Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wie geht's, y'all?

Ahhh, things seem a little quieter today! Everyone seems to be as busy as little bees, copying their files, working on your new blogs, and I hope having fun! I've been able to get caught up with most of you, although I still need to make the rounds for a meet & greet with some of the folks I don't know. As Dr. Evil would say, "Some of you I know, some of you I'm meeting for the first time." Don't worry--I'm not one of Dr. Evil's,, henchpeople. There we go.

Today I'm channeling my inner German and making a crock pot dish with cabbage. Ken isn't all that fond of cooked cabbage (although he likes cole slaw), but this is a combination of ground beef, a tomato sauce, rice, and's like cabbage rolls without the rolling part! I made it years ago for myself and really liked it, so I hope it's as good as I remember it. I love cabbage rolls, but Ken doesn't...I don't really mind not ever making them, though, because what a pain! Blanching the cabbage leaves, trying to roll 'em up and not have all the filling goosh out, trying to keep them together...nah, that one is just a little too labor intensive for me. They are tasty, though. I hope this crock pot dish will satisfy my craving.

I haven't made anything with cabbage for a long time, and I have to say, this was one of the densest, tightest heads of cabbage (locally grown!) I've ever encountered. That baby was SOLID. I had to get out a large butcher knife and really put some effort into it. I'm happy to report that my Mafia name didn't change from Extra Arm to Nine Fingers! After I got it all chopped off of the core, I remembered that when I was little, and Mom was cutting up cabbage, she'd split the core between me and Dad. For whatever reason, we loved gnawing on that tough inner core. Today I couldn't resist...I stood there in the kitchen and chomped away. I didn't eat the whole thing, but it was as good as I remember it! Mmm, I love cabbage!

It seems like I recall hearing something about some event on TV tonight...some kind of political thing...something called it a debate? Is that the word? Yes, of course I'll be watching. I'm a political junkie, remember? (Oo, that reminds me...I need to get that electoral vote widget up here.) I think a lot of people are hoping for a Palin meltdown (I suppose there are plenty waiting for a Biden meltdown, as well), but I doubt if that will happen. She'll have enough good sound bites, and if she can keep from saying something totally out there, she'll come across as okay. She's been coached all week, so if they stick to fairly scripted topics and format, she won't be able to keep talking and get herself in trouble. In reading up on debates, it's not so much about the content of the argument, it's about the presentation. People aren't listening to be educated about policy, they're watching to see how the candidates express themselves and whether or not they appear presidential, or in this case, vice-presidential.

How many times have you watched a debate and yelled at the TV, "That's not true!" or "Oh, come on--that's a bald-faced lie!" None? Oh...well, I guess that's just me. That's why body language is so important, and why there was so much ballyhoo over McCain's refusal to look at Obama in the first debate. A sort of "dismissive" attitude...get away from me kid, you're buggin' me. Should be interesting to see if that changes in the next debate. Anyhoo, I find the whole psychological aspect of it fascinating. Style probably counts for more than substance in a debate. It doesn't seem right, but that's exactly the way it is.

In the meantime, we'll see if Biden manages to put his foot in his mouth, and we'll see if the Palin train completely jumps the tracks. I had an email this week in which the person wrote, "As long as she doesn't vomit on the microphone, it will be considered a success." Probably...but THAT I'd pay to see!


  1. Pikachu-Palin is going to swing!

    Like I said, Biden should ask her about the volcanic eruption in Alaska last July. I'd like to see if Palin pays any attention to anything in her constituency, or if, like Bush, she locks herself safely in a little bubble of influence.

    Personally, I'm hoping Palin gets so flustered that she throws a shoe at Joe Biden. That would be TV Magic, right there.

  2. Wonder what is going on with cabbage lately...I personally hate it but my mom said she made something with cabbage yesterday and my secretary brought something really stinky for lunch and said it was cabbage and now in Nutwood...must be a seasonal thing. LOL. I am actually going to watch the debate tonite...okay, have you gotten back up yet...yepper. I may be one of those who want to see her meltdown ~ this could be some really good REALITY TV.

  3. ... do you do 'kimchi'? I am with Ken, because I can eat up some cole slaw, but otherwise I can do without the cabbage ...

    Veep debates are dogfights. Biden has to be careful, but he gets ahead of himself a lot. I am sorry, but Palin leaves so much to be desired as a political leader on a national scale, I am sorry. There is absolutely nothing in her background to say that she is capable of being prepared. And after W, I am tired of our leaders not also being among the brightest and most mentally adept.

    IMO, there are some other character questions on a different level that bothers me greatly. Some of the personal issues that are out there regarding her, are so NOT the stories that I think should be in the background of someone in THAT position of leadership. Since some of it is 'kettle and pot', I will say that is WHY I wouldn't want someone like her in that office.

    It also reflects on McCain's judgement. Maverick's gets people killed in fights and in War. Gen Clark had an interesting take on McCain's military service, saying that getting shot down doesn't make your military judgment any better ... he did NOT want to be an officer, and was NOT as the General was, a decorated cadet.


  4. Yum - cabbage :o(

    Good thing we had pizza at the habitat house today.

    I am going to move all throwable things before the reality show starts tonight :o)

  5. I am still trying to get caught up but getting there.. I want to do tags and graphics. LOL

  6. I love cooked cabbage -- cooked just about any way. This is good weather for cabbage and cornbread, isn't it?

  7. I just finished watching the debate. I think my gal Sara did a good job, but Biden did well too. You can add yourself as a follower now to my blog.

  8. I make lazy cabbage rolls with bacon, onion, cabbage and tomato soup and it is very good. I love cabbage. There were two debates on tonight. The English speaking leaders debate in Canada (we have an election on October 14)and the Vice Presidential Debate in the US. I watched some of both of them. I wish that lady would get over using the words soccer mum or hockey mum or whoever she likes to call herself. Being the Vice President of the USA can in no way be compared to being any kind of sports mum. Does she take this job seriously or not ?

  9. If only we could ask a question a few times in a row, to get to the truth from politicians! (Mustafa Rules!)

    I'm a true junkie, because I even tape them. So I can rewind it, to scream at my leisure. Ha Ha
    I do tape them, so I can watch it uniterupted later.

    I agree with you about people's true reasons to watch the debates.There is a saying that I've always believed in "Don't watch what they say, watch what they do!"

    I LOVE CABBAGE ROLLS, and ANYTHING CABBAGE! Matter of fact my mom has come back to the states for my Birthday, and she always makes me special dinner's.

    "Show me the cabbage!"

    I think you just helped me decide on my next dinner!

    Blessed Be,

  10. I'm so jealous of your cabbage dish. My brother(room-mate) calls any form of cooked cabbage toxic waste, so I patiently wait for him to go on a long fishing or hunting trip, then cook up and store my cabbage. He hasn't gone anywhere in a while. ::sigh::
    :) Leigh

  11. hey Beth; like your new blog!! okay, pathetic that I am; I started a new one over here; I'll be following yours as I can

    my mom (Polish through and through) made cabbage rolls; they were so good; miss that of hers; she also made a cabbage pie that was delicious

    hope you and Ken have a good weekend!



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