Wednesday, October 1, 2008

High anxiety

Are we all getting settled in?

I feel so behind...I can barely keep up with the emails about all of this stuff! For my friends from work who have emailed me, I'll get back to you as soon as possible! And for all of the folks I read, I'll get to reading your latest soon.

I've been trying to update my new info on places like Technorati, and I think I'm getting that kind of stuff taken care of. I still need to send out a mass email to relatives to tell them about the Big Move of '08. Ha ha!

I've also managed to get some things done today--a trip to the grocery store, washing a few dishes, and getting the load of laundry in the dryer folded. That would be the load that I totally forgot about last night! Agh! We also ate really late last night because we were both working on this, and I think that's why I had some very strange dreams....

In one, I was in the house where I grew up. I was walking from the kitchen to the dining room, and I was wearing a white pantsuit with white heels--I looked at myself in the reflection of the sliding glass door, and thought I looked fairly good in my white pantsuit! I went over to the dining room table, took a cigarette out of a pack laying on the table. I struck a wooden match, lit the cigarette, and took a deep drag. I looked down at the table, and there was an entire carton laying there--Marlboro Lights, if I recall. Ken had a pack laying on the table, too. I remember thinking, "What are we doing? We QUIT smoking! We've got to stop this!" I was very anxiety- and guilt-ridden.

The other dream was a very brief one, but disturbing. When Ken leaves for work, he always comes in and kisses me good-bye. In my dream, he came in and was leaning over me, kissing me on the neck, and I touched his face. His face was covered up with a scarf or something...then I realized that Ken was still laying beside me in bed! AAAAHHH! I woke up with a start, and had a ripple of goosebumps flow over me. It was the creepiest feeling!

[putting on my dream analysis hat]

These two seem fairly straightforward. It's all about anxiety. Hearing that AOL was discontinuing journals, and the subsequent scramble for information and to get this new blog up and running meant for a crazy day. As many of you know, Ken and I quit smoking over two years ago (Yay for us!), but in times of stress, my brain reverts to what I used to do to relieve stress--pick up a cigarette. Of course, that resulted in feelings of guilt, and more anxiety. The creepy neck-kissing dream was just more anxiety, but in a scarier way.

I'm hoping that my dreams will be a little more pleasant tonight, and an earlier dinner should help! (This blog is a nonsmoking establishment, by the way. But feel free to step outside if you need to. :)


  1. Beth Anne, huh? Pretty name.
    i think you self diagnosed yourself just fine. AOL doing this to all of us has almost everyone upset even after walking away from the computer. Sigh. HUGS!

  2. Hi Beth, Good job on the dream interpretation. I know this whole thing will seem old hat to all of us by the time AOLjournals closes the door. :) Estela

  3. Lots of folks are freaking out about this whole moving thing. The thing is, it's really not that bad, and I actually think some people are going to like Blogger a lot more than AOL.

    Other than that, Ken's a lucky bastard! Luck, lucky bastard. I mean, dishes and laundry?


    Well, I'm off to hang outside to smoke and look cool while I cruise chicks.

  4. hi Beth!
    well at elast it's letting em say hi this time!

  5. White Pantsuit, what, are you channeling Hillary now as well :o)

  6. it is sure crazy that is for sure!

  7. Hi Beth, After reading about your dreams, I'm glad I can't remember mine!
    I'm starting to get the hang of things here. I've gotten the first steps down-I think! Migration may be another story.
    :) Leigh

  8. I think once we all get the hang of what we're doing, we'll calm down. LOL

  9. They were definitely anxiety-induced dreams. I think once I went to bed last night I slept like a log!

  10. I think your dream was just that Miss Ginger Grant was snuggling up next to you, wearing her Natalie Wood scarf! Sicko! Love you!

  11. Hey Beth. I think you nailed the dream diagnoses perfectly. But, as stressed as I was about it, I think it will be fine. My worst fear was losing touch with all you folks that have been such a part of this past year for me. But here we all are... LOL.
    Hugs, Joyce

  12. I think you may need a google account I will certainly be transfering all my alerts there.

    Google Alerts(google
    and follow the instructions from there, I don't think they ping you, but you set it up with URL's just like on Aol, then just check your account.
    Hope this helps


  13. "That's wierd wild stuff" "Yes"
    My dreams were crazy too, and I will say it is due to anxiety as well! I went out with MJ and took some pictures today. We enjoyed the day, and my wife and I watched a movie tonight. I hope you have pleasnat dreams tonight. Blessed Be, Wes

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  16. Found you on Blogger, good to see you posting here.


  17. ooooh, the scarf dream is creepy! I don't even know what technorati is THAT for being behind. LOL.


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