Monday, April 23, 2012


Trump hairIt’s a good thing ol’ Trumpy wasn’t hanging out at Nutwood today, because lo, a mighty wind arose! That thing on his head would not have liked it. Well, it’s a good thing he wasn’t hanging out here for many other reasons than that...the latest being the firing of my Magician Crush, Penn Jillette, from Trump’s stoopid show. Which I continue to watch, but that’s beside the point. Don’t you judge me!

Anyway, it is very blustery today. Two casualties so far: a good-sized limb from one of the big maples, and some bamboo wind chimes. (I think I can easily fix the wind chimes, though.) It could definitely be might be cool and windy here, but at least we’re not getting a nasty snowstorm like the East coast! Yikes! I think that would make me cry at this point. Well, East coast, that’s what you get for being all elitist and junk. Oh, and gay marriage! See?! That’s what tolerance and reason will get you, every damn time.

Another quiet day here, with nowhere to be and no real obligations. Just some general puttering, working out, and reading. My social life picks back up tomorrow, as Cousin Shane and I head out for lunch on his day off. (I’m not sure yet if Matt has to work, or if he can come, too.) We decided to try a new place, a little pizza and sammich shop, Buffalo Rose, in my hometown of Lakeville. Every time Ken and I drive by there, we say, “We need to stop there!” Well, looks like Shane and I are going to beat me and Ken to it. I told Ken to consider it a test run to see if it’s any know, like I’m testing the food to see if it’s poisoned. You’re welcome, Hubby.

Speaking of my hubby, he heads out on Wednesday for a few days at a conference in Minneapolis. Normally, I’d be making out a grocery list for one of the dishes that I make when Ken is gone—something with eggplant or cabbage or green peppers—but this time, I’m going to work on cleaning stuff out of the freezers in order to make room for the side of beef we’ll be getting soon. I’ve made pretty good headway on it, but man, it’s hard for me not to buy chicken or ribs when they’re on sale! There will also be several things that we toss out when it comes time to defrost the freezer. Things get buried and they’re starting to come to light as I clear things out. (I initially typed “come to life.” That would be really, really bad!) 

I have no big plans for when he’s gone...mostly hanging out here, reading, maybe getting a little spring cleaning done, and maybe watching a movie or two that he’s probably not all that interested in. (I’ve had “The Runaways” on deck for a while now.) In short (har dee har har), I plan on staying out of trouble! I’ll let you know how that goes. Heh.

One more whoosh:

Palin empty head small


  1. It's freezer cleanout week at Chez Ginger, too! Not because a side of beef is coming, mind you, just because it's not been done in a while! Might as well do it while I'm on "staycation"!

  2. we're in the process of cleaning out the seal-a-meal winter stockpile as well.

    it's not about staying out of trouble- it's about not getting caught.


  3. Couldn't resist the Palin jab... could you think of the chaos she would cause in Government? Especially since she did not even know what the Veep actually DOES..?

    I have always wanted to check out the Twin Cities... maybe do a Mary Tyler-Moore through my hat up and hope Prince catches it..! But seriously, if I could not get to the West Edmonton Mall, the MOA would do..!

    Have fun defrosting things..!

  4. I was sorry to see Penn go. I really grew to like him throughout the show, he is such a class act.

    LOL, Palin...what an idiot and totally classless.

  5. The photos gave me a chuckle for the day! They are two people that I truly dislike.

    Loved the Whooooooosh! LOL


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