Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well, that went better than expected!

DerechoYesterday, we started hearing about some really bad weather coming our way. After an overcast morning, the sun came out in the afternoon, and I was even able to get out onto the deck and catch some rays—although it was really hot and humid, so after an hour, I was a hot, sweaty mess!

The sun meant an increase in the coming storm’s severity, though. As it moved in, I turned over to the local weather, and when they said there was rotation in the area, that’s when I decided to pack up and head downstairs. After reading about how awful the Oklahoma tornados were, I’m not fooling around. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I had already gotten the kitty carrier out and ready, so I pulled Sheeba out from under the bed (that’s where he goes to hide from thunder) and got him in his carrier, got my computer and phones, an extra beer, and dished up the eggplant parmigiana. I got settled in the Retro Lounge and I was ridin’ the storm out in style!

There was lightning, thunder, and rain (and it’s still going on), but the worst of the storm seemed to pass to the south of Nutwood. There were reports of high winds and tennis ball-sized hail; my niece lost power at her house; a brick building next to my friend Cassie’s grandmother’s house was hit by lightning and partially collapsed, but her grandmother and her house were okay! This storm had the potential to be a derecho, which is essentially an inland hurricane, with straight-line winds 70+ mph. We had one pass through here a couple of years ago, and although we had no major damage at Nutwood, there was plenty of damage in our area.

Reedus Urban DictionaryKen was supposed to get back from California tonight, but due to the severe weather in the Chicago area, his flight from Houston to Chicago was canceled fairly early. So he’s hanging out in the Houston airport Marriott watching the Stanley Cup finals, and I’m watching them at Nutwood! Sheeba and I came through the storm just fine, although he’s a little wigged out and is currently hiding under the bed. We were riders on the storm. I hope it will pass through soon, and I’ll be sure to call my Mom tomorrow and make sure all is well, because it was worse in her area.

I made you the Daryl Dixon meme about the derecho because I also made a word. I told you about that yesterday, and I checked a moment ago, and it is published! I made Norman a word. Normans love words. haha

Have you reedused anyone lately? Have YOU been reedused?


  1. ... but I will likely reedus someone in the near future..!

  2. Shelby reeduses me sometimes... but I don't reciprocate. Glad the storm wasn't as bad as expected. And I'm really sorry I didn't get to go visit with Ken at the airport Marriott- you know how much I love me a Marriott!!

  3. Not too bad a storm here in NJ either, although I think it hit harder further south by the shore. Glad you were unscathed.

  4. Finally got home Thursday night, it was not a fun travel experience. Glad Nutwood was unscathed.


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