Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nutwood downtime

Nutwood spring 2013Things have been pretty hectic with Ken’s job lately, and it seems like we’ve had something(s) going on every weekend for a while. Although we always have ourselves a real good time, I think we were both wanting a weekend Nutwood staycation.

There were definitely some options this weekend. There is a Blues and Ribs Fest going on downtown at the Cove; there is my family reunion tomorrow; and my cousin in Chicago is coming down for a visit and wanted to know if I wanted to get a group together and go out for drinks. I made an executive decision and declined them all (although Ken and I discussed the possibility of the Blues and Ribs Fest), and when I told Ken, I could tell he was relieved. I just knew that we both needed a weekend at home with no obligations and no place to go, especially because he’ll be making a weekend trip to Omaha at the end of this week. (He’s looking forward to meeting up with our friend Mark. Love & Rockets, Mark! Wish I could be there to give you a big hug!) And Michael, please keep us in mind next time you’re in town, because we’d love to meet up with you!

Last night we stayed up late, slept late (Ken later on both than me, which is unusual!), and we have just hung around here doing our thing today. A brief workout for me, a longer one for Ken while I sat on the deck and read. (I’m making great progress on From Here To Eternity and really enjoying it!) Since it looks like we might get some rain this evening, I’m going to make burgers on the electric grill tonight, and we’ll watch the Stanley Cup finals. Go Hawks! Gotta cheer for Chicago, but I don’t hate on ya, Boston. I’ll be happy for you if you win, too!

Tomorrow looks to be a nicer day, so lawn mowing will commence. There will be grilled T-bones, baked potatoes, a nice Cabernet, and a salad for tomorrow’s meal. It’s shaping up to be a pleasant weekend, and I think we both needed a stay-at-home weekend.
I’m happy that I have someone with whom I am simpatico. We’ve been doing enough lately that I just knew that we both wanted this weekend at home, and I’m glad that I made the right choice and that Ken supported and agreed with it.

I hope your weekend is as pleasant!


  1. It sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Wow, Ken stayed up later than you?! Nothing beats a quiet weekend with your best friend. :)

  2. i'm with you all on the stay at home thing this weekend....nothing better than sitting on the front porch and watching the world go by.


  3. I actually griled tonight, the weather cooperated. Living with your BFF is dreamy...

  4. Personally, I don't know how people survive doing all the running they do these days to one thing and then another. We spend way more simple quiet evenings and weekends at home then most do it seems...and I always enjoy them.


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