Monday, June 24, 2013


Adventure of the SeasI’m awaiting the start of the hockey game at 8 pm, and then “Under the Dome” at 10 pm, and I’m feeling oddly antsy, so that seems like a good time to write!

Over the weekend, we booked our second cruise, a 7-night Southern Caribbean. In 2007, we did a Western Caribbean cruise, and really enjoyed it; we’ve been thinking about doing another one soon. We were out having dinner with Ken’s Mom a while back and talking about vacations, and it turns out that she has always wanted to do a cruise. So right then and there, we decided to go on one with her, and I started doing some investigating.

I was really more interested in a Southern Caribbean, because the stops strike me as a little more exotic than the Bahamas and places like that on Eastern Caribbean cruises. The particular cruise that intrigued me the most was the one with only a couple of sailing days and the more exotic stops. It’s fun to lounge around on board, but stopping at the ports and experiencing new places is a lot more fun, in my opinion. We will fly down a day early to San Juan and enjoy a day, then depart from there. The stops are St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Aruba, and Curaçao. The final day is a sailing day, so I think that works out pretty well. I’m most excited about Aruba and Curaçao. Exotic, am I right?! For our adventure on the seas, we will be aboard Adventure of the Seas!

We booked a family oceanview aft cabin. It can sleep up to six, so I think three will find it comfortable! I’m excited to be taking another cruise, and I’m excited for Ken’s Mom to be going on her first one. I think she’ll really enjoy it! I wish we could take my Mom, too, but she refuses to fly, and we kind of have to fly to get to San Juan!

I look forward to exploring the various excursions we can take at the ports of call. I’ve already said that I’d love to do a zipline! There are always plenty of things to choose from, and I’d like to find a couple of cool tours. We really enjoyed the plantation tour in Jamaica, and I think Ken’s Mom would like something like that, too.

So next March, you can tell me “Bon voyage!”


  1. Should be a blast, next up is booking our excursions!

  2. How wonderful!! I would love to see Aruba and you just can't go wrong with Royal Caribbean, they are the best. Zipline...oh yeah!!!

  3. That is exciting to take your MIL with you guys on her first cruise... have a great time ..! (as if there would be any doubt about that..!)

  4. family hijinks on the high seas! on a serious note, i think it's really cool you made this happen for ken's mom- i hope to be in a position someday to do something for tony's mom that she really wants to do like that, and that we can do it as a family.



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