Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Freshening up

Background atomic cocktailI changed the look on the blog a bit. I was looking for “atomic” patterns, which were popular in the ‘50s, and came across this “atomic cocktail” pattern...I loved it! I hope you like it, too. I also have a couple of ideas for the Retro Lounge, including a coffee table that Ken and I can make, and finding some fabric for one of the lampshades. No rush on any of that, but fun to look into it.

Off to bed soon, because I want to get an early start so I can get my workout done and take care of things around here in the morning—I’m heading down to my Mom’s tomorrow to take her to a doctor’s appointment, and help her with whatever she needs done around the house. On Thursday, I’m housesitting for Shane and Matt while they have new windows installed. That’s going to be a real hardship, as I might have to sit by the pool, and as it promises to be a super hot day, I might actually have to get in the pool
. *gasp* I KNOW! Can you believe it?! Such demands. Hmm, I hadn’t planned this far ahead, so I need to get the pool bag and a beach towel ready to go for that day. I guess I don’t need the pool frisbee, unless I just want to toss it around the pool and swim to get it myself. haha It won’t be nearly as much fun without Shane and Matt and Ken, and anyone else whoever comes over when we’re poolin’ it, but with as hot as it’s supposed to be that day, I’ll just enjoy getting a chance to cool off!


  1. Love the martooni wallpaper!

  2. I'm totally digging' the atomic cocktails! Coolsville, babe!

  3. dig it babe! just dig it!


  4. I like the redecorating. Yes, the frisbee would be like playing catch with yourself.


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