Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Stones swag is here!

StonesPart of our ticket package for the Rolling Stones was some swag that would be sent after the show. It got here today!

[jumping up and down]

I had no idea what was in the box until I opened it up and saw Grrregory staring out at me. I said, “Ooooo!”

There are hardback programs, collectible laminates on lanyards, (those will be going in the shadowbox!), tote bags (at least one new grocery bag for badass rock and roll grocery-shopping me...the other one might be going in the shadowbox), and two knit blankets.

I’m not sure the programs sold at the show were hardback programs, so these are SWEET. Beautiful, glossy photos, and it was so cool to see the photo that is the one on the Mick t-shirt I got at the concert! I’m really glad I chose that shirt! Gorgeous...I want to reedus him. heehee

I spread the blanket out on the living room floor and posted a picture of it on Facebook. I said, “I want to roll around on it!” and our friend Russ asked, “Naked?” Bahaha! I said, “Hush, Russ.” Ken and I cracked up later when Sheeba checked out the tongue blanket and proceeded to give himself a tongue bath on the tongue. So meta. That’s my kitty! I said that I’m gonna walk around here wearing this em-effin’ blanket like a cape this winter!

Again, no regrets. It was a fantastic concert, my favorite concert ever, and a wonderful memory with my best friend. Opening up this box and seeing all the Stones swag was a fun moment and a great reminder of the show, and it brought a big smile to my face. It was like Christmas morning at Nutwood today!

You can count on me walking around here this winter with that rug on my shoulders like Mick’s flag cape here. I’ll serenade Sheeba and do my Jagger moves. I won’t slam anyone in the face with my guitar, though. Ha!


  1. Nice to see the package is such high quality. What wonderful keepsakes.

    I had to laugh at the "(at least one new grocery bag for badass rock and roll grocery-shopping me.".

    Very cool.

  2. That is killer swag you have there Beth... and I am sure that there will be more than one envious look in the grocery store aimed at you and your bag..!


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