Friday, June 29, 2012

A welcome drink

Rainy DayNo, not that stiff drink after a tough day!

After many days with little to no rain, we finally had a storm come through this afternoon. Our area is pretty fortunate in that it is rarely subjected to drought conditions, but we were five inches below normal until today. We really didn’t get a ton of rain, but it should be enough to give everything a good drink. The wind was a little fearsome for a while there, and there were downed trees and power lines in the area, along with power outages. Nutwood weathered it pretty well, with only a few small limbs down. I hope all my family and friends are okay and have no damage, or at least minimal damage!

I enjoyed a low-key day today, just reading a few things that analyzed yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling (I didn’t read everything, though...I agree with one author who said that we shouldn’t over-analyze this. The biggest thing about the ruling is THE RULING, not any political machinations or ulterior motives.), getting my workout in, cleaning up the kitchen, and general puttering.

I’m feeling a strange lethargy at the moment, and I’m guessing that it’s because of the heat and humidity. It cooled off nicely this afternoon, but the heat will return tomorrow and hang around for a few days. I could definitely feel it in my lungs—I felt sort of wheezy this morning—so please be sure to check on elderly folks or anyone who might have a hard time handling this heat. I can retreat to our bedroom and cool off there, or head down to the basement, but not everyone can escape the heat so easily.
Everyone stay safe, and as cool as possible. And don’t forget to hydrate!


  1. What I hope is that the after effects of shoring up the Act are as benifical as the Act itself. When the Patriot Act was passed, there was little time wasted in stripping people of their constitutionally guaranteed rights and further eroding civil liberties. Hopefully this will eventually extend health benefits that rival health care anywhere else in the world!!

  2. Actually used the car AC instead of top-down today, just did not want any more heat after yesterday...

  3. we are still waiting for our rain here-


  4. We had a great rain a week ago, then the heat came.
    We were in Chapel Hill yesterday.
    Oy! And it's gonna be hotter in Smallville, today!

  5. The heat has been so debilitating and ceaseless. I'm glad you got some rain Friday. We had a storm come through last night with some wind, but only a little rain in our area. I can certainly see signs of drought in my yard!


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