Point in Assorted Ink Colors

[from back of package]

This pen is insane. The eraser is not traditional rubber. It’s a hard plastic nub that doesn’t leave any sort of rubber shavings or residue...it just...rubs the
Thermo-Sensitive Gel Ink away. O_O What strange sort of sorcery is this?!

This might be my pen for our Route 66 trip. I plan on keeping a written journal along with daily blogging, and I think the Pilot FriXion just might be the one for the trip. I am just beside myself. Ken got a demonstration, although he didn’t seem quite as excited as I am. Maybe someday he’ll be more supportive of me and build me a special room for my writing supplies. It’s not a Hobby of the Month for me…I’ve been obsessed with office supplies since I was a kid doodling on the Studebaker stationery that we got when the plant closed down. (What I wouldn’t give for a few sheets of that letterhead today…!)



  1. i am now a sharpie pencil convert- will look for these pens on your review- i love me some school supplies!


  2. I never knew you are a pne freak! I should introduce you to my friend Bill...

  3. Might just have to try these!!

  4. Being a lefty I stay away from those kinds of pens because they smear as my hand drags across a page... tell me they don't smear and then I will pick up a batch..!

  5. They were cool, but I will not build you a writing supply room, but I might build you a Little Free Library :o)


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