Friday, June 21, 2013

I got a rock ‘n roll car

Slick2I made a beer run this morning, and I was waiting for a lady to back out of her parking space so I could get in there.

She backed out and as she passed by me going the other way, she smiled and said something to me. I turned down the music and rolled my window down all the way and said, “What?” She said, “Nice car!” I grinned and kind of flapped my hand at her, like “Oh you!” and thanked her.

It was just one of those pleasantries you sometimes get from strangers that makes you smile and brightens your day, and I thank her for that. You rock, lady!

What was funny was that I was listening to Green Day’s “American Idiot” CD (on heavy rotation in my car right now), and the song was “Homecoming.” It’s a rather long song that consists of five distinct parts and subtitles (“American Idiot” is essentially a rock opera, remember), with one of them “Rock ‘n Roll Girlfriend.” That part includes the lines “I got a rock ‘n roll house, I got a rock ‘n roll car.” I’m not so sure about our house (Although the Retro Lounge might be a little bit rock ‘n roll...our property is a little bit country. Haaaa! I slay me!), but I think my car could reasonably be called a rock ‘n roll car!

I listened to “Homecoming” twice as I was driving, and I was struck by just how damn good it is (the whole CD is great, actually). I love the different tempos and beats, a little bit of wistfulness followed by full-blown rock bombast. This stuff is anthemic, with the martial beat of the drums at the end and the chanting “Home...we’re coming home again!” Makes me want to pump my fist in the air and sing along!

Although it’s not part of the Broadway Theater League season package in 2013-14, the Morris will be bringing “American Idiot” (the musical) here this year, and as season ticket members, we’ll get first dibs on seats. I am so psyched about this one, and I think it’s going to be a blast. I’m not sure how they can recreate the sound of Green Day and the CD in the theater, but the Morris has a pretty kickass sound system, so I’m thinking it’s going to be great. This will be kind of weird, though. These are balls-to-the-wall rock songs, but it’s a musical. I’m guessing that the crowd will sit for most of it, and I will be cool, don’t worry! I hope there will be plenty of chances to stand up and dance, though, because this isn’t sitting-down music!

I’ve never had a chance to see Green Day, but I’m going to start watching for them. I would love to see them. Talk about a high energy show!

Rock on, Citizens!


  1. We should bring that CD on our Vegecation trip :o)

  2. I can imagine how that felt... there is a certain kind of energy when someone looks at a 'Stang... a wistfulness, and envy, as well as wonder...

    As far as Green Day... funny how the opinion of someone you respect can change your point of view... I remember when they made big songs like this back in the 70's... in fact, it was de rigeur for songs (Boehemian Rhapsody anyone?) and while I am not a fan of Green Day I can say that I admire this song particularly due to your opinion..!

  3. I'm glad to see you feeling so "up"! There is nothing better than a good song cranked up high in a good ride. -


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