Sunday, June 23, 2013

The excitement builds…under the dome

Under the DomeWhat has two thumbs and is excited about the premiere of this show tomorrow? THIS GAL!

Doesn’t that picture just break your heart? Aww.

We still have good times ahead this evening with a couple of T-bones and a couple of episodes of “The Sopranos” (no sports on tonight!), but I am super psyched about this show Monday night. I loved the book, and I think there is a lot of potential there for a fun and creepy series. (So does Stephen King. He has said that he never got to cannibalism in the book, but if the show continues long enough...gahhhh!) King isn’t one of the writers, but he does have input, and that’s a good thing. I can see him steering it in a very dark direction.

We’re both so interested in watching this that we agreed that we will watch it instead of the end of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals. We’ll get to watch a couple of hours of the game, but then we’ll switch over to “Under the Dome.” (No, we don’t have a DVR, and have no plans to get one. Shut up.) This is going to be a summer series, and if it gets picked up for a second season, my concern is that it will be going up against “Bates Motel” on A&E, another of our favorites. But things can change, and “Bates Motel” usually plays the episode again immediately afterwards, so that might be a work-around. Fangirl will find a way! We did that with “The Walking Dead” for a while, but we got so hooked on the show that there was no way we were waiting till the later showing, especially once “The Talking Dead” expanded to an hour. I love it that cable shows are often willing to do a same-night repeat showing of the episode!

Anyway, I think this could be very good. Post-apocalypse stories are hot right now, because there is much depravity and creepiness to be mined there. The reason I love “The Walking Dead” so much is because it asks the question “How will YOU react in the post-apocalypse world? How will you keep it together?” Some go the dictator route (The Governor), some go the badass survivor route (Daryl Dixon), and some are a combination of the two (Rick Grimes). It is a fascinating study of the human psyche.

And you know...zombie heads goin’ all splodey! YEAH!

No zombies in “Under the Dome,” but there will be lots of shit goin’ down all the same. Power struggles, idiot politicians, jerks, liars, and ineffectual lollygaggers.

Hey! Kinda like far too many in our Congress!

So there you go. “Under the Dome” is a metaphor for our dysfunctional Congress. You heard it here first.


  1. I am looking forward to the show. I won't be silenced...I would be lost without my DVR. I have shows taping while I'm watching others and I can skip ALL of the commercials!! YAY.

    I'm off to set my DVR now so I don't forget to watch it tomorrow.


    1. LOL Lisa! No, you will not be silenced! Can hardly wait to hear what you think of it. I might have to start a "Dome Thread" as a companion to my "Dead Thread"!

  2. Is it on network or cable..? Drat, I work tomorrow night anywho..! Hope you guys enjoy it..!


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