Friday, October 3, 2008

All right then...we'll call it a draw

The crock pot unrolled cabbage rolls were pretty least to me. I think Ken was so-so with the cabbage, but he DID eat it all, so it couldn't have been too putrid to him! Mmm, there was so much that we had enough for Ken's lunch tomorrow AND another dinner! Ken is in bed now, but I know he is extremely excited about that! I know I'm looking forward to eating it again tomorrow! I think the next day, I'll make a kickass roast beef with potatoes, carrots, and onions. Oh, and some red wine in there, too!

As for the debate, well, you can be proud of me. I managed to not damage the TV by throwing things at it. Yay for me! There were a couple of times...okay, several times...when I rolled on my back and waved my arms and legs in the air and yelled, "AAAAAAHHHHH!"

Is that too much information?

Bottom line, no one screwed up big time. Palin didn't blather on as she's prone to do (or at least not too much), and Biden didn't misspeak as he is so prone to do. I think Biden was much more fact-oriented, and I think Palin's talk about "reform" was pretty bogus, but you all know that I'm biased. The bar was so low for Palin and so high for Biden that the fact that neither totally screwed up means that it's basically a draw.

I was never a fan of Biden all that much, and didn't know that much about him, until lately. But I was pretty impressed by him tonight. In general, I think it was a pretty lame debate...oh wow...I'm watching the debate again on CNN...did Palin just say "Senator O'Biden?" And did she just say "nucular?" No way...I may have misheard--did anyone else hear that? Oh my God, I think she DID say "nucular."

Anyhoo, this wasn't a game changer. McCain has basically conceded Michigan, and is moving on to other battleground states...and amazingly, Indiana is now a battleground state! I'm stunned. No joke...Indiana. Indiana has been as red as a beet for as long as I can remember, but it's in play. I can hardly wait to see if either candidate comes to our town. Wow, this is getting exciting!


  1. I can smell it all the way over here! (The cabbage that is.)
    Did you say Roast Beef and Veggies! Yum Yum! Give me some!

    There are people who eat to live, and those who live to eat. I'm the type who lives to eat.

    I watched the first part of the debate, and will finish the rest later. From what I saw, I agree it was pretty boring.

    I didn't throw anything heavy at the tube either, but let some of my mild comments fly. Ha Ha

    I hope that they will come to your little neck of the woods. A Battle ground state, that sounds exciting.

    Just try not to let all the flies bother you from all the manure, if McCain and crew stop by.

    Peace and Love,

  2. Oh WES! Don't jinx us with a McCain/Palin visit! Shhh, let's put that nonsense away now. It's bad enough that Bush has been here more times than I care to count. I didn't even think of that when I heard we were a battle ground state. And trust me I was as shocked as Beth, considering we live in the same area and all the talk I've been hearing is negative towards Obama. Nice to hear there are some Hoosiers out there with an open mind. (or a mind at all!) I think we'll be having a roast at my mom's this weekend, complete with the mac 'n cheese I was talking about the other day, Beth. I only hinted that I'd enjoy it once or twice. HaHa! I'm with Ken on not being a fan of cabbage but I have a little different reasoning. After I had Jasmine, they told me that I could use cabbage leaves to dry up my milk. I didn't clean the cabbage because, well I'm not eating the stuff, just sticking it in my bra. I got a massive nasty infection from the dirty rotten cabbage leaf! And after having cabbage stuffed down your shirt for a week, you start to despise the smell a bit. ;) Learn something new everyday right? If you have to wear food, you might want to clean it ahead of time.

  3. I was thinking about my association with cabbage when I read Jamie's comment. Mine is that when I was nursing my first baby ( I had three premature babies, probably due to my one would listen to me, ugh!) and I ate cabbage, yup, you guessed it, it gave the poor little guy gas! I never ate it while nursing again!
    On the same (gassy) not, I didn't get the see the debate as I was at work, but by the sound of it I didn't miss much.
    Enjoy your roast!

  4. I watched the debate last night. Like you, I don't think it changed any minds. I also feel it was a draw. ;)

  5. I watched the debate and thought she said O'Biden too! I think she did okay considering but right off the bat I realized she was not addressing the questions asked but bridging into her comfort zone. I think the Democrats will think Biden whipped and ruled and I think Republican's will believe Palin killed.

  6. ... yes, she DID say 'O'Biden', but on the positive side, her hair with the highlights looked very good ... who ever did her hair and make up did a good job, although by her being pretty (and SHE IS that), they had a good canvas ...

    ... me and one of my housemates were discussing cooking yesterday ... I told him that I am going to get the kitchen together and show them how to make one good meal, as they need to 'win the hearts and minds' of young women with effort and honor ..!

    ... perhaps I will start with Beth's roast beef ..!

  7. All accounts I've read rule it a draw, but from the transcripts Palin certainly connected better with the Average Joe.

    Indiana ain't goin' nowhere.If your state wasn't so flat and devoid of interest ;) I'd say let's switch homes, since WI will be blue until Reagan returns from Avalon.

    I continue to think the Southwest and the square states around it will make the difference in Nov :)


  8. I didn't watch...I know, I said I would but I watched a movie instead. It doesn't sound like I missed too much. My dogs roll around much like you have described yourself doing!! ;)

  9. Hah, so the talk of cabbage was irrestible! Glad your getting to enjoy it, even if it's at Kens expense somewhat(winks). I tuned Palin out earlier on when she went into the hockey mom reference. I don't know any hockey mom's that aerial shoot wolves do you?

    OMG! I'm keeling over with laughter reading everyone else's comments on the cabbage. Sorry I haven't been by sooner, my reader is going bonkers between the followers and old system of AOL journals. I'm giving it another week then I'm slowly deleting some of the AOL alerts from my reader. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. Hi Beth. She did say "nucular." That's George Bush's pronunciation. Who won? Who cares. It was quite unsubstantial in my opinion.

    I am in a fog about this blog. So many things I still don't understand.

    I have no opinions about cabbage.

  11. I think I already pointed out the nucular thingy. LOL. It really wasn't a debate that will change anyone's mind but I'm glad both did as well as they did.
    Hugs, Joyce

  12. I missed the debate...I wanted to see it but I forgot! Today someone asked me did I see the debate....I realized at that moment it was on last night.

  13. Cabbage and Me do not do well. enough said :o)

  14. The cabbage sounds delicious! I haven't had that in a long time. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. cabbage huh? My tummy does not agree with cabbage. I did not watch the debate. XO

  16. Yeah, I got a kick out of her talking about "nook-u-ler" proliferation. Ha! What really made me laugh was her gettin' all "down-home-y" and junk.. with the aw shucks... you know doggone it.. you bet your boots... that's the way we do it in Wasilla! Ha! I have to say that she is awfully cute, but if I have to hear any more about Wasilla, the Bridge to Nowhere or the word Maverick I'm going to poke my eyes out with a dull pencil.


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