Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A big decision

Health care2I was happy to hear a good report for my Mom today, when we went to see the orthopedic doctor about her knee. I was NOT happy that she had to wait an hour before she even got into an exam room, but as my niece Heather reminded me, there could have been ortho emergencies, they often overbook, and so on, so forth, and such as. I know that’s probably true, but I still don’t like seeing my Mom wait that long. She was fine, but you was my Mom. Anyway, all was well. She just got a super nasty bruise on her knee, no permanent damage was done, and it’s just a matter of letting it heal. Good news!

Speaking of health care, it looks like the big decision on the Affordable Care Act will be issued from the Supreme Court tomorrow morning. As you probably recall, I was watching this very closely leading up to the vote, and in the past few days, I’ve been reading plenty of opinions on what the Court will do. The general consensus seems to be that the individual mandate will be struck down, although there have been some dissenting opinions. A few are starting to say that the Court will let it stand, if only to preserve their credibility as being above the political fray. Obviously, I want it to be upheld, and obviously, Scalia, Alito, and Thomas will go with the conservative view. The two unknowns are Kennedy, and surprisingly, Roberts. Some feel that both might side with the more liberal justices and uphold the law as constitutional.

So much speculation, but very little real information. Despite all the pieces written about this in the past few weeks, and in the months leading up to the decision, it’s still a crapshoot. I can’t even go out on a limb and make a prediction, because I have no idea what they’ll do. I’ll just wait until tomorrow morning and find out with everyone else.

Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out at Hanover Valley, as Shane and Matt get new windows installed on the house. Of all days to be asked to do this...they couldn’t have picked a better one! It’s supposed to be close to 100° tomorrow, so it will feel great to sit out by the pool and read, and take a dip or three. I’ll take my computer, my phone, and my Kindle, so I won’t lack for stimuli. I’m looking forward to some Happy Fun Pool Time™ this summer, and it starts tomorrow! It will be even better when I get to hang out with everyone, but tomorrow, I’ll just have to amuse myself. I think I can manage that!


  1. I'm so glad your Mom's knee checked out well. Sorry she had to wait an hour for her exam though. :(

  2. Glad the report was good for your mother. I think I've had long waits for almost every doctor, and there have been many. It's irritating. I can think of a couple who kept prompt appointments.

  3. Having the benefit of hindsight, Justice Roberts showed a smidgen of real understanding in the decision on the Affordable Care Act. I think that it will be something that give the President a needed bounce going into the election, though I cannot imagine WHY you would vote for a serial flip-flopper like Romney!!

    Oh, thanks for the card if I did not say so already!!

  4. Glad your mom's knee is going to be ok. I have knee problems myself so I can empathize. I think we should charge doctors for our time when we go for a checkup. I had an appointment for 1 and didn't get seen until after 2 on Tuesday. same thing as your mom. RIDICULOUS thing was by the time all the paperwork was done it was going on 3.

  5. The decision was amazing, glad it was upheld. Looking forward to seeing Mom tomorrow.


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