Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Beth on the deckWhat a difference a day makes!

After a hot and humid afternoon yesterday, followed by a strong line of thunderstorms in the evening, today was cool, breezy, and beautiful. Easy breezy beautiful Nutwood! It really was just a perfect day, with a bright blue sky and only a rare cloud to be seen.

I spent all afternoon out on the deck, catching some sun for an hour or so, then sitting at the table under the umbrella (mostly...still caught a little sun on my legs) and reading. I always feel glad to be alive, but today I felt a little extra-glad! I had a moment where I felt like belting out “Green Acres,” but decided that would spoil the perfect afternoon, so I held back. Ha!

After an unexpected extra night in Houston, Ken made it safely home today. Sheeba and I are glad to have him back, but we were happy to “loan” him for a few days to Cousin Ros and family to help provide support to them. Despite the sad circumstances, he says it was a wonderful visit. Love you, Ros and family!

Watch and/or listen to this. It’s important.


  1. It sounds like a perfect afternoon. Love the song :)

    I'm glad Ken is home, safely, he surely had nasty weather.

  2. Ros and Kristi sent their love back to you!


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