Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A word is born

ReedusThis is total silliness, but it made my day. (Click picture to embiggenate.)

Earlier this morning, I figured something out on Facebook. It was a problem that my friend Cary posted about yesterday, and I’d been having the same problem. I accidentally discovered a solution, and posted on his wall that I’d figured this out. He commented something about how it worked for him, it was rock solid, and he could “lick my sweet face.” I cracked up and said I was happy to be able to help.

Face licking made me think of Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl on “The Walking Dead.” For whatever reason, that seems to be one of his things...there are many photos out there of him licking people’s faces. It’s funny and...well, it’s kind of hot. (But then I’m a major fangirl...your mileage may vary.)

So I thought, “Hey! That should be a word!” I posted my new word, “reedus,” a verb, and my friend Ryan said, “You should send it to Urban Dictionary.” I did, they approved it, and soon my new word is going to appear on Urban Dictionary! I’ve already had a couple of Norman fans like my tweet about it, so I’m hoping it will catch on, and maybe even catch his eye!

You know, I’m just having too much fun. As David Letterman once said, “More fun than human beings should be allowed to have.” Wheeee!


  1. I won't call you Sarah (ducking for cover) ... after all, you knew what you were doing.


  2. ...that is so super cool..! a supergirl biologist by day a inventor of colloquial langquage at night.!!

  3. It is so very cool! Well done :)

    Now, how do I get Norman to reedus ME?

  4. There you go again, all older actor and washed out ban fan you :o)


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