Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lord, have Mercy!

Whew, what a crazy night! Between getting me up and running, Ken getting up and running, trying to figure out how to follow everyone, checking their new "digs," and keeping up with the latest from Magic Smoke, I must say that my brain hurrrrrts!

Great to see so many of you over here already, and while this might be taking a new form, it seems that J-Land is alive and well in each of our hearts. :)

We're all still working out the kinks (love that band!), so I know we'll all be patient with each other and give each other helpful hints. One thing I've already changed is that I won't follow anonymously, and I've gone in and followed each of you publicly, if you have that option enabled. I will probably also change the "type in the letters" thing for leaving comments. That's kind of annoying. Please bear with me as I adjust, and go in and follow each of you...I'm surprised to see that I have some people following me that I didn't know read me on AOL Journals! So that's kind of cool. I'll be stopping by soon, I promise!

I'm also happy to see that we're being a proactive bunch, and already beginning the exodus. After seeing so many of you over here already, I told Ken, "We're gonna be just fine!"

Love you guys.


  1. You certainly have gotten yours and Kens up and running nicely. I have no idea how to do anything yet! But I will work it out. Linda

  2. Booyaa!

    I'm just dropping in to grab the RSS feed for your shiny new blog.

    It even smells nice. What is that? It smells like a combination of roses, sandalwood and chrome (or is it brass?).

  3. Thanks girl the comment really helped and I have learned more from your blog than from anyone ele thanks for the information and I will definately be emailing you lol

  4. That's kind of how I'm feeling too. We'll be okay!! Looking forward to getting my new blog all set up. NOT looking forward to copying my AOL Journals, but I'm going to as a precaution. Actually I started doing that a long time ago, so I already have a few months' worth. See you again soon!

  5. Thanks so much for leaving the link... I'm going to try to build my new blog here this weekend, because knowing me, it'll take awhile. LOL!!


  6. With all I have to back-up, I don't want to count on AOL to help us to transfer those files so I'm starting now. I have five years worth of crap to save and don't want to hear at the last minute that they're doing nothing to make the transition easier. I may end up just copying full pages and saving them to my computer for the moment if I start to run out of time. *sigh* This is such a massive pain in the rear end.

  7. I agree on the "massive pain in the rear end!" As I've told some others, I'll migraine my journal over here, but I don't know if I'll keep writing. If I do, I don't think it will be here. All of the entries I've ever seen here are very short with a very narrow vertical space. Won't work for me as I always have a lot of information. Because of the length of my entries, and AOL being AOL, I'm going to save mine separately to my computer, so there won't be any little AOL last minute surprises. I've saved your link, so if I don't write, I'll keep visiting as many J-landers as I can find.


  8. Beth,

    I love what you've done with the place! But why must you flip everyone the bird? Ha Ha
    I love the Kinks as well,the band of course!Don't be too shocked,for "If you build it they will come" Please take some time to let that brain rest. Enjoy yourself today, and smile!


  9. I, too, am relieved that everyone seems to making the transition and that our little community will remain intact! I actually have a journal over here, which I abandoned because I felt kind of lonely over here. Come on over for a visit!
    aka Sanguinelioness

  10. It has been a hectic time for everyone hasn't it? Thankfully we had a bad storm last night so I was forced to abandon the puter otherwise I may have been up all night too!!

  11. Ha Ha! I just noticed your "stop following" above your "following" list. Very funny!

  12. ... Lola is one of the songs by Ray Davies and the boys that I really know ... I have heard and 'know' others, but they don't come to mind ...

    ... this is difficult, but I have been thru greater difficulties before ...


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